Blushing boy
James was a cock-whore. Not just because he sucked a lot of cocks, which he did. But because he enjoyed sucking them. He slurped and sucked cocks on a daily basis. To see him with his pouty lips wrapped around a cock savoring the cock was fucking entertaining. He would engage in tip-play before he would slowly slide the cock deep in his throat. He would hollow his cheeks and roll his eyes in enjoyment when he had a cock in his mouth. He loved sucking cocks so damn much. James was a sissy. I had made him a sissy by dressing him in panties and a cheerleading uniform. He was so adorable as a cheerleader. Me and my friends would smack his little ass with our sorority paddle. He got spanked hard and often. You could say that we rocked his fucking world. I remember pounding his ass with my paddle, each firm swat pushing him deeper on the cock he was sucking. James did such intense deep throating.

After the guy would explode his cum into James' mouth, he would swallow every drop. What a cum-slut. He was then required to sit on the floor and bounce on his butt. We would laugh and laugh as he bounced on his butt, kicking his feet and blushing in humiliation. He would grunt and moan about how embarrassed he felt. And we would laugh at the sissy as he made his butt good and sore. Then, it was time for him to get his cheerleading ass up off the floor and sucking another cock. I remember so many times that James would have a guy just grab his head and pump his face so hard and face. He had so many cocks rocket down his throat, it was obvious to everyone that he totally loved having cocks in his mouth. He would just blush and us girls would laugh. He was the cutest cock-gobbling cheerleaders ever. Every damn day, James would bob on cock while his little panties were pounded by my big mean paddle. He would gulp down cum like the slut he is and bounce on his butt until the next cock was ready for him. James the cock-gobbling cumslut was so entertaining.
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