Bond Falls
Driving north, over Michigan's, The Mighty Mac - or just Da Bridge, as referred to by the locals - spring is in the air and the earth is awakening. The Upper Peninsula is covered with dense forests and the fragrance fills the car. Small villages, merely scattered across the peninsula, are surrounded by various species of pines and evergreens; along with maple, oak, elm and birch trees. Hundreds of waterfalls are dispersed throughout the terrain in an endless system of rivers and streams. The Porcupine Mountains call in a symphony of blowing leaves and crashing water. Sandra smiles at Tom from the passenger seat, feeling a tingle run up her spine as they draw nearer to Bond Falls.

Surprisingly, the park is not crowded for the season. They work together to set up the camp and decide to hike out to the falls not far from there. Sandra scurries through the luggage, assembling their pack. It includes the typical precautionary measures: water, energy bars, first aid kit, maps, strawberry nipple arousal gel, a knife, some matches and a compass. A smirk crosses his lips and he stares at her with a strange look on his face. His thick, dark eyebrows furrow his forehead.

Returning the wry smile, "What is the matter Tom?" He merely shakes his head and even his glowing, Indian skin turns a bit red. She tosses the pack in his direction and winks at him as they head out on the trail, enveloped by the peace and tranquility of nature around them.

Lusty eyes caress her body, noticing the tan shorts that are not short enough and the light blue chambray shirt accentuating her ample bust. A somewhat comical straw cowboy hat with an orange daisy in the band, crowns a tangle of chestnut waves. Expressive eyes meet his approving gaze and painted lips produce a lopsided grin.

"Please do not be put off by my pale legs. It is early in the season and I've been far too busy to get some sun. Besides, if a bear shows his face, I can easily defeat him with a lift of my shorts, blinding him instantly!" An alabaster leg is revealed as she extends her limb and thrusts her hip out dramatically; a weapon of unmatchable potency.

"Okay, come on bear slayer. Let's see if we can get those gorgeous curves of yours some sun today."

Rugged but tight blue jeans show off a masculine six foot form. A gray cotton t-shirt spans his taut chest, fueling her desire for him to wrap his strong arms around her.

A manicured hand fans her face, "Hmmm. Does it feel warm out here to you?"

"It's only 74 degrees out here."

", perhaps it's just me then." Her face flush, desire turns her nipples into stiff peaks.

They walk the trail, enjoying the scent of the trees, the feel of the sun warming their skin. A strong arm reaches out, pulling her to his side. A Broad-winged Hawk calls out overhead, pestered by a Carolina Chickadee; their symbiotic relationship is elegant, like most relationships. To survive one must take risks, without such risk life is stagnant, and an organism will wither like a flower in the desert.

The sound of rushing white water in the distance, they continue their hike. Every few yards Sandra releases a button on her shirt. One button reveals her cleavage misted in the days humidity. Two buttons reveal the front clasp of her blue lace underwire. Three buttons gives Tom a peek at her lace cup and torso. Four buttons reveals a promise of warm sun, cool water and hot skin. Five buttons releases the garment and reveals a deep navel.

"Hmmm," a sigh escapes his lips. Tom is not lost in the art and sensuality of this display.

He peels his gray tee over his head and flings it over his shoulder, leaving it behind them on the trail. A gorgeous patch of hair covers his broad expanse. Her fingers itch to trail down the dark hair and circle his navel below. She shrugs her shirt from her shoulders, letting the breeze take it before it floats to the ground.

The call of The Ontoganon River before them, Tom drops the pack beside the rushing water. Eyes meet and lips curl as they kick off their hiking boots and strip off their socks. They each unfasten their pants, dropping them to the ground. Sandra reveals a blue lace thong and stares through his pair of gray boxers to the firm erection beneath. Thick, waggling eyebrows convey enough to release wet heat on her panties.

She meanders over to the water's edge and his eyes burn her skin. The feeling titillates and puts a little "giddy-up" in her step as she sways her hips. A saucy look over her shoulder, that ridiculous hat still perched upon her brow. He strokes his shaft right through his boxers.

An evil grin overtakes her face as she dives into the deeper water, swimming out to the middle of the stream. "Mmmm," He watches her swim out, her fair ass breaking the water's surface occasionally. The middle of the stream just covers her breasts, as she stands, wringing out her curls.

Not wanting to be outdone, Tom dives in quickly and front crawls after her. She smiles, admiring his powerful strokes, as if the water was bowing and parting just for him. "Had I known you hated that clothing so much, we could have brought others."

"Well I do enjoy nature, and what is more natural than this?" She unhooks her lace creation, pulling it back off her shoulders and lets the river take it. Her pale, soft skin curves into large full breasts and tight, pink nipples are revealed with every wave in the current. Sinking under the water, she soon surfaces with her thong in her hand, and sends that too, on a journey of discovery to meet its mate downstream.

