Black Guy fuck

My husband and I decided to spend our milestone anniversary in Las Vegas. . I have to say I have taken good care of myself, my tits may sag slightly (but give me a break if you have 40DDs that is an achievement), and I have kept my butt nice and tight. For this trip I even gave in to one of my husband's ideas and went blonde. He bought me a sexy outfit to wear when we went out for our "big-night" which included a premium show and a diner at a deluxe restaurant. Unwinding at a quiet bar after hours I told him we should hit the black jack table. He told me he had two surprises for me. I asked him what they were as I gave his cock a quick squeeze under the table and was surprised to find it hard.

He took out a small box, I opened it with hands trembling and found the necklace I had been admiring when we first arrived on the strip. I told him we could not afford it, but he said anyone who would put up with his crap for a quarter century deserved it. I gave him a big deep kiss.

I asked him what the other surprise was. He blushed a bit. He pointed across the room, but all I could see was a black man sitting at a table across from us. Did I miss something? Then it hit me. For years he had this fantasy of watching me and a well endowed black man have sex. Now the answer had always been no. However, I must say I was somewhat of a hypocrite to the extent that there were times I was too tired to fuck, and could get my husband off with a hand-job and a story of my sexually "misbehaving" with a black stud. But to actually do it?

He brushed my breast and told me it was no big deal if I did not want to do it. He did remind me of the famous saying of "What happens in Vegas... " I thought it over. I told him if we did anything I could say how far; and when I said stop it meant stop. He said off course I gulped down my drink.Then I rubbed his cock and it was already hard I French kissed him And that made him horny he passed his hand down my short skirt and pulled my panties off I was getting wet and he tried to finger fuck me and I said Hold off cowboy He threw my panties across the table to our new friend who was pleased to see it He sniffed it and smiled Then I walked across the room to meet my new "stud." I asked him to give me back my panties and he smiled at me and said It's mine for now

I sat down at the booth and said to him SO what are you up to ???
He replied Lots of nouty things i said Oh!!!and he smiled

Nervously we talked and he told me there was no pressure. I worked up my courage and slid next to him, knowing my husband was watching every move we made. He ordered us each a fresh drink and I noticed, and was somewhat flattered with the way he checked me out. He told me he had an idea to really make things sizzle without doing anything,I said thank you What shall we do now He said lets go dancing and that really made me horny

I texted my husband to take a corner seat in the dance club next door where we both wanted to go . But he was to give us a five minute head start.So we got up and went to the Dance bar

When my husband, who seldom dances, came in he found me dancing next to my new partner on the floor. The sight of me shaking it up must have excited him as he spilled his drink twice.And suddenly the band started playing my favorate song I took off to the floor with my new partner .I noticed my date's big bulge, and decided maybe I could do something for him.So i started bumping and grinding against him as we danced then I took my shoes off and stood on his feet as we danced and WAW did that turn him on I could feel his big cock rubbing against my Pussy through my short skirt and boy that almost made me get an orgasim right on the dance floor I started dirty dancing with him rubbing my ass and pussy all over his crotch Ialso allowed him to feel me up
which involved rubbing his hands all over my ass and hips and around my boobs and waist. I even went as far as rubbing my hands all over his cock through his jeans(discreetly) where only my Husband can see and I let him rub my pussy through my very short skirt I had no panties on as you know by now So he went on to run 2 fingers over my soaking wet pussy then he penetrated me started finger fucking me and licked his finger tasting my juice He said it was delicious and he was looking forword to do that on a bed OMG Can you imagine what did that do for me Now Iam tipsy and uninhaibited that really send me off the roof I got so horny I wanted to fuck him on the dance floor I said I'm ready I like to taste your manhood juice as well He leaned over and gave me the longest french kiss in the world I looked at my Husband and he gave me the thumbs up sign & i saw him rubbing his cock with the other hand

After a few more minutes on the floor I asked my dance partner to sit at the table while I talked to my husband. I sat down next to hubby and he was more excited than I had seen him in years. He passed his hand up my thighs and reached to my pussy and found it stretced out hot & soaking wet My face was so red & He said waw you really are wet from this guy He said lets go to the room I said I'm ready and you better be ready for whatever happens next , I did not want to hear him be upset the next day or I'd get straight back on a plane to kansas. He said No problem and he was so horny I felt his cock and it was big .

We ordered some drinks for the room. My husband asked me how far I was going to go with this encounter, and I told him honestly I did not know. But I probably will go all the way if I can't stop. His face blushed and I could see his bulg in his pants getting bigger telling me he's ready for his fatasey to be fulfilled Then I said lets go sweetheart

I went to my new lover and told him to walk me to our bedroom and he really blushed He said I would love to, then he put his arm around my shoulder and I placed mine around his waist
And we walked with my hubby driving his scooter behind us to the Elevator .Once we were inside and the door closed My man grabbed me and started French kissing me pressing my ass against his cock He stuck his tongue in my mouth and i sucked it while hubby was manipulating the elevator Buttons trying to slow it down as he was enjoying the show Now I felt 2 fingers up my pussy I was getting finger fucked repeatedly by my black studs and man does he have big fingers . I started moaing and moaning louder and louder Then Uttered the un expected
I begged him to fuck me right there But then the elevator stopped on the 14th floor My hubby said lets go th the room
and we walked to the room We kissed while hubby is trying to open the door. Once we were inside the room We kissed more My stud pulled my skirt up and exposed my ass And reached for my pussy again from behind while hubby is filming So I wraped my right leg around his waist and that's when he reached with his 2 long fingers inside my pussy magain and started figer fucking me by the door while hubby is watching as he sat on a chair in the room

Then came the moment of truth.

