Birthday Surprise - part 1
I'm nervous, but excited. Well, that's an understatement, in truth I'm terrified. Never in my life have I done something so bold. It was a long twenty two hour bus ride, but I'm finally in your hometown, just a short three miles away from you. I'd planned it so I would arrive the day before your birthday, so when I see you tomorrow I'm not travel weary. But knowing you're so close is making it hard to resist going to you tonight, but I can and must ignore that impatient voice inside me. It's not quite time yet, but soon, very soon.

We talk on the phone as usual that night, somehow I manage to keep my secret. I've been planning this for a while now, even going so far as to contact your brother on social media. Once he knew who I was and what I wanted he quickly became my willing accomplice. The plan was quite simple, he would take you to lunch for your birthday, then deliver you to my hotel.

I slept very little that night, I tossed and I turned, too excited to drift off. The sleep I did get was interrupted multiple times by erotic dreams, no surprise considering I would finally get to touch you and be touched in return. And let me tell you, my mind was working overtime imagining all the things we would, or could do. But more than anything, strange as it may sound, I was most looking forward to being wrapped in your arms and kissed by you. Out of all the erotic, nasty dreams I've had about you, I dreamed the most about us kissing for the first time.

This morning I woke up after my restless night feeling kind of tired, but more excited than a five year old on Christmas morning lol. I can't believe the seemingly endless wait for you is almost at an end. In just a few short hours I'll be standing before you, touching, kissing, taking your body into mine. Thinking about it sends wicked chills down my spine, makes my nipples harden almost painfully.

I just hope you aren't mad at me for coming. I know you didn't want me to make the long trip on my own, thinking it not safe for a woman to be traveling alone. I love how protective you are of me, that's something I've never experienced before, it makes me feel special and treasured. But there was no way that I could let your birthday pass without seeing you. Hopefully you'll be so happy to see me that you won't even think of that, or at least not until WAY later lol. Hmmmmm maybe you can spank me for being so naughty? Hey a girl can dream, and I have dreamed of you spanking me MANY, MANY times.

I straighten the room up and put a relaxing cd in the stereo. In some instances I live by the boy scout motto, "always be prepared." And while I have no idea if anal would be on the menu today, like those boys I want to be prepared for all possibilities, so I give myself an enema. After my bathroom duties are taken care of I start filling the tub for a bubble bath. I pour some raspberry scented hydrating gel into the water, watching it foam up, smelling it's sweet, fruity aroma. Once the tub is full, I sink into the soapy water, feeling the heat instantly start relaxing me and my sore muscles. I definitely don't want my body to be hurting today, at least not before I see you lol.

I shaved my legs and pussy until they were smooth as silk, but left a neat patch of hair on my mound. The sensual feel of the water on my skin, combined with the scraping of the razor on my lips had my imagination working overtime and my body needing some relief. I can't wait the few hours until you're here, my pussy is demanding immediate attention. So I run my fingers up and down my petal soft lips, tracing their shape. They're swollen and extra sensitive from just being shaved. It feels so good I moan, the sound bouncing off the tiles, echoing in the small room.

Putting my fore and ring finger on either side of my clit, I press down and outward, making my love button stand out even more. Stroking up and down and around in circles, I rub with my middle finger, then slide down through the folds to the opening of my pussy. I slip it smoothly into my hole until my palm lies flush against my body. MMMMMMMMM that feels so good, but I know it'll feel even better when it's your fingers inside me. I thrust in and out a few times, then add my ring finger, the water rushing in and out as I stroke. I really want to add another finger, but I hold myself back. I mean, I've purposely not used any large toys and no more than two digits when I've played, wanting to keep myself nice and tight for you. I want to rock your world the first time we're together!

Closing my eyes, I picture you watching me as my fingers sink deep and fast, my thumb rubbing against my clit. My inner walls close tighter, squeezing snugly. I can only imagine how good that will feel around your cock, knowing that it's much bigger. The tension in my body builds as I get closer, my panting breath mixes with the little whimpers and moans that you so love to hear over the phone. Soon you'll hear them in person, my breath a gentle breeze against your naked body.

Images of your dick sliding in and out of me keep flashing through my mind. My hips move, responding unconsciously to the erotic movie playing in my head. The water laps up the side of the tub, the hot water moving farther up my body, a caress against my skin. I thrust faster and harder, no longer aware of what I'm doing, my mind's not here. It's with you, always with you. Pleasure overtakes me and I'm moaning, shaking as my orgasm hits. My fingers continue to slam in and out as I ride the wave of sensations that course through my body. Once the spasms pass, I lay there relaxing in the tub for a few minutes, trying to catch my breath.

Standing up, I let the water out of the tub. Then I shower the bubbles off my body, washing my private parts one more time. I step out of the tub and dry off, buffing my skin until it gleams. I dry and fix my hair, it falls half way down my shoulder blades, a soft, shiny curtain of spun gold. Onto my make up, I didn't really put much on my skin, mostly just my eyes, to highlight them. In my excitement they sparkle like brilliant blue diamonds as I gaze into the mirror.

I put considerable thought into what I was going to wear, finally deciding on something ultra sexy, but also a little ladylike. I'm wearing a black lace push up bra, along with black and red lace boy short panties that leave the bottom half of my ass cheeks bare, I know you are going to love that. My legs are encased in black sheer silk thigh high stockings with a lace band at the top. Over this I have on a short black lace dress that ends about mid thigh, it's held up with spaghetti straps, my shoulders bare and then the long sleeves start just after my shoulders, widening slightly at my wrists. My lingerie is playing peek-a-boo through the lace in the dress. This is my more private version of the proverbial little black dress, and I hope it has you drooling. I add black heels, completing the look.

The final touch is to spray my favorite perfume on, I know you love it too. It's slightly sweet, sexy scent envelops me. Not too much, just enough to awaken your senses. Heading to the full length mirror, I make sure nothing is out of place. I'm shocked, but pleased at what I see, I've never looked better! What a perfect time for that to happen I think to myself, chuckling slightly. I just hope you think so too!

I sit down on the bed, trying to calm my nerves, which are really starting to kick in now that I'm not busy doing things. I take a final look around the room, making sure everything is perfect, then turn on some soft sexy music. Now the only thing that's missing is you.

There's a knock at the door, my heart starts galloping like a runaway horse as I walk across the room. Looking though the peep hole I see it's you. I take a couple deep, cleansing breaths and then open the door, a big smile on my face.

"Happy Birthday babe!!" The words barely left my lips before you grab me, pulling me into your arms, holding me tightly against your body. Which is fine with me, because there's no place I'd rather be.

definitely more to cum.......
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