Birthday Blast

warning there is a little urination in this story as well as anal play. if you are not into those or don't feel comfortable with them. please pass on reading my story and if you do read do not make fun because it is an experience I want to have in my future.

It was my eighteenth birthday and I wanted to have the best party. This year it was going to be a costume party. I already had my costume picked out. I was going to dress up as a naughty school girl. I had my outfit laid out on the bed in my room.

My costume consisted of a red plaid spaghetti strapped shirt, and matching short skirt. It also came with glasses, black stockings and heels with a garter belt underneath. I sent out all the invitations to all of my senior class. I invited this guy I have had a crush on since my ninth grade year.

I never went up to him and talked to him, but oh my god he was so dreamy. I was afraid that he wouldn't like me and end up rejecting me. When it was time for the party, I hope that he is one of the first guests to arrive. I also hope that he makes the first move.

If not I will go crazy because I have been waiting for this night since I first laid eyes on him. It was only a half a day of school today. I went straight home once school was out to decorate for my party.
Me parents were out of town for the week and I had the whole house to myself.

Once I was finished decorating I called the catering company to see what time they would be here. They told me that they would be here at 4 p.m. . I was glad they were coming a little early. That would give them time to set up the tables and leave before the party started. At 5 p.m. the guests started to arrive. I greeted them at the door and showed them where the refreshments and the appetizers were located.

I waited at the doorway for an hour and there he was getting out of his truck. He was wearing tight blue jeans, a button up plaid shirt, a cowboy hat and boots. He was the sexiest guy at the party. I stood across the room and I kept staring at him. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, a sexy smile and the most amazing body.

The way his ass looked in those jeans automatically turned me on. Causing my pussy to get soaked from the arousal. I quickly went upstairs and put on my costume. I wanted him to be the first to see it. I looked at myself in the full length mirror in my room.

My hair was in a long braid down my back. I slipped on my stockings and my heels. I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure that my outfit was perfect. I headed down the stairs to join the party. I noticed that Damian was standing in the corner of the room talking to his buddies. One of my friends were standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Her name was Samantha. We started talking and once the conversation was over, I went over to the stereo and turned the music up. I went back over to Samantha and continued to have another conversation. Samantha had hair the color of fire and eyes as blue and serene as the ocean when you look into them.

All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there he is. I smile and I manage to say hello. He smiles back at me. I melt as I look into his deep brown eyes. He asked me where the bathroom was. I walked up the stairs with him and pointed to the last door at the end of the hallway.

I turn to head back down the stairs and he grabs me by the hand. I turn back around and he pulls me closer to him. HE touches my face and kisses me softly on the lips. He looks into my eyes and says " I didn't need help finding the bathroom I just wanted to get you alone".

I asked him "alone for what". He grabs my hand again and leads me down the hallway. I stop at my bedroom door. He looks at me and smiles again as he turns the door knob and pushes the door open. He pulls me into the room and he shuts the door behind us. He says" I wanted to get you alone for this".

He grabs me by the waist, pulling me closer to him and kisses me again. I put my arms around his waist and kiss him back with such desire, passion and lust. I have longed for this for such a long time. We sit on the edge of the bed and talk a little bit. He tells me that he has liked me for a long time but he was afraid to make the first move.

I look at him and say "you're kidding me I have felt the same way". We both laugh a little. He kisses me again and we both lay back on the bed. We kiss and touch all over for about 45 minutes. Afterward he gives me one long deep kiss revealing his true desire when he reached up under my shirt caressing my breasts.

I lean into him making him lay flat on his back. I place his groin in between my legs. I take my glasses off and start to unbutton my shirt. Each button that comes undone makes him concentrate on my hands even more. As I unbutton the last button my chest and my stomach are exposed to him. His gaze does not wander.

His hands want to touch me but he is in utter amazement and doesn't want to move. He finally reaches out his hands and touches the skin right above my breasts. He moves his hands up to my shoulders and slides my shirt off. It lands on the floor.

He takes his hands and slowly makes a trail to my hands, sending chills down my body. He sits up on the bed and kisses me one more time. He reaches one hand around my back and unclasps my bra. Releasing my breasts and slides the straps off my shoulders.

He looks at me with total ecstasy and says I want to make love to you all night long. I want you to be my first. I bend over and kiss his perfect lips. I push my tongue in between his lips and let our tongues mingle with each other. My temperature starts to rise and my body starts to grind and push into his. I slowly unbutton his shirt.

Throughout our long passionate kiss I rub my hands against his chest and stomach. I kiss slowly down his neck. When I get to his nipples I lick them until they become erect from my warm tongue. I can feel his cock get harder inside his jeans. I continue to kiss down his stomach until I get to his waistline. I take my hands and unbutton his jeans.

