Biloxi Blues
In this first chapter, Tommy drops off a report that his boss (Sal Conte) wants typed by his wife Lola. Tommy, being new to the area, and new at the Paradise Casino naturally wanted to score some points with Sal, so he agreed to take it to Sal's house and present it to his wife for typing. He was expecting a housewife. He wasn't expecting a bombshell like Lola Conte. A former Miss Nevada, with a tiny waist and ample breasts, and lips to die for. He had met her only once, but she only said her name was Lola. He had no clue her last name was Conte.

Naturally Tommy, no slouch himself, standing at 6'5" with movie star looks, dimples and all, was naturally quite a hunk in Biloxi, Mississippi. They met at the casino bar late one night because her husband told her about this good looking guy that was fresh out of Las Vegas, and how the women employees were all crazy about him. So, Lola being Lola decided to check him out for herself.

Big mistake.

Before she even finished her drink, she was smitten, but had to get home because her husband was due home from New Orleans any minute. The best she could do was let Tommy walk her to her Cadillac and kiss her goodnight. One kiss turned to ten, but she pulled herself from him, got in her car, and sped home. Tommy was naturally confused since he wasn't used to being shot down. A few days later, Sal sent him to his house to drop off the report to Mrs. Conte.

Tommy rang the doorbell at the Conte's at 10:00 am sharp. The big door swung open and there stood the voluptuous Lola .

"What are you doing here Mr. Castle?"

"You're Sal's wife?? "

"Yep, lucky fucking me, come on in.."

She closed the door and leaned back against it.

He stood with his hands on his hips. "Why didn't you tell me the other night?"

"It didn't seem important to me...would it have mattered?"

"Sure. I don't generally make a play for my bosses wife."

"Really? Well, that's disappointing. I thought we were getting along just fine. So, what are you doing here then??"

"Sal, said to take this report to his wife...I had no idea it was you.."

"Well, unfortunately, it is me. Now, what's this about a report?" She lit a Marlboro light.

"Sal needs it typed...and said to bring it to you so you could type it up for him." They walked into the living room. "Wonder why he didn't just bring it home with him?" Lola glanced over her shoulder as she stepped into the sunken dining room. "Watch your step hon."

He stepped down and frowned disgustedly, "Good question...probably a better one for him, but anyway, here it is. I really should go." Tommy started to step back up when she grabbed his arm.

"Whoa...Are you in a hurry?" What's wrong?...I'm getting the feeling that you don't want to be alone with that it?" She put her wire rimmed glasses on and sat down at the dining room table and thumbed through his report.

"Well, you are my bosses wife. I...I just feel a little odd being here all alone with you."

"Why? Because we did a little flirting?" She busily thumbed through the pages.

"I distinctly remember some kissing. You said something like, 'See? Soft, wet and delicious'!"

"It was flirting Tommy...I don't remember anything more than that. Now relax and hang a minute and let me look this over."

Lola took a deep drag off her cigarette and let the smoke wash over her lips. Tommy stood behind her looking over her shoulder, his hands on the back of the antique chair, then looked across the room and watched her in the dining room mirror as she snuffed out her cigarette and did a bit of bantering.

She asked, "You wrote this?"

"Yeah, something wrong?"

"No, but the men I know generally print."

"I made it past the third grade."

"Ahh, an educated man. I've heard about you guys. Probably even graduated from high school?"

"I did... Sal?"

"Sal earned his GED in reform school."

"Bad childhood, huh?" Lola looked down as she snuffed her cigarette out in the crystal ashtray. "Great childhood, bad child." He looked in the mirror to see how she would react if he caressed her silky red hair. "Brothers...sisters?" His hands went to her long red hair flowing over her soft shoulders.. Lola was barefooted, had on a red tube top, and white cotton shorts.

Clearly, not expecting company, much less the lady killer her husband had told her had just been hired by the Paradise Casino.

Lola watched him in the mirror, too, as she moved her head around slowly, thoroughly enjoying the attention. "Not unless his mother had some after she left his dad."

"Oh, where's she?"

"England. Some sort of school teacher. When she left, Sal stayed with his dad in Vegas. Hates his mother for leaving him ."

"I have a daughter. Rachel. Eight. I suppose she hates me for leaving, too."

"If she doesn't now, she will someday. Abandonment is a big issue for kids, especially when they hit their teens. They see other families with both parents, and bingo, the one that left is the automatic bastard that left them. I have a son, Randy, sixteen, sees his father only when he's forced. Naturally, my ex never calls, just sends cash in a birthday card. A real sport, my ex."

