Bonnie and I graduated together from high school, and I had not heard from her for a very long time. Bonnie's most treasured asset was her breasts. They were big, firm and looked delicious. I always admired them in the shower after gym class. She called to ask a favor me. For her fifteenth anniversary, she wanted to give her husband pictures of her tits before she lost the firmness that was bound to happen. She asked me if I would take the pictures, as she did not want to go to a professional photographer. Of course, I agreed.

I arrived at her house with my camera and a few reflectors. Bonnie met me at the door in a two piece see through outfit, a top, and a teddy type undergarment. She looked outstanding. Hints of nipple could be seen along with her neatly trimmed pussy. She said she did not want any pictures of her hair down there. I agreed, but I knew damn well I would be looking at it. She took off the top and stood there in the teddy. I took a few pictures to get the right lighting and exposure. Standing in front of me like that seem to bother her, but at the gym, a lot of gals nude with showers blasting. After I took a few more shots, I asked her if she was ready to take off the teddy. She said nothing and slipped off the teddy and put it over a chair. When she did, she turned, and I got to see that big beautiful ass of hers. Turning back, there they were, those gorgeous tits of hers, looking for better than they did in high school. I guess a few children helped with that. I kept taking shots watching those boobs sway with her movements. I said, "I would expect your nipples to be a more pronounce with the coolness of the room." She replied, "They usually do."

I pulled a lens brush out of my case and said, "Let me help." I moved the soft brush over her nipple and not much happened, except her little whimper. I said, "Let me try this." I leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it. That did the trick in nipple hardness and the loudness of the whimper. I immediately took care of her other nipple. She said, "Damn you, you are making me hot doing that." I back away from her saying, "Sorry." It gave me a chance to see her full figure body, and she looked great. The bush on her mound was trimmed perfectly. I asked her, "Do you ever go bare there?"

"No Steve likes it this way, so I keep it that way."

"Well, it does look good on you. You do look sexy!"

"Oh come on, I am not sexy by any stretch of the imagination."

"I will argue that with you anytime."

I kissed her.

"You fucker. Am I turning you on?"

"Yes, very much so!"

"I would like to see if you still have that high school body. Would you take your clothes off from me?"

I put the camera down, and carefully removed my clothes, as I watched her eyes devour me. I was sure she was turned on as much as I was. She came to me, put her arms around me and kissed me with a passion that I did not expect. After I started fondling her tits, she did the same to me. She sat down on the couch and pulled me to her and starting kissing my mound. "I like it bare and wish Steve liked it that way, " she stammered. I took her hand and pulled her to the floor. She laid there quietly as I spread her legs apart. I began the slow ritual of tongue lapping her hairy pussy. I enjoyed her taste. Sucking her big clit into my mouth with small tantalizing draws, she came with a long wail of satisfaction. After the small jolts of her body, she proclaimed, "I wanted you to do that ever since high school! I used to go into the ladies room and get myself off thinking of you." I told her, "You are one hot bitch!" We cuddled for awhile, kissing when we felt like it. As the time for Steve to make his way home, I dressed, picked up my equipment and left.

I never saw the pictures because she sent them to one of those guys who develop and print anything and never showed them to me. We never made love again, but I will not forget my exciting afternoon...
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