Blind Date
My friend Charlie called me and asked me what I was doing tonight? I said I had no plans, what's up. He said he had a hot date tonight and had a problem. They were going to the club tonight for a few drinks. So what's the problem, I said. She is going to bring her roommate along and I was wondering if you would like to join us. What's she look like? Nice, you'll like her. Ok Pal, but if she is a skank, your on your own. Great, meet us at eight o'clock at the club.

All day long I thought, what did I get myself into. I arrived at the club and found Charlie with the two girls. I assumed that the one with her back to me was to be my date. Charlie started to introduce her when I said, Polly. She started laughing and told Charlie that we knew each other from a long time ago.

When I got home from the service, before I went to college I took a part time job at the local hospital. I was going out with one of the student nurses at the time so I got to know all the other student nurses in her class. As it turned out my girl friend and Polly were roommates. Every time I would pick my friend up Polly would flirt with me jokingly.

We hugged and I said to her its been awhile, you look terrific. She had a black dress on with a low cut front so she showed a little cleavage that immediately got my attention. She thanked me and said that I looked well also.

We had a couple of drinks and laughs and was having a good time. There was a small trio playing some jazz. Polly asked me if I danced. I said maybe a slow one. She said this is slow enough, come on. The dance floor was crowded so we kind of moved to a far corner of the room. The next thing I knew Polly was rubbing against me and I was starting to get hard. She noticed and said I think I have your attention. You definetely do, I said Do you want to get out of here? Later, she said. I am not going back to the apartment. Will you give me a ride to my parents house? Sure, where do they live? Out in the country about 10 miles out of town. Do you know where Cork Road is? Its really out in the boonies.

We danced some more and had a few drinks and was having a good time. I noticed people starting to leave and I wondered where everyone was going. I asked a guy whats going on? He said we are having a snow storm and its suppose to get real bad. Polly said we better go, they don't even plow my parents road. We said out goodbyes and left. There was about four inches of snow on the ground already. We didn't have any boots on and it was slippery. Which car is yours? I have that pickup, I said. I opened the door for her and she said start it up before you brush the snow off it. I went around to the drivers side and got in. Polly was immediately in my arms. We started kissing and suddehly I was feeling her nice tits. I had a raging hardon as she rubbed my cock through my pants. I ran my hand up under her dress, no panties, she was sopping wet. I slid my finger into her cunt she moaned and tried to unbuckle my belt, I helped her, she unzipped my fly and pulled my big boner out of my shorts. OMG she said, It's so big. She squeezed it and started to jerk it. I was ready to explode. She leaned over and put it in her mouth and started sucking me off. I was on the edge, I was going to cum. She sucked me harder and then deeper. I couldn't stop I shot a giant load of cum in her throat. She swallowed it. She came up and kissed me. My cock was still rock hard. She hiked her dress. I rolled her on her back on the front seat and proceeded to slide my big cock into her juicy cunt. We fucked and we both came. By now, my windows were all clear and we were the only car in the parking lot.

I started to pull my pants up and Polly slid back over grabbed my cock and said leave it out we are not done yet. I started driving thorugh town the snow was getting deeper and my cock was rock hard again. I pulled over to the curb. We were right in the center of town. Polly had unbuttoned her dress and took off her bra. She had nice tits, not huge but big enough. She pulled my head down and I started to suck on her nipples she went wild. Ooooh Baby fuck me again. I didn't need any encouragement, She slid down arched her back and I slid my big cock deep into her sopping cunt. We fucked and fucked both cumming multiple times.

I started driving again. I was getting a little weary. It was really snowing now. We now have over a foot of snow. The roads are getting bad. I followed a snow plow out of town so it wasn't to bad. Polly was close to me. She started rubbing my leg again. She said we are coming to Cork Road. I slowed down to make the turn. The road had not been touched. I started slowly down the road. We passed a farm house, suddenly the truck started to skid. We slid into a ditch. We were both ok but no way were we going to get out of the ditch. I looked at Polly and asked if she was alright. She was because she had slid over against me. She kissed me. I said what do we do now? She grabbed my cock and said keep warm. The next thing I knew I was sliding my big cock deep into her pussy. We fucked and fucked and fucked some more. I was totally spent. I had nothing left. The truck stalled and I couldn't get it started. We decided to walk to the farm house and see if he could tow us out.

We banged on the door and waited. Suddenly a light went on. A elderly lady opened the door. She recognized Polly immediately. What's the matter dear? Polly said that we went off the road could Mr. Kelly pull us out? She said he would in the morning. Come in you can stay in the living room until morning. I'll get some blankets. The living room had couch and a recliner. Polly took the couch and I the recliner. Mrs. Kelly said we'll have breakfast and Sam will pull the vehicle out of the ditch. Sam will take you Polly up to your house. Young man you better go back to the main road before you get stuck again. It will have stopped snowing by then. She asked if we were comfortable and if we were she would say good night and see us in the morning.

The lights were not off five minutes when Polly was in the chair on top of me trying to get my cock out of my pants. Shhh I said they will hear you. Get undressed she said, I want to see all of you. She pulled my pants off. She pulled my shorts down, before I knew it we were both naked on the couch. I laid down and Polly lay on top of me upside down. I realized what she wanted to do. She slid her wet cunt to my mouth. I licked her pussy nibbled on her clit. She ground her pussy to my mouth. Meanwhile My cock was up again. She started sucking my cock while I ate her pussy. I fucked her again. It seemed like forever before I came. I said no more tonight she laughed and said we'll see.

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