By: Sassy Sue

I was typing on my computer when he sat next to me and started teasing me. He slowly ran his hand down my neck to my breast, reaching under my shirt to tease my nipples. My breath caught as I asked him if he wished to use his Pet. He shook his head and told me to finish my work. I turned back to my computer, trying to concentrate on my work despite his rough fingers rolling and twisting my now hard nipples.

Typing as fast as I could as he started to lick and bite my neck and my body shook in desire. I moaned softly as he bit hard right above my collarbone and pinched my nipple, giving me the perfect balance of pleasure and pain. I finished my email and slowly shut my computer, my breath now slightly uneven. He stroked my neck and asked if that was all the work I had for the day. I nodded slowly and turned towards him, already wet in anticipation. He kissed my lips softly and told me to close my eyes. With great joy, I gladly do his bidding. Gasping slightly in surprise, I felt him tie a blindfold over my eyes. Helping me to my feet and leading me to the bed, and sitting me on the edge.

Slowly sliding my shirt over my head, kissing his way up my stomach and his touch is making me quiver. His firm lips continuing to trace my curves as he slides the straps of my bra off and tossing it aside, exposing my supple C-cup breasts. He slowly licks over my nipples, making me moan serenely. As soon as the moan escaped my lips, his hand settles on my throat, not choking me but enough pressure to force my chin upward. He attacks my nipples with his tongue and teeth, making me whimper and moan.

Suddenly he stops and removes his hands from my body. I listen closely, trying to hear what He was doing, when I heard his pants hit the floor. Without warning, he pushes me back onto the bed and tears my pants off, following quickly by my now shredded pink lace panties. Gasping as he plunges his thick, hard cock deep into my already drooling pussy and then he pauses a moment, letting me enjoy the feel of his cock entering my pussy. He pins my arms down and I moan loudly as he thrusts his huge cock into my pussy relentlessly. He rasps, telling me to take it all like the good cock-slut that I am. He knows I love it when he is rough and calls me names. Moaning and writhing he moves his hands to my ankles, spreading my legs wide. He thrusts harder, deeper, making me scream with lustful pleasure as orgasm after orgasm racks my body. He growls, telling me he is going to cum all over my beautiful slutty face. Groaning I beg him to cover my face with his cum. He pulls his pulsating cock out of my pussy and grabbing a handful of my hair to pulls my head up as he sprays his thick, hot cum all over my face and neck.

I moaning again as some cum shoots in my mouth and I swallowed it greedily. He grunts and lets my head fall back. I lay panting as he wipes the cum off my face and removes the blindfold. Kissing me gently and brushes my hair back as I thank him for his gift.
Smiling softly as he pulls me onto his chest and says, "Your welcome my Pet."

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