Brewing Rage - Part 1
Veronica cried in disbelief upon hearing the news. She was finally going to be let out of this cage, after being incarcerated for 19 years of her 20-year sentence. Eric, the police detective assigned to her case and the love of her life for the past 18 years, told her what happened. He held her tight in the private room the warden granted them permission to use.

Veronica thought back to how she first met Pete and what transpired. Veronica, then a beautiful 30-year-old certified accountant with long flowing hair and legs that seemed to go on forever, was assigned to supervise the audit team at Burns & Lowe.

Introductions were made to their controller, Pete Prince, and the rest of the employees. Meetings were held and as Pete and Veronica got to work closer together, it was hard not to be impressed by Pete. He was a man of great presence; black and tall with nice full lips that Veronica couldn't help imagining how they would feel if their lips met.

One particularly grueling night, Pete and Veronica were working together alone in Pete's office when suddenly some papers fell on the floor. As they both reached down to grab the sheets, their faces met and the lust that had been under the surface couldn't be contained any longer. Tonight, those full lips kissing hers weren't enough. His tongue's deep insertions into her mouth only heightened their desires.

Right there on the floor he ripped open her blouse and moved her bra, exposing then sucking on her firm nipples, which quickly stood poised for his descent. The next few hours had her wet tongue slowly lick his ever-growing pole, taking his balls deeply in her warm hungry mouth, lapping the pre-cum which covered his swollen prick head, and devouring his erect cock down her throat.

Straddling his face with her cunt at the same time, his tongue made deep strides into her soaking pussy. She shuddered and screamed out while her cum poured into his wanting mouth. "Ride me baby" he said, as she took her rightful position over his oh-so-ready dick. Her large tits bouncing in his face, a view he so enjoyed.

Sliding down and up repeatedly, hard and fast, her moans rose as she released her pussy juices all over his cock. Unprotected risky sex was not something Pete, a sensible man, would normally do, but Veronica made his head spin. He wanted to fill her cunt with his hot cum and when his cock felt her juices, he exploded inside her pussy. Consequences be damned.

Veronica sucked his burgeoning dick yet again. Lifting her up from the floor, making room on the desk, he had her lean on it as her firm round ass faced him. "Fuck my ass"
she told him, her usually cool and calm persona now hot and wild with her need to feel him again. Spreading her cheeks, he began eagerly licking her asshole.

"Oh god, that feels so good"; he licked deeper, spurred on by her reaction. "Please fuck my ass Pete. NOW. " she begged. He moistened his fingers in her juicy pussy before using them to lubricate her tight ass.

His bloated cockhead gently made its way into her ass at first, before ramming in the rest. She cried out in pain, which quickly turned to pleasure, as his thrusts continued. Her climaxes made her whimper; her dripping release flowed, as each orgasm subsided and another one commenced.

She couldn't believe it. She came 6 times that night. She had never cum more than once with a man, but Pete stirred something inside her that no other man ever could. After that night they became inseparable.

He would often join Veronica and her sister Maeve for their weekly luncheon. He would usually eat chicken, his favorite food, and drink his favorite coffee. He loved it so much he carried a small sack of it so he could have it wherever he was. Veronica drank only tea with her meals. They joked about that often. His co-workers teased him that he couldn't leave home without his coffee. To please him, Veronica made sure to have it when he visited her home.

Maeve, Veronica's 35-year-old sister, helped raise Veronica when their mother passed away suddenly of a heart attack. Their father, grieving and working constantly, was little help. Maeve was 10 at the time, Veronica 5. It wasn't easy but it made the sisters close. Now, unmarried and on the plain side, Veronica said she would get Pete to introduce her to some guys. Maeve seemed appreciative of that.

Romantically things were going well. Veronica and Pete made an attractive, successful couple. One day though, Veronica discovered something during the audit that concerned her. There was a discrepancy that didn't make sense and some money was missing.

She approached Pete about it and he confidentially told her that he had recently become aware that an executive at the company, Rob Saunders, had set up a dummy account and had been diverting some funds. Pete was trying to figure out how to handle it since the scandal may hurt the company. He asked Veronica to bear with him for a few months while he figured out what to do. She agreed.

There was another dark cloud in their lives, Pete's ex wife Lauren. The mother of his two daughters, Lauren had a tendency of using their daughters to try to get what she wanted from him. When she left Pete for an attractive richer man, he was heartbroken but survived. Now that Lauren and her paramour broke up, Lauren decided she wanted Pete back. She wasn't too happy to hear he was getting serious with Veronica; Pete's visits with his daughters lessened due to her vindictiveness. Pete loved his daughters and initiated some court proceedings to get to see them more often. A court date was set to take place in three months.

Pete's parents, Alex and Jill Prince, were vocally unhappy about their son's involvement with a white woman. They were proud of his achievements and felt he should marry a black woman. They made it clear that if the relationship led to Veronica becoming his wife, they would no longer consider him their son. He would be dead to them. That thought greatly disturbed Pete but as he often said to Veronica, he couldn't live for his parents and they would hopefully come around.

