"Maybe one day the gallery will break even," she said to the room not even opening her eyes.a gigantic arm fell softly across her waist and gave a gentle squeeze.
"One day my sweet, one day".
"The adventure awaits us. Don't worry".

She smiled and squeezed his hand. Little knowing what the future really had in store for them both.
The ocean views were magnificent from this high up in the apartment block and there was no need for curtains or privacy screens as the apartments on either side were vacant.
The life of luxury was just taken for granted that sunny morn.
A fantastic lover always made things better and she had found love, true love.

The kisses she felt on the nape of her neck sent a shiver up her back.
Kissing and cuddling had become a ritual when work wasn't busy.
She rolled on her side and kissed his nose gently and playfully sucked on his bridge.
" God your handsome this morning" she whispered
"You don't look that bad either" he joked.
"Come here lover and I will show you " not bad " she let out a giggle.
The passion between the couple went up a few notches as did his manhood.

"I will see what is for breakfast and I don't think I shall hear any complaints either way we go". As she bit his lip.
"Not so fast my dear today is going to be special so don't skip to breakfast just yet," he said
This took her by surprise as she loves the routine of mornings.
" what have you got planned besides what I can see from here?"
"Patience my dear."

As she stood in the morning light her body gleaming from the sweat of her thoughts gave away how excited she was getting now. And by the time she had reached the breakfast bar, her whole body was moist.

Just out of sight in the third draw of the kitchen bench, Janet pulled out a little vibe that was there for emergencies and it wasn't a stretch of the imagination for her to start rubbing it gently over her breasts. This was making her so horny so early in the day that she just had to put it on top of the bench before breakfast.

Before she realised what she was doing she was sitting on the bench play with this wonderful toy making her tingle and giggle. She was ever so wet now when it fell from her hand onto the floor. "Shit what a time to drop it," she thought.

"Lover come here and help with the juice"
"Just a second" came the reply
"Hurry" he could hear her giggle
His plans just changed in that instant.
Walking the same route as his lover his body also was glistening in the morning light and it excited her even more than she thought if that was possible.
Her legs were dangling over the side of the bar as he laughed.
"You naughty wench" he joked
"Help me I seemed to have wet the bar, help me clean it up. "

He still had an erection that was now so hard and large it turned her on even more that she could feel the first waves of pleasure begin to build deep inside.

Today was going to be so different.

He could see where the problem was and went straight into character.
"You call for a plumber mam?
" why yes sir, I think I'm leaking but can't see whats dripping"
She loved to roleplay and didn't skip a beat.
He started to draw circles on her breasts "Is it here mam?"
"No, it's just getting wetter try again"
She giggled.
He drew a circle on the other breast
"What about here?"
"God NO! It's nearly full, you better hurry " she could hardly hold it together much longer.

"Ok don't worry I will get out the BIG tool to fix the leak"
She smiled and whispered, "Hurry".

What she hadn't seen was his massive tool in his hand being gripped tighter and tighter to keep his own juice from spilling on the floor.
They both could see the lust in each other's eyes now, trying to see who could hold out the longest.

The bar was so slippery, now that she arched her back to raise her tight buttocks off the surface.
This one act gave him access to what had now become a sweet mound of moisture ready for anything.
" Found the problem" he mumbled wondering if they were still roleplaying.
Her eyes were now shut, waiting with anticipation so she did not see the strokes of his now enormously large member which he had been holding back in this little game of theirs.

It felt as if an electric shock had been suddenly delivered to her groin when he put his mouth over her mound and just kissed lightly.
"MORE" came the shout as she grasped his head and pushed him deeper into her wetness which was more intense than was the usual play.
"MORE" she demanded with a firm voice "Just enjoy your morning juice "
He bit gently on her lips and ran his tongue up and down loving every drop that now covered his face.
Pressing her now harden clit with his nose he flicked his tongue into her cavern she came. Again and again.

She came hard. She wrapped her legs around his head.
She wanted to remember this moment forever.
Just as the first wave was subsiding another glorious orgasm made her squirt and squirt she did, his face covered with all the liquids she could muster from her body.

His hands had been as busy as his tongue but it was so exciting watching his love enjoy herself that he had automatically just spilled his warm cum all over his hands.

"I think I fixed the leak mam"
He had gone back to the roleplay
Not wanting to break the spell
"But how am I going to pay dear sir?"
She whimpered with a grin.
"You might just have to work it off mam" he smiled.

The animal came out in them both at that moment, both had the same idea and it added another level to their sexual play that they thought was lost.
Luckily there were just a few papers on the dining room table as they both pushed them aside in a flurry of unbridled lust which now had taken them both over
"Time for the missus to pay up," he said.still in character.
"Oh do be gentle with me kind sir, I am such a fragile thing".
With which he picked her up and put her on the table
"Oh do what you will sir, you beast"
She let out another giggle.

