Break In
Laying on the couch, watching some vampire show, i though to myself, I have no life. It's saturday night, 9 o clock, and im layin on my couch snuggled up with a blanket and watching some lucky girl get her brains fucked out by a muscular mysterious vampire. I sighed in jealousy and looked down at my baggy sweatpants and tank top, knowing that there was no way someone would want to ravish me looking like this.
A few more minutes went by, when i heard the softest sound of cloth brushing against cloth. I muted my tv, and sat up, straining to hear something else.
"Don't turn around."
I held back a scream, my heart pounding so heavily i thought it would burst out of my chest. "What do you want?" I ask, obeying him and staring straight ahead.
"I want you to lie down, and close your eyes."
I started to panic, every girls worst nightmare of being raped and murdered started running through my head, and i started to sob. "Please just leave," I beg, trying to hide the quiver in my voice.
"Shhh,listen to me, bebe, Im not here to hurt you. Im asking you to trust a stranger, ive seen you around, i know how frustrated you beautiful you are. Let me help you fulfill your fantasy, and i promise you wont regret it." My mind started to going through pros and cons. Against my better judgement, my mind noted that his voice was incredibly deep and sexy, and the cologne he was wearing was driving my senses crazy. But this was a stranger...someone who i wouldnt have to get attached mind could not think of a reason to say no, suprisingly. So without a word, i closed my eyes and layed back down. Leather gloved hands stroked my cheeks, smoothed my hair away from my face, then i felt the soft blindfold go around my head, witholding my vision. I could feel his lips against my left ear, his breathing soft. "You are so beautiful, really a masterpiece." His hands slid over my breasts, squeezing gently, drifted over my stomach, and grabbed the edge of my tank top, and pulled it off. Lips met mine, feeling soft and firm, the tingle of mint on his breath;massaging my lips with such expertise i couldnt help but feel the warm wetness starting to grow between my legs. His tongue delved softly into my mouth, thrusting gently in and out, his teeth nibbling on my lower lip. All the while his hands roving over my breasts, pushing my bra cups aside and teasing and twisting my nipples, making me moan and wiggle, wanting more, begging for more. He broke his kiss, moaning, "God you taste like..." was all he said before he moved to my neck, biting and nibbling in the most sensitive spot on my body, one that was always forgotten by most of my past lovers.
My hands flung out, twining my fingers through his hair, grabbing for his shirt.Gently, he grabbed my wrist and pushed them down, making a tsk tsk tsk as he bends his head again, continuing his task, moving down to my breasts. By now i could feel his erection through his pants, begging to be freed.
"Please," I pant as his hands wrap around my sweatpants band and pulling them down, "let me touch you..." It was torture! While he was making me feel like a goddess, his poor cock was straining, begging to be paid attention to, and all i wanted to do was slide my hands down his jeans and stroke him up and down, squeezing gently at the base, and milking slowly up. I whispered these things to him, but his only reply was flicking his tongue across my clit, over and over, driving me insane by not even licking my pussy or even fingering me. I could feel my first orgasm welling up, threatening to topple me over, while im begging for some kind thrust into pussy. As i reached the edge, my thighs tighten around his head, he stoped. I squeaked in disbelief, what the hell!?
A plushy fabric was wrapped around my one wrist, and my other was pushed towards it and that too was tied above my head. Again i felt his lips against my ear, "Do you want to cum in my mouth?" I moaned my response, and nodded quickly. "Then you have to be a good girl and suck my cock." I heard his buckle come undone and his pants drop, his boxers soon to follow, then finally his shirt. He placed a knee by each of my shoulders, and i could feel his cock on my lips.Greedily i opened my mouth, sucking and licking while he placed his hands on my head and gently moved me in the motion he wanted. Never had anyone made me this submissive, and i loved it, having no control and being told what to do. I couldnt help but moan as his cock slid in and out of my mouth making me my own slave to my orgasm.
Through his gritted teeth, he started to moan, a sound so amazing my juices started running onto the couch, soaking through the fabric. "Oh fuck yeah, suck my cock, baby, you like it dont you? You like sucking my fucking cock, like a dirty girl." I could feel his cock start to tense and knew he was close to cumming, i silently begged that he would cum in my mouth, wanted so badly to taste him. He started to growl, and i increased my sucking, working my tongue up and down his shaft."You want me to cum in your mouth dont you, fuck yeahhhh!!!" Hot cum shot into my throat and i swollowed it greedily letting it glide down my throat.
He moved suddenly and before i knew what was going on his tongue was delving into my pussy along with two expert fingers quickly bringing me to one of the best orgasms i have ever had, my pussy squeezing his fingers, begging him for more attention. His hands went to my thighs, pushing my legs up so that i bent my legs, and he positioned his once again hard cock in front of my pussy, inch by agonizing inch until he was fully inside me. My senses were going wild, my head spinning as stretched me deliciously, going achingly slow, making me beg for it. I licked my lips, "Please...faster..ohhh fuck pleasse!" His thrusts, if possible, slowed down even more. "Yes beg for it baby, fuckin beg for it." He slammed into me quick and deep and i screamed "Yes!" Fuck yes, Fuck me!" I said breathlessly. As i begged his thrusts increased, soon he was pounding as hard as possible, shifting the couch every time he thrusted inside me.
By now i was wet all over again, my pussy clenching and squeezing his cock. Our moans and the wet slapping of his balls against my now wet ass, were driving me crazy. This was something i had always wanted and now that it was happening it was better than i ever fucking imagined. Again he made me cum this time all over his cock and my entire body shook with the force of it. Shortly after he too reached his climax and shuddered as he came, spilling his cum all over my stomach and breasts.
I felt a warm cloth glide over me, cleaning me up, then one more kiss on my lips and he was gone. i undid my bondages, and took off my blindfold, seeing the vampire show still on.
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