Some say that your first love is the hardest to overcome. Although I can't say this about everyone....for myself I found this to be true. I was 16 when I met Jonathan for the first time. All i can remember about that day was me walking into the calssroom...not knowing what to expect. But there he was, with those penetrating eyes. Staring at me like we had known eachother for a lifetime. Eventually we began to talk, and i realized that perhaps love was something you could find at any age. Whether it be 100 years old or ten.....who were we to judge.
But what I remember the most were the days that we layed in his broken down flower child volks wagon. We had spent countless hours talking about philsophy...about why man needed a god to beleive in or why beleifs could be turned into a gruesome war. But what made these times memorable were the taste of his breath on my lips. The way he caressed my face, staring into my soul....knowing what I wanted. I layed there as he played with me. Making my body into his instrument. an instrument that wanted to be stroked and loved. "I love you so much." He would whisper into my ear. It was at those moments that I would weild my body to him. Releasing myself from fear and rejection....letting him explore me...even know me in no way any other man had known me before. He kissed me as he undid my bra, releasing my breasts. I felt no shame letting him see me in my natural form...because that was what our love was....natural. He next took of my pants followed by my underwear, staring at the peice of me that wnated him so badly to enter. He then took off his own clothes, revealing the beautifully hard cock that was always there wating for me to fondle or suck on. I knealt on the old leathery chairs and received him in my mouth. Tasting the wonderfully sweet juices that he would realese as i bobbed my head up and down. I sucked on his balls as he let out an orgasomic cry. He threw
me down and spread my legs open satring at my wet pussy. He sucked on my own juices....tasting me even enjoying me. I could feel his fleshy tounge sucking on my me the pleasure that i had given to him earlier. "You taste so good baby." he would say, smiling at me with the mischevious smile that made me melt everytime. "I want you to fuck me hard!" I would say. He grabbed my hips and swiveled them towards him. He entered me forcefully. His thruts were like a hammer, banging into me as I scrathed his back, leaving my imprints on him. But this wasn't enough for me. I pinned him down, changing the position. I rode him, taking in all the juices he had to offer. I could feel the pleasure through every inch of my body, through my very bones. I kissed him as he let me ride him, thrusting my tounge into his mouth. He flipped me over, arching my back, my pussy facing his pulsating cock. He took me in doggy style. I could feel his shaft rubbing my g-spot...inducing a squirting orgasm. I couldn't hold it any longer and I came all over the leather carseats. My cries made him hotter and he thrusted harder into me until he too came...realeasing his sweet cum into me. When he was done, he flipped me over and kissed me. It was a full bodied kiss. A kiss of passion and love. We truly did love eachother. We might have been kids but our love was as full and as deep as any sea. It was at that moment that he pulled out the bracelets he made me. Through a rainbow of multicoulored beeds there lay the words "Jonathan and Olivia for whom love is always there". "These are for you he said." "Promise me you'll never take them off he said." I wiped a tear off my face and nodded. I have kept that promise. I have never taken them off....even after his death 3 days later. He died in the same car we had talked, lauphed and loved in all those years ago. I will always remember my first love......but who could forget somebody who made every moment worth living.....who made them see that life isn't for the breaths we take but for the moments that take our breath away.
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