I pull down his zipper with my teeth as I look into his eyes. I pull his jeans down to his knees and release his cock from the fabric that keeps it hidden from me. I kiss the tip, run my tongue in a circle around the head and lick the shaft from top to bottom. When I reach the base I start to massage his balls with my hand.

I lick back up to the tip and completely engulf his cock in my mouth. When his cock has been well pleasured I remove my mouth from it, lick down the shaft again and start to suck on his balls. I stand up and start unzipping my skirt. As I let it fall to the floor his eyes start to stare at my body and his gaze starts to change into devilish desire.

He looks at me like he wants to rip off the rest of my clothing from my body. Like I am a drug that he don't want to give up. I climb back on top of him and I start to grind my bare pussy against his cock. I run my fingers through my hair and put my hair over my shoulder. My head turned to the side exposing my neck to him. At first he places gentle kisses on my neck.

He brings his kisses lower, quickly grabs my waist and I'm flat on the bed again. He stands at the foot of the bed. My legs are spread wide. My clit fully within his eyesight . My vaginal opening stretched open with my hands. I sit up and stroke him slow and gentle at first. Making little whimpers and moans escape from his lips.

I fell his cock get harder, longer and bigger in my hands. It takes both my hands to fit around his shaft. I turn him around and he sits on the bed. His legs are spread and his cock is sticking straight out and my gaze is locked on it. I crawl on top of him and he lets out a small growl. I bend over where my chest is on top of his.

I grab a handful of hair as I suck on his earlobe. I lick his neck and he calls out my name" oh Erica". I sit up and as he lays there staring up at me, I caress my breasts and cup them in my hands. First I lick the right nipple and then the left. I look down at my hands and I explore his length some more.

He looks at my hands around his shaft. He watches my hands move up and down, then I start to twist my hands. I move up to the head and twist around it for a moment. I spit on the head of his cock, place it in my mouth and create suction. I caress his balls at he time and his moans get louder. It's like his body is paralyzed just by me touching him. I place my feet flat on the bed.

One foot on either side of his waist. I place my hands on his knees. I place his cock in my pussy and I roll my hips back and forth. I go forward, the base of his cock is covered by my pussy. My clit gently rubs against the small patch of skin right above his shaft. The faster I move my hips back and forth, the louder he growls with pleasure. I stand straight up on the bed and I turn my body. Placing my feet between his legs.

I reach out and place his cock in my pussy again. He sits up behind me, places one hand on my pussy, and the other around my throat. My body stays completely still and I hold my breath. while he rubs my pussy. My orgasm gets stronger by the minute and when I start to cum, he pushes me forward with my feet by his hips and fucks me.

First its hard and fast making sure that my orgasm in intense. Then soft and slow making it known that my pussy is dripping wet and covers his entire groin area. He pushes against my body and I remove his cock from my soaked pussy. I get on my knees at the foot of the bed. I lick and suck all my juices from his huge thick cock.

He sticks out his pointer finger and motions me to turn around. Tells me to place my arms around his neck and clasp my hands together. He puts his hand over my mouth. He puts his other hand over my pussy, picks his hand up and smacks it. He picks his hand up one more time and smacks it again. I close my eyes and savor the delicious pain against my clit. My pussy is red and my clit is throbbing.

All of a sudden the door to the bedroom opens but he doesn't stop teasing and torturing my clit. I noticed that it was Samantha who entered the room. Samantha's breasts were big and she had a thick juicy ass. She walks a little further into the room and strips completely naked. Damian lays his head on the pillows that are placed at the foot of the bed.

Samantha places a leg on either side of his face and lowers her pussy to his lips. Damian slowly moves his tongue in and out of her vaginal opening. She moans and his tongue moves faster. When he moves his tongue inside her again he tries to get his tongue to go as deep as it can. I straddle him as he tongue fucks Samantha and his cock is stretching me really wide.

I move my pussy up and down his shaft as I watch him tongue fuck Samantha. As I watched them I examined his lips and tongue closely wishing it was me. Oh how pleasing it was to watch them. I lean forward and get on all fours with his cock still inside me. I placed my tongue in her pussy, licked her lips and sucked on her clit, as Damian finger fucked her and licked her ass hole. It wasn't long before she came.

Damian grabbed Samantha's ass and squeezed it. Damian shoved his tongue inside Samantha one more time and her cum was all over his face. Samantha changed positions and sat behind me. She grabbed my breast with one hand and finger fucked my clit until I could no longer hide the enjoyment on my face.

I smiled and I bit my lip. I laid my head on Samantha's chest. Samantha pinched my nipples and began to be merciless with my flesh. Samantha grabbed my arms and placed her arms right at the bend of my elbows. I was helpless. Samantha was possessive and showed no resistance. Damian sat up on the bed. At first his touch was cruel and adventurous as he groped me, and pinched me all over my body.

