Bit of a Tease
I watch you as you watch me close the distance between us. Your smile warm and welcoming and your eyes lit with interest. My bra is slightly visible through my sheer blouse, and my skirt just a touch too short. I watch your face as your eyes fill with desire. I love that look in your eyes, and I smile sweetly back, seducing you with my own brown eyes.

I sit down next to you on the sofa. You put your hand on my thigh, just under the hem of my skirt and I lean towards you as you kiss my lips. "You look so damn good." Your words, barely a breathy whisper in my ears, send shivers down my spine.

We kiss each other softly, slowly, taking our time enjoying each others lips. Our tongues slide against one another and we trade gentle nips. Placing my hand on your chest I push you back slightly. Before you can utter your protest, I place one slender finger on your lips. "Shhh," I say softly. "I have other plans."

I bring in a kitchen chair and place it in the center of the room. With a devilish grin and a naughty wink, I motion for you to sit in the chair. Despite looking a little confused, you comply. I move to stand in front of you, suddenly feeling a tad anxious. I bite my lower lip to suppress the nervous giggles. The glean in your eyes and the huge smile on your face tell me you're enjoying yourself. I brace my hands on your legs and lean in to give you another kiss, warming a bit as I notice your gaze shift to peer down my blouse.

Pulling away from you I begin to caress my body with my hands, running my fingers through my tousled hair, down my neck, over my breasts, and down my sides until I reach my hips. Moving my hips from side to side, I let my hair fall into my face. I slide my hands back up my body, continuing to sway my hips, making little circles, stopping when my fingers reach the top button of my blouse. "Would you like me to unbutton this?" I ask with a teasing smile. I can see the answer in your eyes.

"Oh yes,baby, please..."

Seeing the bulge in your pants excites me in return. You're getting fidgety and I know you want to reach for me. "Hands to yourself, tough guy," I warn with a stern glance. "For now."

I circle around you slowly, teasing you with the provocative movements of my body. I move my hands down to the next button of my blouse and slowly undo it, revealing the black lace bra underneath. It's a push up bra and I watch your eyes trace my curves as finish opening my blouse. The front falls open exposing the soft skin of my tummy and my new belly ring. You grown softly and I can tell it's taking all of your control to hold back from getting up and grabbing my waist.

Moving behind you, I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you softly, teasing you with my nails as I move my hands down across your chest. I let them run down your sides and feel you move under me. Your breathing deepens as I swing myself round in front of you, standing over your legs. Slowly I move my hips in circles, smiling as I hear you moan. I know I'm driving you wild with my torments. I lower myself so I can almost sit on your lap, all the while continuing to caress my body.

"You want to touch me, don't you?" I taunt.

I slide my hands down your arms until I reach your hands and bring them up to my shoulders, where I let you take off my blouse. I can't help but grin as I hear your breath catch.

"Oh baby, you're beautiful."

I get up and turn around. Peering over my shoulder at you, I ask you to unzip my skirt for me. You slide the zipper down and I quickly step away before you can get your hands on me. With my back to you, I put my hands on the waistline of my skirt and slowly let it ease over my hips, letting it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it, I move back so I can sit in your lap wearing nothing more than my black lingerie. I lean back against your chest and lay my head on your shoulder, grinding my ass against your hardness. Greedy man that you are, you take your chance to wrap your arms around my waist, pulling me close into you. Softly you start kissing my neck and shoulder, moving your hands up over my tummy to my breasts. My pulse quickens and I gasp as your touches set off a burning desire inside me.

"Would you unhook my bra for me?"

You sit up, and I can feel your hands trembling with need as you reach to free me. I lean back again and cross my arms over my breasts not ready to show them just yet. Slowly I remove the strap from my left shoulder, being careful that my arms cover my breasts at all times. I do the same with my right strap. I can feel you breathing hard now, your chest rising and falling fast against my back. I know you long to feel the soft skin of my breasts in your hands, and play with my nipples. And damn, how I want you to do just that.

"Take it off for me baby."

But instead of simply complying, I lean over to kiss you, hard and deep, and let go of the bra and it falls to the ground.

Still covering my breasts with one arm, I take your right hand and place it on my chest just above my breasts. Covering your hand with mine, I move it down until you are cupping my breasts. We both moan as you catch my erect nipple between two fingers and gently start toying with it. It feels like electricity running through my body. A current that connecting my nipples to my clit, and I can barely stand the sensations.

Slowly I begin moving my hips against you, turning in tiny circles and I feel you react by pushing up a bit. you are so hard, your cock straining for release against your pants, and still I can feel your excitement grow by the second. You protest a little when I try to get up, but you let me go knowing the show isn't quite over yet. There is still my tiny black tong to take off. Standing in front of you, I caress my body with my hands. I move them over my tummy, up to my breasts, to my neck and back down. Moving my hips from side to side, I move my hands down to my thong. When I reach it, I turn around and bend over while I slide it down over my ass, giving you a good view of what is yet to come.

Walking back to you, I put my hands on your shoulders, leaning forward to kiss you. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I whisper in your ear, "Take me to your bedroom, darling. I want you to fuck me like never before."

"Oh, hell yes."

Wrapping your arms around my waist, you pick me up effortlessly. I drape my legs around your body and cling tightly to you as you carry me to the bedroom. I can feel your hard cock pulsating against my we pussy. Gently you lay me down on the bed and quickly get yourself undressed. You lower yourself on top of me, using your legs to spread mine. I can't stop a soft gasp from escaping my lips as you enter me in one smooth motion. You start moving in and out of me, gradually picking up the pace, your long and steady strokes filling me up completely. Soon my muscles start to tighten, squeezing around you, pulling you deeper and deeper into me, as my orgasm is building up deep inside me. With a final thrust, you send us both over the edge, climaxing together sending waves of pleasure all through my body, while you shoot your load deep inside me. Exhausted and totally satisfied, I try to catch my breath as you wrap your arms around me and pull me close to you and together we drift off... smiling.
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