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My name is Jack and I am a 17 years old and I had the experience of my life. I was getting ready for school when my mum asked me to take my 16 year old sister Karen to the doctor, She was trying out to be a cheerleader and she needed a doctor certificate of clearence. My sisters Karen and I where close even though we have had many sibling riverlies I have to admit she is fucking hot.Her tits are orange size and she has long blonde hair .I of course complained about taking her to the doctor but my mother was insestant on me takeing her there. I bitched and complained all the way to the doctor and made her feel bad about me going out of my way.We arrived at the clinic and Karen was soon ushered in to the examining room. About 5 minutes later she came back into the waiting room,she was crying and sobbing quite loudly."What the matter sis?" I asked " I cant be a cheerleader" she said "why not?" "The doctors nurse called in sick and there must be someone preasent for and examination" she replied. The doctor polked his head out the door and told us that either a nurse or a family member must be preasant for any examination. Karen said"This is my last chance to qualify for being a cheerleader and if I dont get this report today I will lose the opportunity to become one.Jack this is really embarasing but would you please act as a witness for the doctor?" I didnt think there would be much to this so I agreed. Karen went back into the examination rooom and I waited out side .The doctor called me in, what a surprise, there was my hot sister dressed only in a blue gown. I could see her shaved slit as the gown was quite short. The doctor motioned me to the front of the table,Karen was blushing a deep red. I was starting to get errect and I had to adjust my cock in my pants. The doctor first exposed her left breast Karren nipple was rock hard,just like my cock. He kneeded her tit all arround and then exposed her right tit and did the same procedure. I could not believe my luck, there was my sisters bare breasts tottaly exposed. She was told to sit up and her gown fell to her lap.The doctor thumped her back and place his sthesiscope all over her chest. He took her temprature and blood preasure and he seemed pleased with the results.He then had Karen cover her top and then asked her to lie back down. He swung arround some stirups and place both of her feet in them and then spread he wide open. He motiond me to the bottom of the bed and I got a birds eye view of her shaved cunt and her brown asshole. Holy fuck what a sight,I came in my pants right there and shot a sticky lode into my under pant. The doctor had rubber gloves on and proceeded to open her pussy wide open, I could see her clit harden right in front of me. It was evident she was as horney as I was, she knew I could see everything.The doctor then lubed her pussy and inserted a speculum deep into her hole. He took a long cotton swab and took samples from her cunt. I was hard as a rock again and as the doctor was taking out the speculum I came again in my under pants. After the doctor was finished I was ushered bag out to the waiting room.Soom my sister was dressed and we both left the doctors office,she noticed the large wet spot on my jeans,it was obviose that I had enjoyed the show.When we got back home Kare made me promise I would never tell any of my friends what happened.A few days latter Karen came into my room and told me she got excited everytime she thought about me seeing her naked.We started playing doctor again and this time she also got to see me naked.We play this game every so often with both of us enjoying the same fantasy
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