"You divorced him?"

"Of course. Right after he bailed. He was swept off his feet by some twenty something. Besides, who in their right mind would divorce me?"

"Got a point there." His hands went from her hair to the back of her neck.

"Thanks. No offense, but you remind me of him." She scrunched up her neck, enjoying the attention.

"Hmm. I was hoping I didn't. Bad husband?"

"The fucking worst, but a stallion in bed." Then she grinned, " That's the part that reminds me of you." He looked in her eyes in the mirror. " Thank God. You think I'm a stallion in bed?"

Lola needed another cigarette. "Don't fuck up my fantasy." He held his Bic out and watched her glossy red lips wrap around the filter. Her eyes were in the mirror watching his reaction as she french inhaled slowly.

"You fantasize about me?"

Streams of smoke shot from her nostrils, "I have. But, I suspect you have the same problem that he had."


"Zipper problems. Can't seem to keep them closed."

"Sorta goes up and down."

She flicked her ashes in the silver ashtray. "In his case it seemed to be in the down position a lot."

He nodded his head sideways," I'm guessing he had a lot of colds," then grinned seductively.

She sucked hard on her Marlboro. "Mr. Castle...are you trying to seduce me?"

He grinned, "Damn nice of you to notice."

Her eyes went to his. "Are you always this fresh or should I assume that I'm just irresistible?"

"I tend to think bombshell redheads with big tits are irresistible. Especially when they smoke like you. Call me crazy." Lola dragged on her cigarette French inhaling again. The thick smoke raced over her glossy red lips and right into her nose. Her exhale was weak, and trickled from her lips. "Something like that?"

"A first rate attempt."

Lola licked her lips, "I suppose you'd like to kiss my smoky lips?"

"I'd check that box."

"Come down here." Tommy bent down as she sucked her cigarette with puckered lips. She reached behind his head with her cigarette hand and pulled his mouth to hers, exhaling softly in his mouth. Smoke washed over their faces while their tongues rolled around in each other's mouth.

Then she pulled her red lips from him, "Did you like that sugar?" She glanced at his tented shorts.

"I'd say you're on a roll. What's next?"

"Do you think we're going to fuck?" Their eyes in the mirror never left each other's.

"I'd say we're working on it."

She raised her brows, "How are we doing?"

Tommy grinned, "A little ahead of schedule."

Lola replied, "I just don't know if you're the kind of man I need in my life right now."

He stroked her hair. "What kind of man do you need? Boring, lazy, crazy, shiftless, unfaithful, horny? Just name it. I got 'em all."

"I've already done boring, lazy, crazy, shiftless, horny and unfaithful. I'm about ready for a good case of horny."

"Be careful what you wish for doll. Like I said. I got 'em all."

"But, you left out handsome, witty, and daring."

"I'm daring?"

"Trying to fuck your bosses wife in her own home when her husband could come through the door any minute...I call daring."

"I believe that goes in the shiftless column." Lola laughed and slow dragged on her cigarette, "Fair enough. Let me read this, and then we'll figure it out. Ok?"

"Are you a fast reader?"

"Baby, I'm a fast everything."

She felt him behind her.

Lola hadn't been unfaithful to Sal in a couple of years, and that was only because of HIS fucking around. So she retaliated with her own series of affairs, mostly one night stands.

But, eventually, they figured they needed a fresh start, so they moved to Biloxi when legalized gambling came to town..

She knew Sal was already back to his old ways, so a little secret affair with one of his bosses might be just the ticket to get her blood pumping again.

And Tommy knew Sal was banging cocktail girls two at a time, and he'd just watched him fuck a teenager Halloween night over in New Orleans during the cock fight. So why not?

He rested his hands on her shoulders, then a couple of gentle squeezes. Moving his thumbs up the base of her neck did her in. He squeezed her neck gently, making her shoulders scrunch up again. "Mr. Castle, you're killing me.."

"I hope not. I'd have a tough time explaining something like that." She grinned. A great looking guy with a sense of humor? Oh, yeah, she was falling fast..

The next thing she knew, she was watching her red lips kiss the back of his hand in the mirror. "One more minute baby..."

She took another long drag from her Marlboro and briefly closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. Is this really happening?

Tommy kissed the top of her head through her silky hair, and her heart raced. His warm breath gave her tingles, and the next thing she knew, his hands were twisting her nipples outside her tube top.

