Brick wall at the 7-11 part 1
The local store saw many a face, regulars and tourists always a hang out spot.
The bikers often met there before heading to their next shindig.
Kyra was the newest member of staff and a rock chick herself and loved it when the guys pulled in on their bikes.

Always glossed her lips before they'd come in for fags or whatever.

A new face was noticed though, a long sandy haired guy with piercing blue eyes and leathers worn so bad but still so strong.

"Just the gum thanks." He said to Kyra.

She hit all the wrong buttons and the cash register wouldn't open, she was blushing and getting all jittery and nervous.

"Darren" - she shouted he was the boss man. "I've jammed the register."

"Hi, I'm Rick, listen don't worry about it I've the exact change here", and he reached into his skintight black jean pocket revealing an almighty length, Kyra couldn't keep her eyes off him.

She went to grab the change from his hand and was shaking So much, she dropped all the coins...

Boss man Darren arrived just on time. "Your due a smoke break Kyra go take 5 mins."

Clumsily she skit out through the back doors and couldn't get a fag out quick enough..

Deeply inhaling trying to relax, suddenly a figure was standing right beside her.
It was Rick, "you got a light?"

Kyra busted into a fit of laughter out of nerves and when she calmed down she started apologising for what had happened.

"Oh yeah, here's the lighter." It was a zippo with a naked cowgirl on it.
Rick commented on it and tried to catch eye contact.

Kyra puffed some more making little smoke circles with her mouth, then a mans voice shouted, "Rick"

It was his big brother they were about to head.

So you work everyday he asked?

No just today and Fridays,Wednesday today and Friday.

(Kyra thought how dumb she must of sounded.)

"Maybe see ya next week then." and he flicked his fag and give her a wink and walked on.

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