I kissed him and was turned on so badly . My husband watched as one kiss led to another. His hands drifted to my tits and I let him squeeze and kneed them through the fabric of my dress. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me against him. I could feel his cock press through his pants and against my stomach. "It's so big." I said, and I meant it, it must have been at least twice as big as my husband's. I had heard stories, but I thought they were all bullshit. "I don't know if I can handle it all but I am going to try." I said as I reached down to undo his belt, my hands undid the snap of his jeans and then the zipper, which seemed to take a million years to unzip. Then I looked at my husband and then reached in, parting the snaps of his boxers; for the first time during our marriage I touched another man's cock, and it was also the first non-white cock I had ever held. Even semi-hard it was definitely bigger than my husband's. Now here was where I had to be careful, my husband, in all our black cock submission fantasies liked an element of humiliation, or cuckolding, but I did not want to take it too far. We sat on the couch across from hubby and started kissing and touching each other hE SPREAD MY LEGS AND RAN HIS HAND UP MY SKIRT TO MY PUSSY AND FINGER FUCKED ME AGAIN AND TASTED HIS FINGERS TELLING US HOW DELCIOUS i TASTED i IN TURN WRAPED MY LEFT LEG AROUND HIM AND REACHED FOR HIS COCK AND SAID

"Shit it's so big. I think it is bigger than yours huny ." I said as I stroked the black cock in my hand, surprised at its weight and thickness. I kissed my new lover deeply holding his cock up so it pressed against my THIGH. We kissed some more as I stroked his shaft. "You know honey I might not ever go back after trying this."

He reached down and put his hand up my dress fingering my pussy He then sneaked his fingers in so he touched my cervix directly. I could tell by my trembling knees that he was an expert at this sort of thing, and started to moan.

I told my husband to come over and help me off with my dress, he pulled it over my head, I told my husband to sit back down and kissed my lover deeply as he felt my tits. He unsnapped my bra freeing "my girls" up. He bent forward and lifted my left tit to his mouth and sucked on my nipple, then the right, My husband looked like he wanted to shoot his load right there and then

"Suck my tit harder, harder! Yeah!" I said as he fingered me. I came, . He then took off the black turtle neck sweater he was wearing revealing his buff chest and washboard abs. I pressed my tits against him, they flattened against his hard body as we kissed deeper, our tongues in each other's mouths. I licked his hard chest going lower and lower as I slowly sank to my knees. Coming in to this situation I had drawn limits but now I was way past them.

"Honey you want me to take this big black cock in my little mouth? Are you sure? I might like it better than yours. It is much bigger." I teased. He said he was sure.

I held it steady giving his cock head a loud kiss, then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took that horse sized shaft in. My husband as part of my "black" education showed me several adult films with white women and black men, and I knew I could not "deep-throat" this guy so I sucked him while I used my hands to jerk his shaft and cup his heavy balls. He did not seem to complain.

My husband looked like his cock was going to explode through his Pants, and in some way I found it very empowering. I decided to give him the biggest case of blue balls on the planet. I guided my stud to the couch and climbed on top of his lap facing my husband. It looked like I had sprouted a black cock of my own. I rubbed my pussy up and down his shaft, .

I turned around to face my black lover to be and kissed him as I bounced up and down on his shaft some more. Then I whispered something into his ear and he laughed a bit saying "yes."

I faced my husband. "You want me to take this big black cock into my pussy right?" My husband nodded. "Well the rule is no glove no love. So I am going to let him fuck me, maybe all night but you have to do two things.
First you will clean me up,
and second you will put the rubber on his dick. Understood?"
I said this as my husband hesitated, he wanted to protest,
and yet he could not; as this was part of the humiliation he liked in his fantasies.
My date motioned my husband to look in his jacket my husband pulled out two boxes of condoms, the type designed for the extra endowed men

Nervously he opened one package up and came towards us. At one point he stopped, the reality of the situation hitting him, hard.
I looked at him and told him if he did not come over here now I was still going to fuck this man, but in another hotel room, "Or better yet we are going to toss your sorry ass into the hall."

My husband saw the light and grasped the man's cock gingerly as he joked that my husband seemed to like that a bit too much, and rolled the rubber onto his cock. Even the extra sized one seemed to be too tight. He sat down on the couch and held his shaft up. I got on top facing my husband and positioned myself right over him. I lowered myself down onto his shaft. As his cock head stretched me out I knew things could never be the same again, I was taking another man's cock into my pussy. With almost a pop his head slid into me. I began to bounce up and down on his shaft. My nipples were so tight and stiff they felt like they were going to explode.

