Beyond All Horizons
WARNING: The following expose requires serious preparation. There's tons of documented information on sounding and other erotic sexual adventures...

For some people, they might think this adventure is over the top. What may seem over the top for some people is merely the beginning of a new adventure...

Ever since our first sexual encounter Akasha and I have continually experienced intense euphoric orgasmic satisfaction.

During the time we were separated we felt so empty. Not that we stopped engaging with others, we both continued sexual activity with mutually compatible friends. No matter how we tried satisfying our sexual cravings we both knew something was drastically missing.

After verbally exploring our past experiences and comparing them with our most successful encounters we suddenly realized why we're so strongly attracted to each other.

Akasha couldn't wait to express her feelings...

"Rod, do you realize how much we share openly and honestly? I can suggest anything to you and you're all for it."

"Akasha, you're the mirror image of what you just revealed."

"Well then, how 'bout it?"

"How 'bout what?"

"I have this craving desire to fuck your cock with my clit. If I'm not mistaking you're gonna say, 'What's taken you so long?'"

"So, what's taken you so long???"

"Well, what do we do to prepare for such an erotic adventure?"

"Like we always do...take it slow and easy. As we become more and more adjusted to how we can handle the penetration, the further we can take it."

"I'm so ready."

"I'd like to see what happens with a flaccid cock, first. I'm not sure I can handle your engorged elongated clit with an erection."

"Does that mean I get to suck your cock dry?"

"You bet it does."

"How 'bout preparing your volcanic chamber with my tongue?"

"You read my mind. You already know how deep your tongue can penetrate. Once your tongue is as deep inside my cock as possible, rotate my shaft just behind the head so your tongue stretches me wider and wider. After I cum press your tongue all around the inside of the chamber and test whether I feel spongy and loose."

"I'd like you to orally stimulate my pussy but only to where my clit is fully engorged. Don't make me cum. Do that chew biting thing you do at the base of my clit. I want to wait and have an orgasm while my clit fucks your cock."

"This is what I consider proper planning. Let's go for it. I'll let you in on a secret later."

"Rod, I'm so turned on just talking about this my pussy is saturated with your favorite drink."

Akasha's pussy is always extremely wet. Every time she holds my cock pre cum flows freely. We've both taken to enjoying oral sex first just so we don't waste any of our cum.

As Akasha's tongue begins penetrating my cum dripping canal entrance she slowly strokes my shaft. I feel my foreskin bunch up against her lips. Deeper and deeper she thrusts fucking my cock with her tongue.

I'm sure it's because of the excitement of a new adventure that I'm about to cum within minutes of deep penetration. Her clit is becoming extended almost to it's maximum length which extends passed my glottis.

As I suck her clit my tongue rolls around its girth. Her body tightens. That's my signal to start gnawing softly then I clamp down tight allowing her to control her orgasm.

Her pre cum pours down my throat as I explode with several bursts of cum before it oozes to a halt. Cum drips off her labia.

It's fascinating that with all the research done with respect to a woman's orgasm, no one really knows the intricate secret of where all the orgasmic fluid originates from.

There's an ongoing argument as to whether or not a woman has a clitoral, vaginal or uterine orgasm. I just leave it up to the women. Whatever feels right is obviously right!!!

We switch around positions and find that our favorite scissors posture gives her complete access to my cock. I hold my shaft upward drawing the foreskin back while she cradles the head into position.

With cum still oozing out of my crown and the nectar from her clit there's plenty of lubrication.

As the tip of her clit enters the gaping opening of my cock the first two inches of her clit slide in smoothly. The sensation is profound.

Then she withdraws before slowly thrusting again. This time she goes three inches, hesitates, her eyes look into mine, I smile, she goes another inch deeper.

With both her hands wrapped around the head of my cock she eases her clit in and out thrusting with nearly three inches of length. I feel my cock stiffen. The hardness of her clit makes it easy to drive deeper with ease.

I watch her eyes, they open and close with a complete blissful auric smile. She thrusts deeper. Her clit is three quarters of the way into my cock. It feels tight but comfortably pleasant. Her clit has the same bulge in it's head region as my cock.

I draw my hands further back to the base of my cock then start squeezing and pushing forward as she thrusts inward. Her eyes open wide, she bites her tongue...

"OH YES, I'm going to cum, can I go deeper?"

"Yes, go for it, fuck my cock with steady full penetration. It feels so awesome. Just take it slow. As my hips thrust harder you can thrust just as hard."

She begins driving her clit as deep as possible. Our hips add more thrusting energy.

Akasha realizes that her cum is building up and that it's release is going to be under my shaft. So we rotate around just as she shoots several spurts of cum over the top of my shaft.

She begins fucking me harder with longer thrusts. My cock becomes semi erect, her clit slides smoothly it's entire length. I can feel the tip of her clit with my finger tips as I squeeze my shaft gently. Her body goes into a spasming quiver as she fucks her clit into my cock with full force.

My cock becomes more erect as I feel the onset of my own orgasm. Her cum is saturating my shaft and balls shooting out from her urethral chamber and what seems all around her clit and pussy lips.

I tighten my grip all along the shaft of my cock. Her clit has lengthened to nearly nine inches. I squeeze the remaining four inches at the base of my shaft.

My urethral chamber tightens against the head of her clit. I imagine her feeling what I feel as my cock fucks her pussy. The crown of my cock protrudes and is stimulated from the entrance into her cervix completely through into her uterus.

Her body twists and bucks as she drives her clit as deep as possible. I can't control my own orgasm. My hips thrust toward hers. My cock feels totally consumed by her clit. The overall sensation is beyond all comprehension.

Our bodies quiver with pleasurable sensations traveling from head to toe. We continue thrusting but not completely withdrawing. Her clit becomes soft, my cock becomes limp. We're locked together in a comfortable state of bliss.

I think to myself...sure glad I took lessons on sounding. If I hadn't prepared myself with being able to insert a 20mm sounding rod the length of my cock, I never would have been able to take on the likes of Akasha's clit.

After all, it's not much different than having a catheter inserted. The many operations I've endured always involved the insertion of a catheter. I asked the nurse how large is a catheter. She replied that the one they inserted in my penis was 19mm.

I often wondered why I enjoyed the procedure. My entire urethral canal felt so good after removal. That tingly feeling of arousal stuck with me until a friend informed me about sounding.

Little by little I stretched my urethral chamber with larger and larger sounding rods. I got to where I could insert my middle finger it's entire length into my cock. Then came the day I could insert a long neck beer bottle to where it flares into the body.

This is the secret I'll be sharing with Akasha.

I've only known four women with huge clits. One has a clit that protrudes three inches when stimulated. Another has a long skinny clitoris shielded by flowery labia. Still another has an enormous bulbous clit with smooth tight labia.

Then there's Akasha. Some people would consider her clit a freak of nature. Guess that's why we're meant for each other. Two freaks are better than one!!! At least we get to share the adventure.

Can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my life...:)

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