Brandie's Bus Ride to BTR (Baton Rouge)
Like my other stories this is my recollection of a real event that took place in the mid 80s, around 86 or 87.

This story was an answer to a forum question on another adult site about masturbating in risky places, and what was the riskiest. While answering the question I thought about many places but only listed a few. Trying to figure out the riskiest I remembered this bus ride.

This is my answer: I have done it in many risky places, a restaurant many times, in the middle of a highway, a runway at an airport several times, for truckers on the highway, once while riding a Greyhound bus to go join Hubbie while he was working out of town.

This is one of the riskiest and I must say very hot and erotic. It is based on a real event. One night in the mid 80s on a short bus trip from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, about 1 1/2 hours, with an arrival around midnight. As instructed by Hubbie I wore a wrap dress, with garter belt, stocking, CFMS heels and no bra or panties.

I was so turned on knowing he would be taking me to a bar where the owner had been hitting on me the last couple times we were there. Hubbie had told me he was going to offer me to him that night, and we were going there straight from the bus station.

There was sugar cane fields behind the bar and that is where we were going to go fuck. We would go park on one of the cane field roads. With the cane nearly fully grown it would conceal us while we fucked out on the road and in the back seat of Hubbie's truck. Just the thought of our erotic evening had me all worked up and feeling like a hooker on the way to service one of her Johns.

There was about 10 or 12 people on the bus. As soon as we left the New Orleans station the driver dimmed the lights down low. I was the first passenger sitting behind the driver next to the window almost in the middle of the bus. Everyone else was behind me, with most near the rear of the bus.

By the time we got through Kenner on I-10 most of the other passengers were sleeping. I could not stand it any longer. I spread my legs and started rubbing my wet cunt with one hand and slipped the other one inside my dress to caress my tits, roll and pinch my nipples. Thinking about getting fucked out in the cane field had me super hot and turned on.

I brought my self right up to orgasm but stopped just before I went over the top. After a couple times I was feeling much more erotic, slutty, and so turned on, that I did not care if someone saw me. In fact that thought even turned me on more. So I untied my belt, opened my dress wide but left the belt through the opening so I could close it quickly if needed. The cool air from the AC vent felt good on my naked, exposed, and flushed body.

Then I got close again and could not stop as the trembling of my orgasm spread across my whole body. I had several extremely strong waves and started to moan uncontrollably. I tried to keep them as muffled as I could. The driver was listening to a ball game on a portable radio with his ear bugs in his ears. I'm sure he did not hear me as he kept his eyes on the road and did not look into his rear view mirror.

It took a few minutes to cum down. My hand, cunt, ass and inner thighs were drenched. I loosely closed my dress and tied my belt, revealing much more cleavage as I felt super slutty. Then I got up to go to the restroom just to wash up.

A couple rows behind me on the opposite side was a young AF Airman. As I passed him he asked "Mam, are you OK? You sounded like you were in pain. I was about to go check on you."

"I'm OK. I can assure you it was not an unpleasant or painful event, but thanks for asking." I just washed up then returned to my seat. When I sat down the wet spot on my dress was rather cool on my ass.

A moment later the airman moved up to the seat across the aisle from me and sat next to the aisle. He said, "I want to make sure you are alright."

"Thanks, I really am just fine."

"Yes Mam, I will certainly agree with that," he said with much enthusiasm.

"Well thank you. Where are you headed, in your 1505s this time of the night?"

"How do you know I'm in 1505s?"

"My husband is in the AIr Force also."

"Oh, I see. I'm going to England AFB in Alexandria. It is my first duty station. I graduated from my tech school a couple days ago."

"And where are you going all dressed up this time of the night?"

"My husband will meet me at the station in Baton Rouge and we are going dancing at a country bar across the river. It is a late night place and the band plays until oh five hundred on Friday and Saturday nights."

"It must be a fancy high class bar the way you are dressed. I wish I had time and the money to go to a place like that. The places I go to, none of the women dress like you."

"Why, thank you. I will be over dressed but this is the way Hubbie likes for me to dress when we go out."

As we pasted the time with some small talk he began mentioning more about how nice I was dressed. I could tell from his voice and the nice growing bulge that was casting a shadow, in the dim light, on his khaki uniform pants, that he was getting turned on.

I moved into the aisle seat telling him, "I can hear you better now." As I turned toward him and leaned his way, I accidentally on purpose let my dress open revealing more cleavage and leg. As I crossed my legs I knew the top of one of my stockings was showing too.

The slut in me knew he was getting more and more turned on. So I begain teasing him more. He kept rubbing his legs and I knew he was doing so to rub his buldging cock. I leaned over a little more and I'm sure he could see my nipple.

I ask him, "does it feel good? You keep rubbing your cock!"

"Mam, you are driving me crazy. Hell yes it feels good."

I'm getting turned on again and I open my top further exposing my whole tit to my young admirer. He starts blaintly rubbing his cock now. "Go ahead and take your cock out it will feel a loooooot better."

"Mam, I can't do that here."

"Yes you can!" As I slide toward the window, still facing him I untied my belt and opened my dress wide, then spread my legs wide. "It's this easy, go ahead, we can get off together."

"WOW, I've never seen a totally shaved pussy before. Is that a tattoo?"

"Yes it is."

"What is it? it's hard to tell in this lighting."

I reach up and turn on the reading light and it shines brightly on my crotch. "Is this better?"

