Big Ole Licorice Stick
Big Ole Licorice Stick
By: Sassy Sue

Beth was out shopping for some new fuck videos and to score a little pot to spice up her solo sex life. Beth ventured into a part of town, a part that young, white school, teachers didn't go. It was the sketchy side of the city, the hood, always violent filled with crime and lots of drugs. This was one shopping trip would alter her life forever.

Beth saw the store on the corner, but there was no parking lot so she would have to park on the street and walk to the store. The nearest parking spot was at the end of the street. It was late in the afternoon; the predominately black neighborhood was coming to life. An old man with a much wrinkled face and grey hair sat on the top of a stoop with a brown paper bag in his left hand. Every now and then he would take a swig from the bottle of bourbon in the bag and scan the streets if he was looking for someone. On the opposite side there were three black girls, dressed in vibrant colored, animal print, skin tight clothes. Tight skirts hugging there bubble butt asses and way too tight tops squeezing their big tits which were spilling out of the tops. Their hair, done to perfection, some had colored weaves red, green or purple. Most wore big dangling earrings and outlandish makeup. They were loud, talking about people they knew.

"That motherfucking ho...,"

"The bitch did what?"

Beth parked her car, which stood out by the mere fact it was not a hooptie. She locked her car and with a lot of anxiety, not sure if this was such a hot shit idea but still headed for the store with the neon sign flashing letters XXX. A black man stood on the corner in no particular hurry to go nowhere, keeping watch over the hood. Beth started her walk; it was only less than a block she thought nervously.

Taking a deep breath and sighing Beth felt relieved that she had worn her jeans and a somewhat baggy t-shirt instead of her pink shorts and halter top which did not leave much to the imagination. To see Beth outside the school you would never guess she was an elementary school teacher. Beth liked to show off her body wearing cropped t-shirts, often if you looked at the right time you would see the bottom of her tits peeking out. Bouncing as she walked she like people to look at her. Her shorts or pants were tight and often showed her camel-toe as Beth liked to go commando. It was all a turn on for her and she like her pussy wet and fragrant with her pussy being rubbed by the fabric as she moved.

The cinder block building was painted a faded purple and had been the target of many taggers. The iron door gate was open and Beth pushed on the old wooden door, it creaked and she entered the dimly lit store. A large, sweaty, bald, fat man sat behind the counter on a stool barely glancing at her but he did not missed her rigid nipples nudging her T-shirt or the tiny dark spotting her crotch. He simply flipped through the pages of a magazine of naked white women getting fucked by men with monster black cocks.

This is what Beth had come for, magazines and videos showing white women being abused by gargantuan black cocks. This was a fantasy of hers, one which she was confident she would probably never realize as girls like her did not fuck black men. Her parents raised her to be a straight-laced white bread bitch. They would disown her if they knew she even thought about black cock let alone getting fucked by a black cock.

"Ya lost snowflake," the big man grunted not breaking eye contact of the picture of a woman taking a big black prick doggy style?

Beth barely able to speak, "No," not wanting to volunteer any information and headed to the magazine racks. Beth was flushed but endured in her quest for black porn. Pursing the magazines and the graphic pictures of chocolate cocks stretching white cunts Beth's body was on autopilot. Her crotch was a steamy, cummy mess of lady cream oozing from her slit and down her thigh. Beth felt like her heart was going to bust out of chest it was beating so hard. Beth was to the point of dropping her jeans, bending over grabbing her ankles and letting Rufus, the fat counterman fuck her from behind.

Beth, sweating, flushed, made her way to the counter with her four magazines, two videos and one very mammoth realistic looking black prick. Setting the items on the counter Rufus rung them up and with each item his pearly white grin just got bigger. Beth looked at the floor to avoid Rufus's lecherous grin wishing the fat, oily man would just hurry the fuck up. Rufus was not done with making this snowflake feeling uncomfortable. He picked up the large black cock and looked over the head of the cock, squarely into Beth's sparkling, sapphire, blue eyes.

"Now snowflake, don't ya go and hurt that sweet coochie of yourn's wit this big ole licorice stick," Rufus smiled wickedly.

Beth pushed a crumpled C-Note across the dirty wooden countertop. Rufus held her change in his big paw, making Beth touch his hand that she had no idea what it had been doing moments before as Rufus had been looking his porn magazine. Taking the change she felt a chill run down her back and scampered from the store hearing the fat man's chuckle ring in her ears.