She set the report down- took her glasses off. Then turned her head up at him as smoke poured from her red lips, "Baby, you're crazy."

"Heard that before. What else you got?"

She answered by folding her tube top down and taking his hands right to her long nipples. "Does this answer your question?" then held them there while he twirled them, never taking his eyes off her smoky mouth in the mirror.

Tommy pulled her head back, pulled his right hand from her nipple, cupped her chin with his hand, and ran his thumb over her soft lips.

She nibbled on his thumb and said, "This is so wrong," then sucked hard on her cigarette and shook her head. Smoke poured again from her nose and mouth as he replied, "Right down my alley. Care to join me?" Lola smiled and looked up at him, "I'm having a tough time resisting you," as he leaned against the low breakfast bar.

"Then don't. " He took her cigarette from her fingers, stubbed it out, then took her hands and wrapped them behind her back as he pulled her to her feet. He looked down at her and jerked her to his swollen crotch. With her hands behind her back, she pressed herself against him."That sounds like a dare. Even feels like a dare."

"I'd think of it as a promise," then grinned before he kissed her. It was like the first night they met when one simple goodnight kiss turned into heavy breathing and wet lips. After the kissing stopped, Lola draped her arms over his shoulders, and whispered breathlessly, You.. like.. fucking ..with married women. I... can tell," then stood on her tip toes and kissed him hard. Once again, their tongues explored each other's mouth. The kiss broke off and she gasped softly, "I'm ..still a married woman." and leaned against his chest.

He tilted her chin up and looked in her big green eyes, "I love married women. My personal favorites."

"I bet. It's because you think they won't fall in love with you, right?"

"Precisely." This time he kissed her even harder. Soon, their mouths opened wide and they tilted their heads on an angle so they could kiss even deeper, wetter. She pulled her right shoulder back giving him access to her left tit as they kissed. He massaged it roughly, and pinched the nipple.

Lola pulled away first, slurping up the juicy stringers between their lips. Then said breathlessly, "Shit...this IS going to happen."

Tommy smiled as Marvin Gayes', "Let's Get It On" filled the room from the stereo set on the local FM station.

"Looks like someone's on my side."

"Did you call the radio station and ask them to play this at.." She glanced at the grandfather clock, "10:42 am?"

"I specifically asked for 11:00 am."

"Like you said sugar. A little ahead of schedule." She lit a fresh cigarette and shared a drag with him, then kissed him hard, spilling smoke around their faces.

"Good God. You're too fucking much!" She said before kissing him deeply. The kisses fired her right up; one long wet smoky kiss after another. She was gasping when she said, "I want you so much. But, he could walk through the door any minute!!"

Tommy's hard on was pressed against his zipper.

"Yeah, I know.Does that turn you on? The danger?"

Lola nibbled on her bottom lip,"Ohh yeaaah." then laid her cigarette in the ashtray, grabbed him around the neck and kissed him defiantly. He said as their lips were still pressed together, "Where's the bedroom?" Her tongue went wild on his lips. She whimpered, "Huh?' She pulled away gasping. He asked again, the bedroom?"

She practically climbed on his 6'5" frame, wrapping one leg around his ass. She went right back to his mouth like she was starving. And, she was. Somehow, her life, her very existence lay deep in his mouth and she had to have it. Her tongue slipped to the bottom of his throat and went crazy flicking it. Suddenly,, she found her hand gripping his cock on the outside of his shorts.

"What? The bedroom? Oh shit! I can't wait. I'm so wet.I want to fuck you right here..right now!!"

She slid off him tugging her tube top, shorts, and bikini panties off with one swift move. Then she jerked his Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt over his head while he dropped his shorts and Calvins in the pile with hers..

She jumped on him with her naked body and wrapped her legs around him, "You want to fuck me?" He bundled her ass in both hands.

"Oh yeah." He said with their lips pressed together.

She pressed her cheek against his."Tell me."

"I want to fuck you."

"How bad?" Her tongue slipped in his mouth again.

He pulled from the kiss and gasped, "Bad...really bad."

Then, " I'm beautiful."

"You're beautiful!"

"I'm sexy."

"You're sexy!"

"Rub your cock against my pussy." Her tongue prodded his lips open so she could get back inside. His stiff cock was in his hand urging against her pussy lips. "Oh fuck you feel good," she said as her tongue darted in and out of his mouth again. He said, "You feel great! Your little pussy is dripping."