"Yes, much better. Is that a butterfly?"

"Yes it is, but it's not just a butterfly. It's also Hubbie's mark of ownership."


"Yes I am his submissive and he is my master"

"WOW, as in BDSM?"

"Yes." I turn out the light.

I shove two fingers into my dripping cunt and hold out my tit toward him. Then I bring my tit to my mouth and start to suck on my rock hard nipple, while I finger fuck my self. "Go ahead, let me see yours."

He turned toward me and moved back toward the window, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned, then unzipped his pants. He pulled out a really nice, rock hard cock. He started stroking it as I fucked my cunt for him. I knew he would not last long, so I kept my eyes on the head of his cock. I knew it would explode when he shot and I wanted to see it. It turns me on so much to see a man shoot his long ropes of cum.

He did not last another minute until he shot a long rope of cum right toward me landing in the middle of the aisle. Then another and another. As the third rope shot out I went over the top as orgasmic bliss spread from my cunt through out my whole trembling body. Again I began to moan uncontrollably.

I could not tell in the dim light but I knew his cock head had to be purple as hard as he was stroking it. He put his cock back in his pants and got up saying, "I need to go clean up."

"Not yet," as I patted the seat next to me. "Sit here a minute." As he sat down I took his jerking hand all glistening with his hot cum and brought it to my mouth and licked him clean. "Now you can go wash up."

"My turn. Not quite yet," as he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his, as his tongue darted into my mouth in search of his own cum. Our tongues danced the dance of pure fucking lust.

He grabbed my smooth drenched cunt and shoved 4 fingers into me all at once. I was so fucking wet, and he began finger fucking me. Hell he even knew where my G spot was.

"FUUUUUCKKK, I've never felt a pussy this wet."

Then I felt my cunt get much fuller and more pressure as he his whole hand entered my sloppy cunt. I wondered, "what else does this young airman know?"

He was now fisting me to another over the top orgasm. As I slumped in my seat he pulled his fist out with a pop. He broke the kiss and went to the rest room.

When he got back I told him, "go ask the driver how long he would be in Baton Rouge."

I went to clean up. I left my dress in the more cleavage and leg exposed position and returned to my seat. He was still talking to the driver. When he returned he said, "we would be arriving early and he could not leave until the published departure time. We will be there at least 35 to 40 minutes."

I said, "that is great."

With a confused look on his face he said, "why is that great?"

"Well that will give us time to fuck!!!"


"I want to fuck your brains out!!!"

"I thought your husband was picking you up?"

"YES he is! And he will fucking love this."

"I don't understand?"

"Look, in our BDSM play I'm what is known as a shared wife. Would you like to fuck me tonight?"

"Hell yes, I'd like to fuck you right now."

"Believe me when I tell you, we don't have time. He will be exiting the interstate in about 2 miles. Hubbie should be there waiting. I will tell him we want to fuck. Then we can get in the back seat of his truck and as soon as we leave the station, get naked and fuck our brains out while he drives around down town. It will be deserted this time of the night. Then get you back about 5 minutes before departure time. You can clean up on the bus if you need to."

"With your husband there?"

"YES, I told you he will love it. We'll, do you want to fuck his slut wife or not."

"YES Mam"

"Look thats enough with the yes Mam shit. My name is Brandie. We will get off the bus first and he should be waiting. So just follow me. I will fill him in on what we want to do and we should be leaving in less than two or three minutes. I want as much time with you fucking my mouth, cunt and ass if you want all three. My body will be all yours with no holes bared."

"Damn, I can't fucking believe this. Is this for real?"

"OK, look, less than ten minutes ago I was licking your cum off your hand. Then you hungrily took as much back as your tongue could gather. Then you were fisting my cunt and you did not even know my name. Do you fucking think that was a fucking dream?"

"Ouch. Why did you pinch me?"

"Now you know it was not a fucking dream."

"Yes Mam, oh shit, I mean Brandie."

"Hubbie is a Captain, so you would not disobey his order would you."

"Oh FUCK! No Ma, fuck, I mean Brandie. No I would not do that."

"Batoooon Roooouge, Batoooon Roooouge. Folks we are twenty two minutes early so you will have fourty two minutes to stretch, get a bite to eat, or watch a little TV in the lounge. I do advise you to stay in the station or the loading zone. They will call our departure at ten minutes, five minutes, and 2 minutes before our departure. We will leave on the departure time on the dot. Those leaving us here, we thank you for choosing Greyhound."

I step off the bus with my airman close behind me. Hubbie is right there and as he puts his arms around me and goes to kiss me I put my head on his shoulders and tell him, "later. My mouth was full of his cum a few minutes ago. We have fourty two minutes before he leaves for Alexandria, and I want to fuck his brains out now. I will tell you later let's go."

Hubbie reaches for his hand to shake it and my airman salutes him, "Captain."

Hubbie returns the salute and tells him, "at ease Airman Hicks. Let's go, seems like Brandie needs some of what you got and she needs it now. Don't worry Hicks we do this often. In fact after we drop you off I will be taking her to a bar where I will offer her to the owner to use her as he wishes."

"That's right, and he will be getting sloppy seconds tonight."

Hubbie opens the back door and says, "hop in, my slut wife is all yours for the next half hour or so. We will be driving around with in a few blocks so don't worry. I will get you back in time."

We leave the station as I'm unbuttoning his shirt.

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