Once on the sidewalk Beth turned right to head for the security of her car and she came face to face with a black man. The man was a little taller than Beth was, lean muscular and somewhat scary. A ball cap worn to the side and dreadlocks with beads hanging down. From his ebony neck hung a thick gold chain with name Treyz in bold gold letters. He had a gold grill on his teeth and a diamond or maybe cubic zirconia stud in his left ear Black tattoos on his arms, with a tight, black t-shirt that defined his toned body. Baggy jeans sagging from his hips revealing the crack of his ass and a pair of boxers exposed. Beth's mind, instantaneously wondering what his cock looked like and her eyes giving her thoughts away as they focused on his crotch. Beth she could feel her face burning and turning red.
Immaculate Air Jordan Nikes on his feet.

Treyz was blocking her path and mentally undressing her while taking in the view of her throbbing, hard nipples. Her nipples, looking like two big top tents at the circus were betraying Beth's secret desire to screw this man. The strong musky fragrance of his cologne and his natural manly scent had Beth's blood boiling and her breasts were rising and falling rapidly with her nervous energy and the wet spot in her crotch was very dark now. Beth, reeking with desire, but is denying her lustful desires, for the moment.

"In hurry, whitebread? What brings you to da hood? Maybe ya looking for a little licorice stick."

Beth cringing as Treyz hit the nail on the head. She was craving some black cock. After all the stories she had heard, pictures she had seen coupled with the girl talk she had to fuck a black man. Black men had enormous cocks, thick, long and the men could fuck forever or so the urban myths said and Beth craved that in the worst way, but she couldn't bring herself to say the words. Now was her moment.

Treyz opened her bag with his fingers and the black phallus poked it black head out of the bag. Treyz pulled one of the magazines from the bag and opening it to a full page pictorial of a white woman on her hands and knees. A black man, with the biggest cock Beth had ever seen, hand the head of his cock between her wet pussy lips and fuck cream running out of her cunt and down his black shaft. Beth felt her pussy cum a little more; she was desperate to feel his black cock fucking her white cunt.

"Com' on whitebread, Treyz will give you the real deal and fuck your tight pussy like you never have been fucked before. Ain't no black dick in the burbs, you're here, you want some black dick, Treyz is your man!"

Treyz slipped the magazine back into her bag and took her trembling hand. For some inexplicable reason Beth felt safe with him.

"Com' on bitch we can do some smoke, get you naked and I will give you your first taste of black cock. Remember, once you go black bitch, you won't go back. You will need some nigga dick to keep your pussy happy."

Teyz tugged her hand and she followed Treyz around the side of the peeling, purple brick building to some run down stairs going up to the second floor. Beth was anxious to do some smoke to take the edge off and she would fuck like an insatiable rabbit. They climb the steps and entered a small apartment. They place was spotless and a young woman stood next to the kitchen. She was dressed in the same fashion as those women sitting on the stoop. She had an exquisite body, with big tits and a narrow waist. Half her hair was electric blue and she had a hard smile.

Treyz ignored her when she flippantly asked, "Who's the Ho?"

"Go on get outa here sis; I got some business to take care of."

"Yeah I see your business, laying up in here with some white bitch whore. What's matter, can you get any black pussy or isn't good enough for you," and she stormed out the door barley hearing Treyz?

"Fuck you bitch,"

"Treyz led a very horny Beth to his bedroom and closed the door.

Beth sat on the bed and got comfortable the best she could under the circumstances while Treyz rolled a couple of joints for them. Peeling off his black t-shirt his well-toned chest was revealed and Beth was drooling. Treyz lit one of the joints and took a deep draw. His mouth filled with the intoxicating smoke and he had Beth place her white lips over his full black lips. He then filled her mouth with the smoke. Beth trembling, it was the first time a black man had ever kissed her. They smoked the joint, talking and Beth ran her hands over his chest, kissing his firm nipples. Treyz eased his hands under her t-shirt and slid it up over her head.

Her tits were swollen and her nipples were puffy and engorged and her stark white titties contrasting with his strong, black hands as he teased her nipples roughly. Beth moaned loudly! Treyz stood, lit the second joint, took a hit and passed it to Beth. Weed lowered Beth's inhibitions on a normal day but today was far from normal, she had no hang-ups and just wanted to fuck. Trey unsnapped his jeans and standing next to the bed said.

"Go ahead Beth; look at what is going to fuck your cunt!"

Beth and eager shoving his jeans and boxers down and Treyz stepped out of them. Treyz joined Beth on the bed and took another hit from the joint and put it out.

"Go on baby, look at it, play with it, oh hell just suck it!"