Lola gasped, "Ooohhh. Make my little pussy drip some more.!"

He reached down and slipped the head of his thick cock against her lips. "Ohh Oh baby. Yes, yes..Shove it in. Shove it in hard!"

A good strong hip thrust had her climbing all over him, screaming, "Oh shit. Oh shit..yes!" She stuffed her head under his chin and whimpered, "So good, so good," as he pumped into her. She leaned back letting her long red hair fall almost to the tile floor. She interlaced her fingers behind his neck as she leaned back and began thrusting back as hard as she could. The passionate grunts, groans, moans, squishy sounds and heavy breathing filled the room. "Ohh baby, cum in me, and look me in the eye when you do!" She squeezed her legs tight around him, and he felt her vaginal muscles quivering. "DO IT!" then held her breath as they came hard together.

His eyes never left hers.

He squeezed her ass as she milked his cock with her vaginal in a trance. Low, guttural humming.

Suddenly the phone startled them. She looked at Tommy, and gasped, "Oh...shit..I can't...I can't... .answer it."

Tommy turned her back to the short breakfast bar and set her down. He caressed her face, "Ok, just take a few deep breaths, then exhale and pick it up. You'll be ok."

One deep breath, then another, then she exhaled slowly, and picked the phone up, "Hello?" and reached for his face and caressed it- mouthing, 'the best'!

"Hey, look, I'm in New Orleans, figured I'd be home by now, but got stuck with Tony at his dealers school. We'll be going to dinner afterwards, so figure midnight or so. Don't wait up."

"All right then. Have fun.. Bye." She was ready to hang up and get back to the pleasure business.

"Hey, before you go, did Tommy Castle come by yet?"

"Yes. 10:00 a.m. sharp."

"Good. So you got the report?"

"Yes. It would have been nice if you had warned me he was coming. I look like shit."

This would have been a good time for her loving husband to say something sweet. Like, that's just not possible Lola. You're stunningly beautiful 24/7.

But, he didn't. Instead, "I forgot. Just get the fucking thing typed. I need it by tomorrow."

Fuck him, she said to herself. Then she did something really brazen. She tugged Tommy close as Sal kept yapping. Her answers were all , uh huh, yeah, ok, sure, as she ran her red lips over Tommy's still stiff cock.

He held her head as she laid down on the breakfast bar, still playing with his cock.

Tommy grabbed the cigarettes from the counter and lit one, then put it by her wet lips. She sucked on it as she rubbed his cock over her lips and face. Tommy looked down at her as she sucked him with warm smoke in her mouth.

Her tongue licked him and the smoke as it washed over her lips.

Sal asked, "So, how did you like Tommy? Good looking dude, huh?"

Lola sat up on the low breakfast bar, and crossed her legs Indian style, fully exposing her wet pussy to Tommy who just stood there smoking. She tried to catch her breath as she pulled him around behind her and dragged his fingers to her wet pussy.

"He's ..ok. Not as handsome as you of course." Tommy slipped his middle finger inside her and played. She leaned back against him and turned her head up for a kiss to go with the slow finger bang.

"Right. Well, the girls at work are all ape shit over him. Try walking in this fuckers shadow eight hours a night. Suddenly, I'm fucking invisible." Lola 's breathing had become shallow, and she was pissed that he was arrogant enough to complain about his cocktail girls at work paying more attention to Tommy than to him.

So, Lola being Lola, responded by pulling Tommy's fingers from her pussy and licking them clean, making sure to make plenty of smacking noises into the phone.

Sal asked, "Whatcha eatin'?"

She grinned at Tommy, "Oh, sorry babe. That was rude. It's just a popsicle."

""Oh...well, enjoy your popsicle and I'll see ya tonight." Lola then pushed, maybe to justify what she'd done, or maybe because she wanted to taunt him, make him feel guilty, "Sal..I'll wait up...all you have to do is ask. Maybe we could..."

"Now, why do you think I'm calling? I said DON'T...It's gonna be late, and you know how tired I am after driving back from New Orleans late at night."

"Ok, maybe tomorrow?"

"We'll see. Bye."

That pretty much sums up the nature of her relationship with her husband. Dull, boring,and sexless.

She gently placed the phone back in its cradle, "Well, lover...someone's watching out for us. Sal won't be home until midnight, or later. Now, are you going to fuck me right here again, or can we make it to the bedroom?"

"Is both out of the question?"

Lola grinned, "Honey,I just showed you, nothing's out of the question."
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