Grabbing her ankles he quickly had her in the position he wanted.
"Now where did I put my tool?"
Still, in character, he started to rub her inner thigh.
"Nope not there, maybe in there?"
"Ah there it is, time to pay up missy"

Grabbing is the massive tool he gently rubbed it on the exposed belly.
"Nope doesn't feel right maybe lower this time "
She was just building and building up for the excitement that she knew would come.
About now was the time as the pressure for both of them had gotten so high he could swear the veins in his member would rupture any second now.

The scream she let out in pleasure startled them both as his rod entered her for the first time that day. Trying to hold back was a lost cause at this stage. He could only manage a few pumps into her waiting opening but by the length and the girth, he didn't have to do anything else. She could feel the warmth of his fluid trickle down and into her cheeks.
She always loved the way their juices mixed together, it gave her a feeling of being as one with him.
He still held onto her ankles in such a vulnerable position on the table of all places.
"Is that all good sir or do I owe more?"
Looking down he could see his member had lost a little but not all of its power.
"Just have one more load mam"
They both smiled at the thought of even more sex.
Pulling her ankles over his shoulder and there being enough fluid on the table to wax it he was certain lubrication wasn't going to be an issue.
Holding his member in one hand he gently guided it past her mound and on the way gathered even more juice to line up with her sweet pucker that was sitting exposed to the world.
He felt the muscles constrict as he pushed in but once in they relaxed leaving her hands free to play with balls that were now slapping her cheeks.
Her other hand made its way back to her mound. Could this morning get any better?
Moisture still running between her cheeks finding its way to his strengthening rod making each thrust a pleasure for both of them.
The rhythm picked up and with each thrust, he could feel the fire in his belly. With one move he flicked her whole body over into a doggy position on the table.
He yelled out of character.
Grabbing his penis out of her he started to massage it up and down her still wet cheeks, stroking it with a fever pitch his cum had gone all over her back and hair and had even shot onto the floor at the other end of the table.

Not a sound was uttered as they climbed off the table.
Fully satisfied.

They cleaned up the mess and made the bed and fell asleep.

Upon waking her lover sat up in bed with his back to the wall, watching her chest rise and fall had stirred his manhood again. As she started to wake he could still see the redness of her neck which gave him a subtle clue that she would wake and be as turned on as he was.

And he was right when she woke she immediately put her head on his lap. This simple act sent blood straight to his pounding member.
Pulling back the sheet she began kissing his mid-drift and rubbing he hair against him but ignoring his now fully engorged cock.
"It's just payback" she whispered.
"You minx" he laughed
"Can you do something for me he asked.
Anything my sweet I'm yours.
"Grab my phone before we get caught up again".
She thought it odd but picked it up anyhow.
She now took the head of his shaft in her mouth and held it with strong suction that she knew he liked. And she wasn't wrong as he let a sigh escape his lips.
"Not yet my dear, not yet"
He had only lost his load once today and he had plans for what the afternoon could hold.
"Are you sure? Really sure"?
She could taste the pre-cum on her lips and could see just the tiniest of drops on the end of his penis.
"I am" is all he said.

By this time the moisture had returned to her mound. Feeling like a caged animal she hadn't noticed that her fingers were pacing up and down, around and around, in and out of herself. It was turning into a day to remember, not just moments

"Time to pay the piper," he said

"Whatever you say I m still in debt for this morning"

"Can we do something we haven't done for awhile?" He suggested
"Of course"

"Then just let me watch you play as you have for the last few minutes" a simple request.
To watch her fingers start to slowly continue to knead the flesh that surrounded her lips, first, it was just two then three. He had found years ago that the tighter the spring was wound the greater the release at the end of the day.
Just watching her pick up speed was all the extra excitement he needed to beat his manhood in rhythm to her hand.
As she watched his cock start to throb by itself now that his hand couldn't keep pace with how very, very wet she had become, the urge also growing deep inside, the heat of pure lust can be felt now, any minute.
She put her head into his lap and put his pounding member between her lips
It was too much for both of them as he shot his warm sticky juice into her mouth. she let it spill onto his balls that she had just emptied to his relief.
Not wanting to waste a drop her tongue started to lap and lick up every last drop.
He pulled her head up to his once she has finished cleaning him, still wanting more she started to kiss him with such passion that the moment she felt his tongue take the snowball she had been holding onto she just felt her knees give way and although she was lying next to him it felt like she was falling through the blue cloudless sky that was just outside the windows.

To be continued

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