"Well is this what you wanted honey?" I asked my husband. He said "yes "If this rubber rips his cum is going to flood my pussy, and as you know I am off the pill." I could see the pre-cum stain in his pants. "Do you really want that? Maybe I should just rip it off and do him bareback. Do you want to see my stomach all swollen, my tits dripping milk from another man's seed?" He looked like he was going to pass out.

The man swung me around so I faced him he sucked my tits and kissed me deeply. Then he got up and with me still attached to him stood me up then we walked into the bedroom.Then he let me ride him as they always do after a while He laid me down on the bed spreading my legs wide then went down on me and proceeded to eat me out his tongue was so good this man knows how to please a woman I asked my husband if he was watching as I was screaming and moaning I said I think he should move in with us so I can fuck him every night and have you watch us , jack off then come clean me up
I thoght my husband was going to faint again

Now my lover got excited and got on top of me and proceeded to fuck me harder than I had ever been in my lifetime. When he busted his nut I thought security would be knocking on the door from our screaming. I summoned my husband over to us and had him remove the rubber and put it in the garbage. I turned to him and told him to strip.

I took my husband's cock and stroked it. "Seems a bit small now. But if it has staying power I might give it a chance latter. Here is the deal. If you don't cum within two minutes I'm going to let you jack off on your own Agree???

I stroked my husband's cock slowly. He fought to stay in control. "You know maybe I ought to go bareback. What do you think honey? Let him cum in my pus-" I could not even finish the second syllable and he exploded, I aimed it away from my body letting it land on the floor and later to our shock we found some had hit the wall.

"Now I indicated to my Husband to put a new rubber on my lover's cock, which had grown semi-hard. Joining the game he told my husband to stroke it hard so he could fuck me some more. My husband hesitated, but then did what he was told to.

"No, do it on your knees." He told him. Nervously, now "eye to eye" with my lover's cock he stoked the shaft. His own manhood fully stiff and My husband unrolled a new rubber onto my lover's cock. He looked down at my husband and told him to kiss it for good luck, the "it" in question being his cock head. I added in for him to do it. He gave the cock head the quickest of pecks as I lamented not having my camera available.

Then my lover had me get back on the bed and fucked me while I was on my hands and knees, dogy style. He took his time sometimes penetrating me deep, sometimes shallow, hard and fast, then slow. I yelled out how much I loved being fucked by a black man and how I wanted to rip the rubber off and be taken bareback by him.

He rolled me over onto my stomach, straddling me he tit fucked me as he played with my pussy. I pulled the rubber off and took his shaft into my mouth. He slid his cock back and forth as he simultaneously fucked my tits and mouth. When he came I swallowed his hot load as quick as I could gagging very little. I was tempted to kiss my husband but felt it was too much for him and instead went to the bathroom to gargle. I was actually getting into the whole "black fucking" thing a bit too much. I started to get turned on thinking of him cumming in me. I knew the risks, but I was so horny.

I went to my husband and took his shaft in my hand again and jerked him off a bit. I put my tits near his face and when he tried to suck on them I pulled them back saying they were only for black men, tonight, and maybe from now on. "Maybe I ought to take that naked cock in me, see how it feels."

I felt his cock start to twitch and slowed down on jerking him off. "Maybe I will make him pull out of me before he comes, and maybe not." I said teasing him. "Should I let that big black cock cum in me? After which he will own me. You don't want that? Do you?" He said he never wanted anything more. "Well I might do it, if you promise to clean my pussy out afterward, with your tongue." He said he would.

Maybe it was all the gambling but I wanted to take the risk. I took my black lover in my arms and kissed him deeply. Then we got on the bed. He rolled me onto my side and lying on his side behind me he entered me. It felt different without the rubber. He slowly fucked me for a full ten minutes, making me beg to take his seed into me, which I did. He playfully slapped my ass while he talked dirty to me.

Then he pulled out and got on top of me, pushing my legs nearly over my head he entered me in full control, fucking me deep and hard. I looked at my husband and told him I was going to take his load inside of me. "He is going to shoot his load into me. He is going to knock my pussy up." I yelled, "Cum inside of me, fill me up with your cum, please." When he came I could feel his hot spunk shoot deep inside of me, instinctively my pussy milked his cock. When he pulled out of me my husband came over to me. I told him to fuck me. He came within a minute. I had him lay down and sat on his face as he licked my pussy clean.

An hour later I kissed my black lover good night. My husband sheepishly asked if I thought that I might be pregnant, I told him I did not know.

For the next month I literally milked my husband dry with whether I could be pregnant by this black stud, making him cum like a horse. Even after I was sure that I wasn't I let him be in suspense for another few weeks, telling him how I'd leave him for the father of my black child if that was the case. I am thinking of another trip to Vegas for our next anniversary for next year, with an even bigger surprise for my husband,

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