Brandon's World : Part I ( Leaving America )
It was the middle of July when Angela Keith made up her mind to visit Scotland for a much needed break since her breakup from her husband.

Her pining for her roots were atarting to grow strong as she was from Scottish stock and was honestly fed up with America lately.

She hoped to see all the sights and perhaps even a man she had been writing to who had taken her fancy.

He was a highlander and a kilted one at that, this used to give Angela goosebumps at the thought of just what may be under his kilt. She would fantasize about it at nights when she was feeling particularly lonely.

He was a handsome guy, a bit older than her but she was fed up with young men like her previous husband who just didn't have a clue how to treat a woman. Brandon Gunn was six foot tall and well built. He had sent her a picture with him in his kilt standing on top of one of the mountains around his area. It gave him and the area a sense of romanticism and mystery.

She stepped out of the bath after a luxurious soak in lavender oils trying to calm her nerves before her flight .She looked at herself in the mirror, her long red hair flowing down her back, her nipples erect from the bath, on her ample breasts, plus she had tweaked them a bit as she had not just bathed but fantasised about Brandon as she stroked her womanhood feeling her clitoris swell as she rubbed soap on guiding her finger into her already wet pussy lips, ending up with a yell as she orgasmed , this helping also to ease her tensions.

As she looked at herself in the long mirror she know she still looked good with her long legs . She looked like a proper Celtic goddess but she thought to herself that she could lose a few pounds

She had let Brandon know she was coming over but not exactly when. She wanted to surprise him. She had decided to get a plane to Edinburgh and then on to Inverness. Brandon lived on an estate on the Moray Firth just north of Inverness where he was a manager on the estate.

Next day, the Saturday ,she caught her plane and was seated beside another man who was heading to Edinburgh. Another Scotsman by the sound of his voice, and he had his kilt on. She thought it must be some kind of sign that lately everything Scots was going though her mind.

Apart from Brandon she was also hoping to trace some of her roots from the homeland. She may yet be lucky and find some relatives that had managed to stay out of the way of the highland clearances, as that was how she ended up in America.

Her family had been transported to the tobbacco fields in the middle of the seventeenth century after the battle of Culloden and then the proscription on the highlander losing their rights, Clan system and their homes for political reasons, so they said but in all honesty the government at the time were scared shitless of another revolution and they took the land to raise sheep instead. Sheep being less trouble that a highlander.

She drifted off into a slumber once the plane had taken off and was jolted awake by some turbulence and she realised she had somehow ensconced herself on the mans shoulder sitting next to her.

She said "Sorry, I didn't mean to use you as a pillow." And she blushed realising that her bouse had popped open revealing her ample cleavage. She started to right herself.

"That's all right, I don't mind. You must have been tired , and to be honest the veiw was quite appealing." smiling at her unabashed.

" My name is Eric, pleased to meet you, where are you heading?"

"I am heading to Inverness first, to do some family tree archives." Angela replied.
Shifting in her seat a little as she felt her pussy tingle a bit looking at Eric's bare knees below his kilt.

Knees were a turn on for her and Eric's looked delicious as she wondered about the saying being true about what Scotsmen had under their kilts.
She asked to be excused as she needed to powder her nose, and getting up she felt her legs tremble with the need for sex. She had been off that for a while since her divorce, but now she was feeling a need she had kept well below wraps.

On reaching the small bathroon cabin at the rear of the plane she dived in her bag and found her little pocket rocket she carried everywhere with her and as she sat on the bowl she rubbed her clit with it letting out a sigh, Her body quivered as she thought about knees and kilts....oh, and cock.

She was so busy plungling herself with the rocket and letting out soft moans she didn't notice she had forgot to bolt the door and as she looked up she saw Eric standing in front of her. She couldn't resist the temptation as she reached out under his kilt.

" Shhhhh!! Don't say anything, just enjoy the moment. "

She grabbed at his manhood like a starved rabbit with a large carrot and slowly licked the tip as she pulled his foreskin back, Eric just stood there wide eyed with a grin on his face like a cat that got the cream. His cock just seemed to jump to attention with the electric thrill at Angela's touch.(To be continued)
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