A mischievous twinkle shows in his dark orbs. He pushes his boxers down off his waist and pulls them from his feet. Strong, dark arms circle her waist and pull their bodies together - a warm crevice and a firm desire between them.

"Aren't the falls beautiful?" she looks at him, reveling in his eyes.

"Uh huh," is the most response she receives.

"Don't you want to look at the falls?"

He kisses her chin, her jaw, trailing hot kisses down her neck. "Not even a little bit" murmuring against her skin.

Her arms wrap around his neck, one hand in his hair, the other on his back. A slow wet kiss draws them to one another. Standing on tiptoe, leaning against him; her feet sink into the sandy river bottom. "Mmmm," Tom reaches for those curves and parts her mouth with his tongue, feeling the water current rising and falling gently between them to cover and uncover that taut, puckering flesh upon her chest.

The kiss grows stronger, more forceful and Tom places his hand against her soft chest, hardening her peaks further. Gentle fingers tickle her mound, rubbing softly and delving in between her lips. Her knees betray those soft, pale legs while fingers trail down masculine chest curls. A tentative finger traces over the top of his shaft, reaching the tip.

"Mmmmm" he moans with an instinctive thrust. A wide smile plays upon her lips and delicate fingers take him fully in hand, stroking him softly and slowly. Desire flares for them both, fervently increasing both pace and pressure.

Greedy hands lift her against his straining pole, hard and throbbing between their stomachs, and her legs wrap around his waist, rocking her creamy pool against him. Kisses symbolize need. He thrusts his tongue between her lips and she envelops it, sucking and taking it in further. Their hips grind, making dry love under water.

Caressing, grinding and kissing their way towards the bank, she slowly descends from his silken member. "Mmmnn," A whimper escapes her lips, not wanting to break contact with him so soon.

On the bank, rummaging through the pack, she finds the strawberry nipple arousal gel. Tom stands near the river, staring at her body in the mid-afternoon sun. Eyes lock while a delicate hand massages the flavored gel on her nipples, breasts, and traces a line with it down in to her navel, ending just above her clit. He stands there, staring at her seduction, speechless while she reclines on her elbows, face to the sun; an offering for sacrifice.

Tom strides over to her, his dick swinging free in the breeze. Planted knees rest between silken thighs, kissing her lips and caressing her face. Lips move slowly down her neck, kissing her skin and licking a patch here and there.

"Oh Tom," moaning, like the words are a secret incantation. He takes her taut breast in his mouth savoring the mix of her, the river water and the candied flavor on his tongue. It tingles both skin and taste buds, every circle of his tongue amplified every touch of his fingers, electric. He kisses and caresses every square inch of her chest, leaving not a patch of skin untried. A hungry mouth follows the trail of gel down her abdomen. Tongue penetrates navel, thrusting in and out repeatedly. The cool air blows across wet skin and her eyes grow wider.

"Ahh," like a song caught in her throat.
Tom tastes his way down, kissing her outer lips, softly and delicately, his warm breath excites her skin. "Mmmm, Sandra, you taste so good." Wanton tongue persuades the cleft to part, teasing as she writhes underneath of him. Breathing purposefully, she fights to keep wild legs from wrapping around his head.

An intense bundle of nerves cries out to be enveloped by his mouth. He flicks his tongue across it then sucks and licks her treasure. Her nails dig into the earth, her body experiencing new heights. Waves of pleasure build up, centered in her core. His fingers dance into the depths, stroking upward fast and hard, yielding joyous symphonies of pleasure. She rides the waves as they come. "Ohhh god, Tom. Yes. God I want you...." He moans between her lips sending vibrations through her clit that ends in an explosion of body and soul.

Her hips thrust and her legs quake. Her desire clenches down on his fingers and spasms rock her body. He continues his ministrations to her womanhood and something akin to aftershocks erupt from her one after another. The shaking subsides and the world comes back into focus.
A smile spreads across her lips and she looks down, seeing that it is him smiling against her. Overcome with this man, she sits up, and pulls his face to hers, tasting herself on his tongue. "Mmmm," half groan and half whimper escape her lips, sucking her juices from his chin, cheeks, nose, and mouth. Her tongue enters him and explores thoroughly. Lust tastes every inch of this cavern, reminiscent of strawberry and glory.

They tumble onto the grass, her pussy still constricting from the explosion. Hard peaks brush his moist skin. Crawling nearer to kiss and explore, a pulse beats under her pursed lips. Tongue darting out over his warm, dark shoulder, she takes his collar bone between her teeth and bites down gently. "Oh fuck! Sandra."

She explores his chest and pulls hairs between her teeth, feeling his skin erupt in goose flesh. Lower still to explore his navel, circling and tasting her way down to his hips. Her pendulums brush his hot skin. Embracing his knee, she licks the entire length of his inner thigh, and then attention is turned to his sweet plums, ripe and fragrant. Her lips consume one, sucking and pulling, as her teeth graze his flesh, teasing and tasting.