As they grew closer, Pete and Veronica shared their secret fantasies. Both wanted to see what it would be like watching their significant other have sex with someone else, so they decided to check out a swinger's club that Pete heard about from a friend.

They were a bit apprehensive but dressed for the occasion. Veronica wore a tight sweater. Clinging to her bodice, it left little to the imagination. High heeled shoes and leather pants which clearly outlined her well-shaped behind, completed the look. She was a woman ready for a hot night. Pete wore a cashmere sweater and leather pants that matched Veronica's; the latter revealed his immense frontal asset and his tight ass. This would be a couple that would turn heads.

They came into Rendezvous and sat down next to a slightly younger couple. Pete turned to the attractive woman and said hello. Veronica looked the late 20ish woman over, head to toe. Nice tits, though mine are bigger, Veronica thought. Something about Kimberly was very appealing though. She could sense Pete's carnal interest in her.

Kim's companion Jeff came over to the seat next to Veronica. He was a good-looking guy, with a goatee, around the same age as Kim. "Hi there, how are you doing this evening?" he asked Veronica. His eyes were looking intently at her piercing nipples, as those words were spoken.

After some small talk, Jeff got up and Kim joined him. They talked privately for a minute then came over to Pete and Veronica. "We are going to leave now", Jeff said. "Kim and I are going to the hotel down the street for some fun. Care to join us"? Pete and Veronica looked at each other, and then nodded in agreement.

After the cars were parked and check-in taken care of by Jeff, the four of them stood in front of room #2210. Jeff quickly opened the door and they all went inside. Before them were 2 queen-sized beds, the usual hotel furniture and a large jacuzzi. Jeff suggested stripping and getting into the tub. After watching Jeff and Kim totally uninhibited, quickly removing their clothes, Veronica and Pete followed suit.

Kim went over to Pete, took his hand and placed it on one of her tits. Veronica could see Pete's prick swiftly react to the touch of Kim's hardening nipple. Meanwhile, Jeff drew nearer to Veronica. He leaned over to kiss her and his tongue swirling in her mouth aroused her. When his fingers explored her pussy, she looked over at Pete and watched as his fingers entered Kim's.

Sounds of enrapture uttered from both women, erect cocks, one black and one white, Veronica felt like she was dreaming. Jeff could sense Veronica needed more to be satiated. Leading her out of the jacuzzi, they went to one of the beds. She obligingly opened her legs wide; Jeff got between them and gazed at her smoothly shaved cunt. "What a beautiful pussy you have babe" he said; his eager tongue moving all along her wet slit.

While Jeff was licking her yielding center of desire, Veronica looked over to see Pete now in the other bed with Kim. Kim was engulfing his 9 inch black cock with her mouth and Pete was moaning in obvious pleasure. Veronica watched as Kim pleased HER man, while Jeff's licks became quicker and ardent.

Jeff put two fingers into Veronica's pussy, then 3, then 4. Pete glanced over and his eyes widened as he saw Jeff's big fist entering the inner walls of Veronica's now stretched cunt. The resulting juices that were emitted and the loud shrieking elicited, excited Pete. He shot a big load into Kim's mouth. His cum dripped from Kim's mouth and the two of them kissed. Kim's experienced tongue cleansed Pete's prick thoroughly and after sucking his cock, it stood at attention once again.

Seeing Pete stick his prolonged and thick black instrument into Kim's accommodating pussy, enticed Veronica. Veronica sat up and told Jeff to lie down. She began her journey of Jeff's erect manhood, thirstily licking from the bottom of his shaft to the top of his throbbing dick, spitting on it and then sucking it. The resultant stream of wetness ran down his firm cock. Mounting him, she slid into his hot rod and as Pete thrusted repeatedly inside Kim, Veronica rode Jeff fervently. Panting, moaning, cumming, filled the air.

Afterwards, Jeff started to drift off to sleep; Veronica lay down beside him. Watching Pete lap up Kim's pussy juices as his cum oozed out of her and ran down her legs, evoked feelings in Veronica that she was never aware she had. She got off the bed and went to Kim and Pete's. "Can I join you?" she asked Pete. He smiled as she darted to Kim's pussy.

Pete gazed as Veronica's wet tongue slowly began brushing up against Kim's inner inviting lips. Knowing this was her first time tasting another woman's cunt escalated his excitement. Veronica's tempo increased as she was sensing the arousal Kim felt by her tongue-lashing.

When Kim's effusive flow went into Veronica's mouth and then Pete's, Pete's cock dripped with pre-cum. Veronica swallowed her initial taste of a woman, contently licked her lips and then after lavishing Pete's balls with her moist tongue, took them deep in her mouth and sucked them. Subsequently, she focused on his prick, until his hearty eruption into her welcoming mouth. After enjoying the fruits of her endeavors sliding down her throat, Pete and Veronica got comfortable on the bed; Kim joined Jeff on the other one.

Veronica and Pete kissed passionately, with their arms wrapped around each other. Their tongues danced together as Kim's cum mixed with Pete's whirled in their mouths. It was clear they both enjoyed the swinging experience and would be doing it again soon.

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