Breathless pt 1
For a moment she hesitated. He was at the door,she knew,but could she go through with it? She dropped the silk gown and it fell in a pool at her feet. She would give him what he wanted.

She felt his presence enter the room. It felt as if he had engulfed every inch of air in the space. It was hard to breath. Her eyes stayed closed. She shook with fear,knowing he was looking at her. Her eyes burned. All her mind showed her was the bits and pieces of unclear nightmares.

"have it over with" She said crying out. wishing the dead be done and over. "This is why you summond me here" Her eyes blinked open.

"You think I want your body?" He seemed unphased. "No I want more than that. I want to see you bleed." His voice went horse

He wanted her blood. To see her bleeding. Her fear rose. There was no way that was all he wanted. He wanted to see her dead, not a tiny drop of blood.

"No,only a small amount. Not your death."he said.

She froze. How long had he been able to do this. How long could he hear her thoughts? All she knew is she wanted to leave. Why had she come?

"I will allow you leave afterwards." He smiled gently. "And stop pretending you find me so repulsive you came. Why did you come?"

She shook. Her lip quivered. "I...I don't know"

"Follow me. And leave your gown."

"Are you going to hurt me?" she silently whispered. Following him.

He smiled,he had a dimple. She couldn't understand the smile and it filled her with more turmoil. It's as if he enoyed this.

"I gave you my word. remember?"

They walked into a room...

He pushed her against a wall. His hand glided down and caressed her breast.

She felt ill. His had had no warmth to it. She shivered it was as ice was being pured on her. His pale hand looked so unalive. "What are you! and why me?" An icy tear fell.

He kissed her neck making her whole body tremble with fear,revulsion,weakness,and want.

He stopped inches from her pulse. Her breathing stopped for a spit moment. "Ask me no questions right now." he murmered. He lifted her unto a bed of silk and satin.

She trembled as he slowly and stifly sat next to her and he undressed fully. She began to feel weak all over. Consuming fear and panic began to rage in her blood stream.

He pinned her on the bed his eyes peering into hers.....
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