A broad tongue strokes up to the base, over the shaft and circles the head. Tom looks down at her, his mouth agape, reduced to guttural moans and grunts. Her ravenous mouth seizes the head, sucking and pulling at him. His gems are a ball of putty in her hands, while stroking the perineum beneath. A red, painted mouth slowly lowers down to the base, closing over him as he penetrates her throat. A moan escapes her hungry lips, reverberating over his steel.

"Mmmm, Sandra."

She strokes him, sucking and caressing his member until conscious thought is an incoherent dream - long, fast strokes over his rod, sucking and caressing.

Suddenly, Tom stands and grabs her by her shoulders, pulling her to her feet. Tongues embrace under the warm sun. He pushes her back across the green expanse, kissing her hard and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Her back finds the harsh surface of a large elm tree, the canopy of leaves shading their tryst.

Clinging to one another, hungry and needing to be satiated, they grasp each other roughly, every fiber and every cell. She wraps her right leg around his hip, wanting him to take her, her pussy so wet and dripping, sultry, musky, and sweet. "Oh, yes, Tom!"

Pushed upwards, back against the tree, her left leg finds its home around his waist, ankles locking. Bark bites her back. The feel of smooth skin in front and rough bark behind her is invigorating. Sandra's hands find a low hanging branch, pulling up and down to meet each thrust of his cock.

"Oh god, Tom!" Eyes open wide as another wave of pleasure comes over her. Groping for the branch, her left hand holds the back of his neck. Her body quakes at the joy and spasms that rock her. "Aaaah, yeah, babe!" Body swept away on yet another soul cleansing wave of shivering, shaking bliss. "Fuck, Tom. Yes!" The thrusting slows as he possesses her lips feeling her internal contractions against him.
They part lips, thrusting harder. Grunts and groans escape his throat, staring at her orgasmic skin, red and dewy. Holding her eyes in his, his lip curls as thrusting is more urgent, more consuming. Teeth bore, "mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm," he breathes into every plunge. Muscles contract around him with every drive. Her back is raw and rough from the bark. Breasts bounce and hips strain within this natural cabana.

Reading each other, he throws her on the ground and she raises to her knees, smiling over her shoulder at him, a "woof," forms between clenched teeth. Tom perched at her opening, he thrusts in hard.

"Ooh," a delightful look of surprise spreads across her face. She reaches back and grabs his velvet orbs in her hand, massaging his seed. His face is contorted in delicious pleasure while skin and bone collide.
Bark falls and scratches burn, her skin aglow in a composition of pain and pleasure. The aperture of bliss constricts and releases around him, meeting his rhythm.

"Oh baby, yes Sandra. It's so wet, so tight."
Thrusting hard and fast, the awakening is revived and another eruption of electricity courses beneath her skin. "Aaahhh!" The wave ebbs and she is craving more. She straightens her body and leans her head against his shoulder, her back arched; his left hand cups her breast while the other finds her pearl.
"Oh, Tom! You are a dream!"

Snarls and grunts persist, "mmm, mmm, mmm." He rams her hard, breathing her name, "Sandra." He grazes her shoulder with his teeth then bites into her muscle.

She breaks their bond and turns to him kissing him hard on the mouth, tumbling down on top of him. Grabbing him roughly by the thighs, she pulls him closer, then crawls over his form, feeling their breath on one another; warm, wanton, and wild. His grin mesmerizes her for a moment while he grabs her ass and gives her a quick thrust, plunging deep into her crease.

"Oh! Mmmm." Tits bounce hard, stroking his silken shaft. Desire wells up within. His jaw drops and balls tighten, feeling the moment is at hand.

The power struggle continues, bracing his feet on the grass, he rolls her over. Her legs are a vice around his waist. Tight and heavy, an eruption comes from within, moaning and screaming out, "Sandra. Sandra, Uhh!" The surge within releases and he bares his teeth, snorting like a stallion taking a prized mare. The look in his eyes is both scary and delightful. Lips meet while thrusting hard and fast, he releases liquid fire, filling her completely.

"Mmmmm," moans reverberate in the kiss. Arms clinging and lips part, his elation is at hand. "Uhhhhh!" a mixture of moan and scream erupt from him as the last drop frees itself.

Eyes meet, and soft fingers brush back his hair. Part groan and part whimper fills her throat. Bliss is the feeling of a leg wrapped waist. Stroking and clenching, souls bared, their lips meet in a hard kiss that melts into tenderness. Breath comes back, hearts beat slower, they lay in a sweaty, dirty mass of limbs and bodies.

Tom glances toward the falls and then he meets her gaze. "Yes," sighing, "I suppose the falls are beautiful too."
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