He was not completely erect when Beth began running her fingers up and down the ebony cock. It was shiny, thick very, thick and growing. It was going to split her in half she thought, rip her pretty white cunt wide open. Beth laid her head on his pubic bone and began kissing his rigid shaft. Her tongue gliding over the satin head snagged his pre-come. Beth rolling his seminal fluid over her tongue, she was savoring the taste, before swallowing the appetizer. Beth sucking like a starving woman took as much cock in her mouth as she could manage. Her head bobbing, tongue licking Beth was giving Treyz a vicious blow job. She was playing with his black marbles as was sucking his cock.

Treyz laying his arm over her white ass was fingering her wet pussy. He was surprised how wet this ho was, she must have cummed at least once. He knew she would cum again very soon when he filled her mouth with her first load of hot cum from a black man.

Beth was on her hands and knees now, slurping Treyz's cock, taking most of the monster ten inch cock into her mouth. She felt his balls pull tight and then he exploded in her throat. Hot cum jettisoning from his prick, dense strands of cum clinging to her throat she almost gagged but swallowed instead. Treyz, still hard pulled his pole from Beth's greedy mouth. Like a child with a new toy Beth latched onto his cock licking his seed from the shaft. Her pussy was twitching and dripping her nectar all over the sheets.

Beth loved having that monster cock in her mouth, filling her with cum and making her so horny like no other man had ever done before.

"Doggy position slut" and Treyz commanded as he positioned the bitch the way he wanted her ass, just over the edge of the bed.

Her legs spread wide; Beth's pussy was sopping wet and juices dripping from this white cunt. Standing behind her, between her trembling legs, Treyz pushed her head down to the bed and began stroking Beth's enflamed pussy lips. He opened her lips and his thick fingers quickly landing on her clit making Beth shriek. He fingered her wet cunt and Beth was soon she was pushing back on his finger.

"FUCK ME, Fuck me," Beth boomed in a pleading voice, "please gimmie your black prick!"

Treyz rubbing the swollen head of his cock between the velvet folds of her pussy lips pushed the head of his spear past her lips. Pausing for a moment he waited for her cunt to grasp his thick blackness. He let her clinch his spear and then, Beth delirious with lust, Treyz buried his ebony shaft deep into Beth giving her first feel of black cock inside her creamy white cunt.

FUCK! Beth screamed.

The searing pain shot straight to her brain as Treyz penetrated her tight pussy. His hefty hands gripping Beth's hips pulling her to him. Beth was biting her lower lip hard, loving the pain that quickly transformed into desire as he filled her snatch completely with his dick. Beth had never been so full in her life. His thick cock was pumping in and out of her slippery hole, her thrusting back on him, impaling her pussy on his erection the two fucked like animals. Guttural sounds fueling their passion and neither could get enough.

Beth was the first to cum but that was to be expected. This orgasm was different for her, it was more intense, her pussy clamped tightly on Treyz's rigid, pulsing shaft, Beth bathed his black cock with her cum. Clinching his cock her sticky cum flowed around his prick. Beth closed her eyes and raised her head. Treyz reached forwarded and fondled her swaying tits making her cum hard.

Beth loved the sensation, being full, submitting to a black man, the teacher had learned her lesson, once black, never go back. She wanted more! Treyz flexed his hips, resumed fucking this slut and he came in her cunt forcefully. Thick cum recoiling off her pussy walls, Beth's pussy was flooded with their cum. Treyz, fucking Beth with long fluid strokes made Beth groan and she could feel the warm cum on her thighs as Treyz pulled out of her. Beth weak from her first black fucking collapsed on the bed.

Treyz was not done with Beth just yet; he lay next to her, covered her mound with his hand and slipped his fingers into her wet hole. He went straight for her hard she-cock and played with it. Squeezing it, Beth winced in pain and pleasure as he diddled her cunt. He took her puffy nipple into his mouth suckling on her tits like a newborn infant.

Beth was a mess; she had never been ravaged like this by a man. Enthralled by getting fucked hard and still craving more Beth submitted to Treyz will. Treyz slipped his cock between Beth's swollen tits and tit fucked her. His black shaft sliding between her goose bump covered tits. Beth could see the glisten wet head of his black cock poking up between her breasts. A white drop of cum in the eye of his cock, she licked her lips and pressed her tits to his cock. Treyz pulling from her breasts grabbed his rod and unload hot thick cum on her tits and face. Beth licked her lips tasting his salty donation once again. With her hands she smeared his sticky cum all over her tits. OMG I am a cum slut Beth thought.

