BodyGuard extended story
Since I can remember I have always had an idea of what I wanted for my life. Performing was and still is the dream I have seen for myself. I would sit in the bathroom and give my little interviews to my curious fans. Keeping me safe was my head of security. And of course he was this big, strong, handsome, professional body guard. In my daydreams he was always my man as well.

The perfect situation. My man doing what he does best, to help me do what I do. Yes, I had dreams. Sexy, alluring dreams that I wasn't sure how to make come true. Working at an ice cream shop and going to school wasn't going to make that dream come true.

One evening after dinner I decided to go online and meet some new friends to pass the time. I found a site, registered and logged in. Met a few people that night, that helped me waste the night away. Did that every night for a few months. Chatting and having a good time.

As time passed some of my friends became my playmates as well. Sitting in front of my cam rubbing my pussy till I saw them cum. It was fun, lots of fun. Seeing their hard dicks in their hands being stroked hard enough to make the mushroom heads ooze with precum. I loved the attention I was getting. They seem to enjoy it as well.

I was at work when I got an email update from the site. It was a new friend request. I always
chatted at least once with any new people that wanted to be friends. You never know who you will meet. I will be sure to send him a reply when I got home.

Right when I walked in the door I powered up my PC. Then pulled up the site I have been spending so much time on. I read the friendly email and sent my reply. I saw some of my friends in the chat room and joined them. Cam on and the playing began. My nipples were hard showing through my t shirt and they always loved that. We continued what we were doing the day before. Talking and seeing which clothes came off.

Another good night on the site. I took my shower, cleaning off all the cum from my releases. Dried off and climbed into bed.
The next morning, I woke to find that the reply I sent had been answered. I had to find out what was in it. I hit the button on the PC as I went into the bathroom to do my morning routine.

Grabbing the PC I headed to the kitchen to get my coffee and breakfast going. Setting the netbook down on the table, I called up my bookmarks. I logged in and read my emails. Most were thanks for a good time the night before. I sent my usual replies and got to the email I wanted to read. The member name was Jackson. It said the he thought I was sexy and he wanted to get to know more about me. I figured what was one more friend. So my reply was short and sweet, sure we could chat.

After breakfast and a quick clean up it was off to open the shop. All day I was ready to go home and hang out with my friends. I was getting addicted to the attention, some kind of sex junkie. So I decided to take the night off.
I watched a movie and read a book instead. Laying in bed I was proud of myself for being able to be offline at least one night. But, I did miss the feeling of the release and watching them stroke those rock hard dick for me.

That's all it took. I was rubbing my big breasts together, the nipples hardening as I rubbed. The touch from my tongue made them harden quicker. Sucking on one and then the other was giving me a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach and making my legs spread. It wasn't long till my fingers found their way to my very swollen clit. Oh man I loved that feeling. My hips moved to added to the pleasure.

I came over and over. On my toys and fingers, sucking it off both. I do enjoy the taste of my cum, the only thing missing was the heat from a thick long dick pumping into me slow and then hard. Fast and hard is always good. I cleaned up a bit, then went to bed.

Today was my day off, nothing to do today but up clean the house and hit the site. I got everything done, powered up and logged on. I was missed, how great! I had several emails asking what was up. This was really going to feed my addiction. I sent my friends a reply saying that I would be on tonight. The other email was from Jackson. He asked how my day was and that he wanted to say hi smilely face.

I replied, saying all was well and that I hope he was having a good day too. He didn't act like my other friends. They we're all quick to want to play. He hadn't asked once. But, I didn't mind that. Some people take their time to warm up to people. At least he seems nice.
I logged off till later when my friends would be on and ready to play.

The day passed quickly, I was so ready for the attention. I grabbed some chocolate coated almonds and some water. Setting up for my evening's fun. I logged in, the attention was immediate. Lots of hello's and happy to see you's. We started our small talk, getting what I missed out on yesterday. A little box appeared at the bottom of the screen, Jackson was online.

I sent him a instant message with a smiley face and a how are you. I got a reply instantly,"Hi, how are you tonight?" I told him fine. Glad we have a chance to chat. Asked how his day had been. He replied he had a long day, but was glad to have sometime to make a new friend. That gave me a smile. I spent the rest of the night sending messages back and forth with Jackson. We talked about everything from things we like and hated, Favorite movies, music, and jobs we held.

Working at the ice cream shop wasn't very exciting, but I liked hearing how he trained people in martial arts. He allowed me to control the conversation. I liked that, I felt that he wanted to learn more then what turned me on. But, I wanted to know what his idea of the perfect woman was. I'm no barbie doll, I have meat on my bones. In all the right places of course. That got a laugh from him and the comment, I bet you do.

We left it at that and decided to chat again tomorrow. As I signed off, I realized I had been so caught up in the talking that sex wasn't apart of. I brushed my teeth and headed to bed. I drifted off with no problem.

The dream I had was all about sex. Sex with Jackson. He had total control of me. Bending me over, taking me from behind, making me ride him ,forward and cowgirl, holding my ankles as he pumped that thick hard erection as deep as he could. I woke up, panting and soaking wet. It was as if I could feel him with me. Feeling those muscular thighs working to thrust into my wide open pussy.

The next morning I was in the best mood. It was all I could do to stop from smiling. Thoughts of that dream kept running through my mind. His hands touching and guiding me into the position he wanted me in next. His mouth finding all the spots that made me moan. I couldn't wait for my shift to end, I wanted to see if Jackson was online.

Once I reached home, the pc was powered up. As I logged on I was glad to see him online. I sent him a message that said, "Hey I had a great dream about you". "Really", he replied. " What was it about?" he asked. I thought for a moment and told him about every sex act and that it was the best I had ever had in a dream.

Me being the flirt I am, I wanted to know if he could deliver what I had dreamed about. The reply I got was one I didn't see coming. He said he had been thinking about that since we started our chats. I asked why he didn't say anything. He says he wanted me feel the same. We are going to have to find out if we can live up to that dream, I told him. He laughed and agreed.

We chatted a bit more make plans to meet. He told me his plans for the next few evenings were taken. I had to ask. What are your plans if you don't mind me asking. I have a new position as a bodyguard.
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