Brigette and Tristan
To Bridgette it was shocking and yet quite arousing. Her husband was whispering into her ear the fantasy he always had and she could not be any more happier to help him live it out.

The mechanics of it were simple enough, as were the rules. It was to be filmed by her husband and she was the only one to have a copy, in case things went south someday, as it sometimes did in marriages.

"So you want to watch me get gang-banged by complete strangers?"

"Well not strangers babe, their guys I work with. And its not really a gang-bang. Its 3 guys and me."

"If I let you join." She laughed.

Intrigued and a bit moist that this conversation was even happening she asked if she knew who the guys were.

"You've seen them before, I know that. Like at the company picnic and softball tournaments...they are nice guys, really."

"Are they married too?...I don't see how their wives would approve of this?"

"Single sweetie and like I said before, they are good guys."

Brigitte could not believe she was even considering this. Her secret fantasy that she never told anyone, not even her best friend about, was being proposed to her by her husband!!! Her pussy was wet and she felt a bit lightheaded as the conversation ensued.

"How did?...what made you even bring this up to them?...have they seen me?"

"They know your hot babe." Tristan laughed, remembering the company picnic last year where she wore her little sun-dress that left all the guys tongues hanging out. She was a beautiful woman and the kind who really did not know it. Tristan knew it the day he met her in school and felt lucky to have her interested in him, let alone end up marrying him!

Brigitte was flattered whenever her husband still called her hot or babe. She loved how he adored her and she adored him right back. He was a good man and handsome too.

Now he wanted to share her? in her fantasies? this even real? she thought as she remembered the videos of the gang-bangs she had masturbated to when alone. There was no way Tristan could have known about her fantasy since the 'for-her' web account with the porn videos was paid for by check, her own.

Her pussy now hot and moist she pulled her husband close to her face and said yes. He smiled and kissed her passionately as they fell down on the bed, her robe falling off to reveal her nicely shaped 36 year old body. The lovemaking that night could not have been better and the promise of her secret fantasy coming true made it all the more special.


"So what do I do?...just sit here while you introduce me or...?"

"Whatever you feel comfortable doing know that you can say no now and I would not think less of you one bit babe?" Tristan said, looking into his wife's beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh no honey, its your fantasy and I think you should be able to live it out sweetie." Brigitte replied, checking her make-up in the mirror.

She was dressed in a red skirt, not too tight but enough to show her curvaceous ass and sexy legs. She wore red heels, 3 inch, to match and the spaghetti straps on her dress kept falling off to one shoulder or another, making her feel sexy and breezy.

Her white panties were wet and the guys were not even here yet. She thought of blowing Tristan to get a rhythm going but knew he would say no. His main fantasy was to watch and film it. In the end, after the guys left, she would be his. She looked at Tristan and smiled, he smiled back and answered his cell-phone.

The guys were here.

Brigitte did not recognize any of them as they made their way into the great room where Tristan had laid out pillows and a futon mattress. The candles were burning and low, soft music hummed from the Bose system.

She was so excited that when Tristan tried to re-introduce them all she felt shy and her eyes were downcast under her auburn hair. It was like high school again she thought, when the boys ask a girl if she wants to party.

Three times she muttered "Brigitte" while Alex, Devon and Bryant were re-introduced to her by Tristan.

They seemed nice and polite and she wondered why she was being so bashful. It was her secret dream come true and she was going to live it up she decided, sitting down and slowly crossing her legs, exposing her white panties to the guys delight.

"So what did you boys come for? or a piece a me?"

She could not believe how direct she was and she was more than happy when Tristan said "you ready honey?" She just smiled back at him behind his camera and waved her fingers at the guys to come closer to her. "Take me boys."

Devon was the leader obviously, as a huge smile washed over his face and he walked up to a kneeling Brigitte. She reached out and unzipped his jeans, pulling a nice sized cock out. She licked the head and looked up at him, watching his eyes. She then cupped his balls and ran her tongue over his nice thick shaft. Tristan was shocked at how sexy his wife looked. His cock grew in his pants even more.

Alex and Bryant wasted no time in moving in. Brigitte was kneeling on the futon mattress and she was sucking Devon while Alex and Bryant undid their zippers and let their nice sized cocks fall out. Brigitte noticed Alex was the biggest and hardest. She reached over and stroked his shaft as she sucked on Devon's. Bryant began to finger her, pushing her panties aside. She moaned loudly and pulled her mouth away from Devon's engorged, wet cock.

"Baby...mmm" she was catching her breath " why don't you go down on me, here like this."