Treyz, lying on the bed with a half hard on, Beth leaned over and began kissing his dick and stroking his shaft resuscitating his cock. Fuck, this cunt wants more dick thought Treyz. She wants it, I will give her more he thought smiling.

Beth made love to his cock with her mouth and in short order Treyz's cock was diamond hard and ready to fuck her once again. Beth still having mini-orgasms Beth's pussy was drooling like the bitch she was, his bitch. She mounted him and eased her pussy down onto his cock. Her cunt was stretching, taking him as she slid down his thick erection. It hurt but not as much as the first time and she rode his cock until the both came. Beth was insatiable and wanted more black cock she wanted him to take her doggy again and eased his cock from the depths of her warm pussy.

"On the floor white chocolate and show me your ass ho, Treyz commanded!

Beth shivered kneeling on the rug, stuck her white ass in the air and her face on a pillow on the floor. Treyz stepping between her legs and with his erection in his hand he rubbed the velvet head of his cock over her pussy teasing Beth. Beth rolled her hips in response; she wanted him to fuck her hard. Treyz entered her getting his cock coated with cum, gave Beth a few hard stokes making her squeal.

Treyz eased from her box and slide the thick cock along her silky slit. Treyz was teasing Beth, making her beg for his cock, Beth did but still he would not fuck her. She was a fucking mess and her pussy had never been so wet before. No man had ever deprived Beth of a good fucking when she had begged for his cock. Beth felt Treyz hands on her cunt. She trembled wondering why he would not fuck her. Treyz's hands tormenting her, stroking her cunt, rubbing her ass and fingering her puckered asshole with his finger.

Spreading her cheeks with his hands he looked at her starfish wonder if some white boy had fucked her ass. He pushed with his finger opening her rectum and reamed it with their cum cocktail lubing her tight hole. Beth stiffen, her asshole clutching his naughty finger. Treyz slid his dripping cock between her ass cheeks and Beth came to the stark realization that he was going to fuck her ass. She grimaced as ass fucking was not one of favorite things.

Treyz circumscribed her anal ring with his raging hard on pressing the head of his cock on her asshole. Beth made a futile effort to prevent Treyz from penetrating her ass, but Treyz was determined to take her asshole. A little more cum in her asshole and Beth was ready to have her ass fucked. Treyz propelling his cock into her tight hole and driving his cock into her quivering ass and fucked her hard. The pain was intense as he filled her ass with his massive cock. Beth relaxing her asshole and the pain became pleasure and Beth fucking the cock buried in her ass.

Panting like a bitch in heat, sweat dripping from her body, Beth was ecstatic with Treyz fucking her ass. His cock throbbing and she felt every little movement in her ass. Her pussy gripping his cock Treyz fucking her hard and he was ready to cum. Fucking, driving each other to the fucking edge, it became a contest to see who would cum first. Treyz lost!

Hot sticky strands of cream spraying her ass, filling what little space there was in her. With each vicious stroke his ebony rod expelled his cum from her ass and it running down her thighs. Beth could take no more and almost spent she squirted one last time. Not as strong as before but she did squirt and the hot musky ambrosia dribbling from her snatch. Beth's face was now one of elation and not trepidation and now loved getting black cock. Treyz pulled his wilting cock from her ass leaving Beth with an empty feeling and a very wet asshole.

He offered her his hand and Beth stood on very wobbly legs. She searched for her clothes and found them by the bed. The jeans were soaked with her cum, the crotch dark and very rank now. She slipped them on and the pulling her t-shirt over her aching nipples. Her nipples still tenting the shirt and this time it hurt a little like the rest of her body. Grabbing the bag of magazines and her mammoth black cock she kissed Treyz and headed for the door.

Making her way down the stairs and to the sidewalk she headed to her car. Beth was passing by the girls she saw earlier and heard Treyz's sister speaking.

"There is Betty Crocker that is the skank whore who Treyz has been laying pipe to. OOO Girl I bet she smells of black cum. You know Treyz fucks hard with that big dick of his and he just ripped that white pussy up. Her cunt is going to be sore, ya feel me?"

Beth passed the girls, too tired, too sore and too happy to fuck with these Hos.

One last parting shot was made by the girls on the stoop, "Wonder if the slut wants some black pussy, she could eat my coochie."

Beth crawled into her car tossed the bag of porn on the seat and pulled away. As she passed the girls on the stoop, she waved the gigantic, black phallus at them and smiling she was licked her lips. The comment about eating black pussy lingered in her mind. One day, maybe?

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