Blake:BUT, OH WHAT A FEELING(revised by an helpful v9 member!!)
I could not help that my blood raged for excitement. I should not do the things that I sometimes do but it just feels nice. I could not imagine a day without a drink in my hand, a dick to ride, and doing something I should not. I would not call myself a bad person but I do some bad things sometimes and today was one of them.

The excitement fluttering in my chest would not stop. I finished the French manicure on my toenails. My marine was coming home! Well okay, he was not my marine he was Rosanne's marine, but he was mine first. I slipped my feet into some heels I have bought just for him, today.

I loved high heels that made my legs look amazing. I had given myself a fresh pedicure so my feet felt like butter. My legs were newly waxed and some tanning lotion gave them a glow.

The pink shoes looked amazing. They were see through pumps. The pink and white polka dots were precious and the red bow made it sexy. You could see my newly pedicure toes peeking through. I knew he would love them. I was humming with excitement as I dashed sprits of my sexiest perfume behind my ears.

Everything had lined up perfectly. Blake was coming home and the girl he was about to marry,
had to work today. I was flattered he chose to come straight to me. I smiled briefly before putting on my lipstick. He chose to come see me first because I was better.

I looked in the full-length mirror impressed with my look. It was too stupid really, to pay attention to my clothes since they would be coming off in a matter of time, but hey, I am a girly-girl. My white and pink polka dot panties went great with the shoes. There was real lace around the edges. He loved boy shorts because my ass looked bigger and they left the bottom of my ass cheeks uncovered. I bit my lip . . . I knew he was going to slap my ass and I could not wait.

My bra was a matching push up. My cleavage had looked fine but us small breasted woman have to go the extra mile. I took a little gold edible dust and dusted the plunge of my breast to draw attention to them. I hurried and pulled on my black wrap dress. I had forgotten the time. I left and got in my car to pick him up. The entire drive over, I was acutely aware of the ache between my legs . . . how I missed Blake's 7-inch dick . . . how I longed to be properly fucked.

When I arrived, I saw him waiting. He looked so handsome in his uniform. The brown shirt really emphasized his mullato skin and full pink lips. His uniform's masculine cut emphasized how much more broad his shoulder had gotten. The military had done this soldier well because
Blake was looking good to me. My pussy was starting to get wet. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

He was on the phone and I could tell he was giving some excuse to Rosanne--why he was not coming straight to her. However, the minute he saw me he told her bye and licked his lips. All I could do was smile and embrace him.

"Damn Shawty. You are looking good." He said spinning me around.

"Well, I couldn't come to welcome you home and put you to shame," I giggled. Looking around the room, I felt proud. All of the other marines' girlfriends or wives were here. I felt so proud he had chosen to come to me, and in front of the marines.

Kissing me on the lips, I felt his pent-up passion. No doubt remained. He had missed me.

"Now let's get out of here Private Johnson. I was given your orders to be ready to fuck you crazy when you got out. I am dripping over here." I said close to his ear.

"Yes Madame!" He smiled and picked up his bag.

Once we got back to my apartment, I showed him my bedroom as I shed my wrap dress. "I missed you so much daddy . . ."

I sat on his lap and kissed him passionately. I loved how his lips felt. I was feeling light headed just from that. He licked the edge of my bottom lip, as I liked. "I like it when you call me daddy."

"I like it when your dicks in me," I replied. With mock severity, I ordered him, "Prepare to disrobe. and get comfortable."

Carefully removing his uniform from him, I placed it in my closet. I turned to look at him naked on my bed. I walked over to him slow and sexy. One way or another he was going to pay attention to my hard work. I unhooked the bra knowing how he loved to see my breast. However, I knew never to take my heels off.

I kneeled before him. I kissed his rock hard stomach. His skin was warm against my lips. I gently kissed every inch of his dick. I took my time. He was begging me to put it in my mouth. I ignored him. I began to gently massage his balls as I kissed his inner thigh. I could see the first drop of precum drip from his dick. I bit my lip.

Continuing to massage his balls with one hand, I took the head of his hard dick in my mouth. He was precumming like crazy. I began to lightly suck. A moan escaped my throat. I had always loved the taste of him. I let more of him in my mouth. I could tell he was loving this.

I was so horny I could not wait anymore. I stood up and took off my panties. I put the tip of his dick into my dripping wet pussy. I could feel the heat coming from me. I bit my lip to keep my control.

Using my hip movements, I swirled the rest of his dick inside of me until his balls pushed against my pussy. I grinded on his dick moaning . . . loving the way it felt to have him so deep inside of me. He was grabbing my ass cheeks hard as he bit my neck. I loved him biting my neck hard and wanted him to draw blood from me. The more it hurt the more I loved it.

I began to slide up his dick making sure to keep my hips controlled and to move them in a circle to swirl my hips when I got to the top. He turned me over on the bed. I licked my top lip. I knew he was about to hit it from the back. I felt my juices sliding down my legs.

I felt his hard dick slide into my pussy. It felt so tight. He put a hand on my shoulder as he began to glide smoothly in and out of me. I was barely able to contain myself. My legs were shaking.

Then he started going harder and harder. I moved with him wanting him deeper. I was screaming and moaning. It just felt too good. I began to rub my clit to make it feel even better. I could hear our bodies coming together. He began to spank me like I like it.

I moved even faster and harder against him. I felt my body becoming tense. I screamed as he kissed my shoulder and I came. I felt his warmth gushing into me. I was breathless. I collapsed on the bed. My body was pouring sweat. He moved on top of me.

I held on to him as he entered me again. I was moaning as his dick slid in me. My pussy was so swollen and sensitive. Every movement felt amplified. He moved deep in me. I kissed his neck holding him tightly.

He went faster and faster until he pushed my legs wide open and he was just pumping in and out. I was in blind passion. I felt like my vision was blocked. I came again and lost my breath, then moaned as I came again. I felt more of his warmth spill into me as he collapsed on top of me the sweat from his body mixing with mine. I was light headed. But, oh what a feeling!

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