Brenda is pregnant!
I got a phone call the other day from my cousin Brenda who is taking care of her brother since he had a massive stroke. He can't do much for himself and she does as much as she can do. She told me I needed to come over right away! "I've got something you need to see." she told me. "Can't you just tell me on the phone?" I asked her. "You need to see it for yourself." she demanded!

So I drove over to their apartment and she met me at the door. OMG! She's 6 months pregnant with what she claims to be mine and her baby.
I told her that it couldn't be mine since I was sure I was sterile but had never been checked to make sure. She said "well I haven't been fucked by anyone but you so the baby is definitely yours. By the way, I have checked and it's a girl that I'm going to name Sharon in honor of my mother!" Damn I'm going to be a father and uncle to this new child. Awesome!

She told me she hadn't been fucked since I had fucked her so long ago and that she knew I was busy serving other ladies but I needed to drop in every once in while and give her some cock and cum in her wanting pussy! "I'm afraid to fuck my brother since I don't know how his body will react. I do see his cock get stiff when I wash it so I know he can get a hard-on.
I've even put it in my mouth a few times to suck on it but always stop before he cums. I want some cum in my mouth as well as my pussy!

"You have made me one horny older woman and I need you to take care of that hunger today!" she insisted. "I'll stop by and check on Alan to see if he needs anything and then I'll meet you in my bed." I complied with her request and she checked on Alan as I undressed and laid on her bed. She took a few more minutes than I thought she should. I wondered if anything was wrong with Alan. I heard him grunt and I thought maybe he had been hurt but he wasn't as Brenda walked in just a minute or so later.

I asked her what had happened and she told me that she had decided to suck his cock and let him cum in her mouth finally and it apparently didn't hurt him so she knew that she could be serviced by him from now on as well as me. She undressed and climbed into bed with me and bent her head over to take my cock in her hungry mouth. I could see Alan's cum on her lips and that really got me hard and fast!

I finally pulled her mouth off my cock and laid her down and sucked on her hard nipples while inserting 3 fingers in her pussy and fucking her with them. She was so wet that my fingers slid in easily so I took my fingers out and put my mouth down on her pussy and rubbed her swollen clit with my wet fingers. It wasn't long till I tasted her cum and I sucked it out of her like a vacumn.

She was yelling in ecstasy and pleaded "now give your cock and your cum! I"ve been needing for too long. Give it to me now as she wrapped her legs around my hips and pushed my cock in her pussy with force." She started to hump like a mule so I pushed back as hard as I could and pumped her slowly at first but with her need and my desire to cum in her I went faster. She grunted a little when I was all the way in but she still pushed hard aainst my cock. "I can't believe your still this tight! You feel almost like a virgin instead of like a pregnant woman" I told her.

"Well, considering you're the only one that has had my pussy. I should be tight!" she gasped through her moans. I pushed my cock in her pussy to the hilt and my balls were bouncing on her ass as we both rocked back and forth with intensity. I felt my cum getting ready to burst in her and I told her to get ready for my cum. She yelled through clenched teeth "Oh god yes. Give it to me. I want it so bad. Cum in me. Yes, yes, yes. Oh god, yes!
With that kind of encouragement I did just that. She also exploded her cum on my cock when she felt mine! She always had been a very good fuck!!

We rested for awhile and then got up and dressed and as I went to the liquor cabinet she checked on Alan. I fixed my favorite Canadian whiskey with water on the rocks. Her favorite had been rum and coke but she didn't drink anymore while being pregnant. I sat on the sofa and pulled out a cigarette to smoke while enjoyig my drink. She was busy cleaning up the place which wssn't the bit messy but she was a freak about cleanliness. Hell she empties my ashtray and cleans it out after just one smoke.

After I had finished the smoke she automatically took the ashtray in the kitchen and emptied it and then washed it out. When she brought it back out she sit on the sofa and then told me something else I was shaken by. "I've decided that our daughter will not be an only child and I want at least 2 more babies by you so she'll have siblings to play with. So keep that in mind after I have her and can start fucking you again!" she alerted me. I told her that was fine with me and I'd give her as many children as she wanted.

She said "thanks I'm glad you're okay with that but I don't want to have 12 like our grandparents did!" WE both laughed about that.
"I want 3 or 4. But I'll keep having them until we make a boy. So it might take a dozen or more but I'm willing to do that!" she exclaimed. God, I hope the next one is a boy!
I love to fuck her but a dozen babies is just a little more kids that I want to help raise!

Finally I told her good-bye and that I would try to come by a little more often when I could. She said okay I'll see you then. "Oh, yes, drive carefully since you have been drinking." I told her that I had only one drink and didn't even have a buzz going so I'd be fine. I left and went home to be with my guests.
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