Black Boxers and White Women

I am sure you have seen movies or videos of well dressed scantily clad attractive white women with their goodies hanging out at boxing matches! Ones that are almost besides themselves with what appears to be sexual lust and frenzy as they scream and holler all sorts of unladylike expletives, for one of the black boxers to beat the shit out of the other! The following is one of many things I have done with my wife that is a sex slut! I love to plan things out, especially kinky sexual encounters and had planned most all of this before hand! Through my numerous contacts I had met a young 30 yr old black guy named Darryl he like many horny black men had the hots for sex with white women!

My wife also had numerous sexual fantasy's about sex with black men so the perfect boxing match so to speak was about to take place!
Many of our kinky sexual outings would start with her naked bound and blindfolded wearing only a coat and taken by me from our house to a friends basement, some dark back alley, an adult motel, or to several all black bars, where she would be played with and eventually fucked by number of horny black men! She loved being naked and not know where she had been taken or what was going to happen, for her this was the biggest thrill and one that would leave her almost dripping! She would be wearing nothing under the coat only 4" Heels!

Darryl worked at a boxing Gym in the Los Angles area and his sexual arousal was derived from the act of fighting, participating in or observing combat sports, such as wrestling, boxing or kickboxing, martial arts, etc. But this is where his kinky sexual twist was a bit different than most?
He loved to see women naked especially white women and wearing only boxing gloves...he did not know why, only that it was a big turn on for him to watch women fight when naked or almost naked. He also loved to watch or participate in mixed wrestling/kick boxing/ boxing or fighting. Especially with willing white women that had no problem doing so naked! he and also done a number of video and photo shoots with numerous white women to promote this sort of activity, and increase its popularity.

To punch a naked woman's breasts pussy or kick her in the pubic area was quite sexual intoxicating! He was a martial arts combat instructor, and loved teaching young black men in the art of abusing naked women especially white women and has done a lot of crazy kinky shit like this! Me always looking for some new way to get my wife off, by taking her to this all black boxing gym where boxers trained, and ones that would do things like this to white women, that was followed by kinky and abusive sex was quite appealing to me, and would end up being more than appealing to her! She was always ready for some new perverted way to enjoy sex, especially with abusive well endowed black men! So to be naked and have her breasts punched, or kicked in her privates by nasty and abusive black men and then forced to have sex with them! This thought of such nasty perverted things, would leave her aroused to the point that these men could do what ever they wanted with her!

She was almost giddy with anticipation as I told her about this as we parked behind the gym that night! For her and I the thought planning and uncertainty was always a big part of these sinful sexual outings! Darryl greeted us at the door and escorted us in, and this night she was the only woman in the place! With just her and well over a dozen black sweaty boxers looking on! The first thing I like to do is remove her coat this instantly leaves her naked totally exposed and helpless! Being a naked woman with her hands bound behind her back and in front of a bunch of horny black men is an incredible feeling for her as I removed her blindfold! I just love to see the expression on her face as I leave her naked with a bunch of horny men like this! She has no clothes, no money, and no cell phone nor does she have any idea where she is or how to get home! This and this alone has left her totally at their mercy?

The only rule for them is she must remain naked at all times other than that, Darryl and his boxing brothers can do what ever sexually perverted thing they want to her!
I tell them my wife's name, Deanna and introduce them, as she stands there naked in front of all these horny men! Then so that she can hear every word of the conversation, I tell them several of her most delicious sexual fantasy's about wanting to have her pussy sucked and her ass whipped and that she wants to be harshly gang raped by as many well endowed black men as possible, and to make sure these fantasy's all come true! I also tell him to make sure and video tape everything especially as each big cock stretches that little pink pussy of hers! I want to see a close up of the look on her face, when that big black cock and his kinky pubic hair, meet her well shaven pubic folds!

My wife standing there bound in only hi heels is almost instantly crimson as her pale milky white flesh has quickly turned this blushing color! From, telling this most intimate sexual fantasy of hers to all of them that they are well aware of now, she is horribly embarrassed and humiliated, but this comment has also left her wet and on the very edge!

Then I tell Darryl to give me a call when he/they are done with her! Whether it is later that evening the next morning or after the whole weekend with him and his black brothers is over? I tell him to take his time and really do her good! For my wife's benefit, he goes on to say as he winks at me, that he might not call or give her back, and that maybe he just might keep her naked as a helpless sex whore for all of the black boxers to fuck, punch her tits and play with! This comment scares the crap out of Deanna, and is intended to!
I then give her a kiss and a loving pat on her bare bottom telling her to have fun! She then says, in a panic that she has changed her mind and starts to beg and plead for me not to leave her there naked and helpless with all of these horny black boxers!
I tell her sorry dear this sort of thing is what you live for and now she has no choice but to go through with it!

Besides telling her that I could not stop what ever it is, these black brothers are going to do to you even if I wanted! ..As I am leaving I hear one big nasty looking black dude say as he forces her down on her knees your gonna love this!
The last picture I have of her, as I leave the gym is her bare shapely bottom wiggling back and forth with her big tits hanging down flopping back and forth as she crawls along on all fours with him half dragging her over towards the boxing ring, and the first of several black men that is standing in the middle with his enormous cock out for her to suck! Another also with his hard cock out and ready, is helping her through the ropes and into the ring for the first round that will be followed by the main event, one of prolonged nasty sex, with all of these sweaty boxers?

This treatment of her will be the most humiliating degrading and abusive than she has ever experienced! But it will leave her only wanting more as she will orgasm both painfully, and pleasurably more times than she could ever imagine!
All one needs to accomplish this fantasy is a reasonably willing woman that loves black and a gym that caters to horny black boxers!....

To be continued if someone wants?
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