Damian slapped my face with a wicked gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. He called me a dirty cock sucking whore. Samantha placed my arms around her neck and Damian went Directly for my underarm and tickled me until it was agonizing. Damian stopped for a brief moment and lifted me up off his cock. I was clueless to what they were going to do next.

I laid on my back. Damian bound my wrists and Samantha bound my feet. Samantha tickled my feet as Damian tickled my underarms. I was turning from side to side hoping they would stop soon. They move down to my side and tickle me with more intensity. They finally stopped and boy was I relieved. They started teasing me again.

Damian sat right above my head, bent his body over mine. Spread light kisses over my chest and stomach. He stopped long enough to position his cock right at my mouth. I opened wide and took all of his length down my throat. He spread my pussy lips wide with his hands. Exposing my clit and my opening. Samantha teases my G spot with her fingers at first.

Then Samantha places a vibrator inside and leaves it there, She also places a pump on my clit and starts suction making it bigger and more sensitive. Samantha removes the pump and flicks her tongue against my clit. Making me moan louder and louder until someone from the hallway hears my loud moans and comes in to see what's going on.

I realize that it is Samantha's boyfriend. He doesn't seem shocked at all and comes in to watch.
He walks over to the corner of the room, removes his pants and his underwear. He sits down in the corner chair and gets comfortable. Placing his shaft in his hand and stroking until he gets hard.

Samantha releases my feet from the rope restraints and walks over to her boyfriend. Samantha spreads her legs wide on the outside of his. His cock is standing straight at attention and she shoves his cock inside her. she moves her body up and down the shaft. I lay there and watch them fuck. Damian unbinds my wrists and I sit straight up on the bed. He puts his legs under mine.

my feet are lined up with his shaft and I place it in between my feet. I start rubbing up and down his shaft. I go slowly to build up the orgasm with my gentle touch. I get faster and right before he cums he moves my feet, comes up to my face. Shoves his cock down my throat, puts his hands on the sides of my face. Holding it still and every time he gets the head of his cock at my lips, he puts his ass into each thrust, that pushes his cock even further and doesn't stop until his seed is down my throat.

Tears are streaming down my face and my hair is a mess. He faces away from me at the foot of the bed. I scoot up behind him, place his waist in between my legs and stroke his cock with my hands. My grip is tight and the pressure from me squeezing his shaft makes noises escape from his lips. Samantha and her boyfriend walk over to us. Samantha gets on all fours, sucks Damian's cock and her boyfriend fucks her from behind.

I get down on the floor right up under Samantha. I suck and lick Damian's balls and caress her boyfriends balls with my hands at the same time. I move to Samantha's nipples. I also lick, suck and bite them. Her moans from my pleasure make Damian moan louder from the vibrations. I move down up under her pussy and lick all of the cum from Samantha and her boyfriends orgasm.

I spread her lips wide with my hand and tongue fuck her clit until the feel of my tongue and being fucked from behind make her cum again and squirt all over my face. The liquid runs down my chin, my neck and to my chest. Samantha's boyfriend pulls out of her and shoves his cock in my mouth where I can taste both of them. Samantha's boyfriend goes back over to the chair in the corner and takes a seat.

I walk toward him and I straddle his cock. I interlock his hands with mine and I ride his dick fast and hard. As he is about to cum again I feel his cock throb inside my pussy and his cum along with mine drips down his cock and onto his balls. I bring my pussy to his lips. He opens wide at first, our cum drips into his mouth and licks the remainder with his tongue.

I get off the chair and lick the cum off his cock again. Damian walks over and sits down on the couch. I straddle him this time and bend over where Samantha's boyfriend fucks me in the ass at the same time. Samantha places a chair behind the couch and comes around to us. She gets in between mine and Damian's face. Her pussy in his face and her ass in mine.

As my holes are filled with their cocks, Damian licks her pussy and she has the urge to urinate all over him. She relaxes and releases the hot liquid all over his chest. She spreads her ass cheeks and I lick and fuck her ass hole. Both men come in me at the same time. Samantha finishes up with me and Damian. First she licks my ass making sure there is not a drop of cum left. As she gets the cum off the other, she shoves a finger in my ass moving it in and out.

She inserts more fingers until her hand is covered inside all the way up to her wrist and repeats the motion she did with her finger. Once she is finished I get on my knees on the floor and clean up her cum off his cock. Samantha sits beside Damian on the couch and motions me to come to her.

I straddle her. I kiss her ruby red lips, run my fingers through her fiery red hair. As she flicks her finger against my clit. I cup her large breasts and bring her nipples to my lips and suckle on them, I grind my pussy faster against her hand and " oh my God " escapes from my lips as I cum and squirt all over her hand.

She licks my juices off her hand and kisses me. She grabs my ass and pulls my body closer to her. I look deeper into her eyes and beg her to fuck, play and use me again. Afterward we get in the shower. I make out with Samantha and we both take turns making out with the guys.

by Amber Marie Murphy
June 2020
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