Birthday Surprise - part 2
You hold me pressed tightly against your body, hands stroking up and down my back pleasurably. I'm trembling in your arms, my heart's racing in anticipation of all the things to come. Putting me at arms length, your heated gaze sweeps over my body from head to toe. This is it, I think, the moment of truth. My nerves get the best of me and I look down, scared of what I'll see in your eyes. Never before has it mattered so much what another person thinks of me, but your opinion at this moment is really all that matters.

"Look at me, my pet."

I needn't have worried. When my eyes meet yours, all I see is love and desire shining in them.

"You're so beautiful."

The breath I didn't even realize I was holding quietly whooshed out. I blush and you laugh, obviously enjoying my response.

"I can't believe you're blushing."

"I told you I do," I laughingly reply.

"Does your whole body blush?"

Laughing, I tell you mischievously, "I guess you'll have to check and let me know babe."

Your eyes lose their laughter and darken, desire blazing in their depths. Your voice takes on that sexy, bedroom tone that makes my pussy weep.

"With pleasure my love. There's nothing I'd like more."

It always surprises me how quickly you can arouse me. One minute normal and the next so turned on all I want to do is beg you to take me. You have an incredibly powerful effect on me, and I wonder if it's the same way for you?

Your gorgeous blue eyes hold me captive in their gaze, as you place your hands on each side of my face. My eyes close momentarily in pleasure at your gentle, tender touch. When I open them back up, my breath catches. Such need, want, hunger even, is written all over your face. No one has ever looked at me like that before, and it's thrilling, feeding my own desire for you, which is already off the charts to begin with. You slowly pull me toward you as you move to meet me, your lips getting closer and closer to mine. Finally our lips meet and I forget how to breath.

My eyes drift closed and I lose myself in our kiss. At first a light, gentle, nibbling of my lips, an appetizer of things to come. But very quickly it grows hotter, passionate. The tip of your tongue lightly brushes against the seam of mine, I gasp, opening to you. Your tongue sweeps in, your mouth catching the moan that I can't hold back. We each let go, giving the passion and fire that has been building between us for almost a year, free rein. It's much more than a kiss, it is a claiming of each other, and we both know it.

You move me backwards until the back of my legs touch the bed, then gently lower me down to lay on it. Somehow you scoot me up on the mattress, all of this done without even breaking our kiss. Pulling away from me, you turn me on my side, my back now against your front. Moving my hair aside, your lips descend on the back of my neck. I tremble beneath you, that always gets me so aroused. Your hot kisses to such a sensitive area makes me moan and rock my ass back against you. I can feel your hard length pressed against me, and that excites me even more.

Reaching around my body, you cup my breast in your large hand, squeezing and kneading it. You run your fingertips lightly around my breast in ever tightening circles, teasing me, building the heat, the need. When you finally reach my nipple you run your fingers softly over it, your touch a whisper against my puckered skin, hardening it even more. Your lips continue their pleasurable assault on my neck, moving to the side of it, licking, kissing, sucking. I know later when I look in the mirror I'll see marks showing where you've been, and I don't mind a bit, in fact I love that visible reminder.

I can't stay still any longer, I move back against you even harder. Humping your denim clad hard on, I can feel the burning heat of you through the fabric, and I want. Your fingers close around my nipple, pinching, twisting, tweaking. Pleasure travels quickly from it to my pussy, almost like an electrical current, my deep muscles clench as I cry out, my hips jerk against you.

"Please babe," my strangled plea comes out. Although exactly what I'm pleading for I can't say, just...MORE!!

But just like always, you know what I want and need even better than I do. You're an incredibly generous lover, even over the phone, and even more so of course in person. Your hand slides down my body, my muscles jump against your fingertips as you sink lower. Running over my panties, you reach my lips, stroking against them. The feel of your skin against me in some areas and not in others because of the lace is extremely erotic, teasing me, stealing my breath and my mind.

My arousal keeps building, heart races, breath jerkily panting in and out. My constant, urgent, almost sobbing moans tell you that I'm about to climax. You've heard it too many times over the phone not to recognize the sound. Your fingers slide under my panties from the side, now fully skin against skin. You run your middle finger down my wet lips, to the entrance of my pussy. Soaked with my juices, you glide right in and start thrusting fast and deep, then you add another finger, continuing to move in and out of me. It feels so damn good! I can't hold back any longer!

"Ooooohhhhh babe, I'm gonna cummmmmmmm!!"

"Cum for me, my pet, do it!" Your voice is quiet, deep and darkly seductive in my ear.

My hips are bucking against your hand, my back arching, then with a husky, sobbing moan, my muscles squeeze tightly around your fingers. My pussy spasms rhythmically against you as an intense orgasm rips through me, the force of it shocking, it seems to last forever.

When my climax finally passes and muscles relax, you withdraw your fingers from inside of me. When I turn to face you, I see they're dripping, soaked with my nectar. Watching me, you bring them to your lips, licking and sucking each one clean, moaning at my sweet taste. Even though I just came, seeing and hearing you enjoying my pussy so much, is such a turn on and I start to get excited all over again.

I need to feel your naked body against me right now! I grasp your shirt, pull it over your head, and throw it on the floor. I unbuckle your belt, unbutton and unzip your jeans. You stand up and they slide down your legs, as you bend to take them off, my hand snakes between your legs, I lightly stroke your balls. Then I do what I've been wanting to for oh so long now, my mouth is watering at the thought. I kneel down in front of you, your rock hard cock in my face, just inches from my mouth, I lean forward and......

even more yet to cum.....
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