Brigitte slid her panties off, and with her red dress still on, spread her knees. Bryant did not need further instruction as he laid on the mattress on his back. Brigitte put her wet pussy in his face as she turned to suck Alex and was pleasantly surprised at how good Bryant was with his tongue, working around her clitoris.

She was taking both Alex and Devon in her mouth at once, sucking and licking their cocks as Bryant wet her pussy with his dab tongue. She was looking at Tristan when she pulled their cocks out of her mouth and noticed he was jerking off with his free hand. She smiled at him and wished she could help but was quite busy as she went back to bobbing her head down on 2 huge shafts. Bryant had now slid out from under her and now had his cock in her face also.

"Three huge cocks to suck, am I a lucky lady or what?" She thought as she grabbed Bryant's cock with both her hands, letting Alex and Devon back away.

Seeing Alex walk behind her, Brigitte knew what to do. She got on all fours and went back to sucking Bryant's dick while jerking off Devon and occasionally licking him.

Alex hiked her short dress up her back and pulled off her soaked white panties. He tossed them aside and spread her perfect 'three mile a day jogging' ass cheeks. She enthusiastically primed her tanned ass in the air toward Alex and wiggled it. Pulling Bryant from her mouth, she looked behind her at Alex and told him to fuck her good and hard. Alex nodded and put his cock against her pussy, feeling the wet heat emanate from her onto his cock before he plunged it in.

Brigitte bit down firmly but lightly onto Bryant's huge member that was in her mouth when Alex entered her. Bryant grimaced, more at the sight than the feeling and went back to slowly fucking her mouth with his nine inches as he tried to match Alex's tempo. Devon was next to Bryant, admittedly not getting the attention he wanted. He moved closer and tighter to Bryant and put his cock as close to Bryant's as he could, hoping Brigitte would get the hint.

She did. With all her effort she tried to open her mouth big enough to take both Bryant and Devon in at the same time. But it was too hard and the constant pounding she was taking from Alex was not making it easy to concentrate. Oftentimes she would stop sucking the two cocks all together and just feel her depths ravished by Alex's huge cock. When this happened she would look at Tristan and watch him watch her. "What was he thinking when he arranged this?...did he know I always wanted this?...OMG this is so hot, with three hot, huge guys, what more could a girl ask for?" She thought as she felt Alex go in and out of her while 2 huge cocks dangled in front of her beautiful, sexy face.

Tristan was not having any doubts and was thoroughly enjoying the show his wife and co workers were putting on. He thought of joining but liked the camera too much, besides his 5 inches were a bit small for the 'large cock' foursome his wife was enjoying. In the end she went to bed with him and she loved him, he thought, these gents only went to bed with memories.

Tristan watched his wife try to get the two huge members in her mouth at once and he knew it could not be done. For all the effort Brigitte put forth into accomplishing this task, it simply could not be done, her mouth was too small. She had Alex stop fucking her by putting her hands behind her on his stomach, slowing his tempo to a standstill and she breathed a big breath as she took a small break. She was going to surprise Tristan with something she always wanted to try, a good double penetration.

She asked him if he would like that he eagerly nodded as did Devon, Alex and Bryant. The only strange thing to Tristan was that when he tried to talk her into anal before she had always refused, saying he would hurt her. How the hell were these guys not going to hurt her he thought, on average they were at least four inches bigger than he was and that was when they were soft! Well it was a surprise for everyone he supposed.

Brigitte stood up and kicked off her heels, giddy and excitable as she pulled her red dress over her head. Her smile was infectious as she surveyed the guys, less Tristan.

Who was going where? she thought as she knelt down and stretched her neck muscles. Her head went from side to side and she saw Tristan beaming a huge smile toward her. She smiled back and called the 'boys' over.

They were standing around her, their cocks in her face in an instant as she licked all three of them and lubed Bryant and Devon's cocks up with ky. Devon was going backdoor and Bryant would ride front. Alex was going to get the blow-job of his life.

Bryant laid down on the floor, holding his 8" cock upright as Brigitte smiled and lowered herself onto it, moaning a little bit as she did so. Bryant held her hips and pushed in, pulling her down his greased, bulging pole. Devon was standing behind her, slowly jerking his cock as he watched Brigitte get accustomed to Bryant. When Brigitte was ready she looked behind her. first at Tristan and then at Devon. " You can come in now," she smiled at Devon, who needed no more said as he got on his knees behind her.

Devon pushed his member onto the walls of her inner ass cheeks, spread out now by Bryant's cock that was slowly fucking her. When Brigitte felt Devon just there, not even in her she spasmed and came, her body falling to Bryant's chest as he laughed.

"Hes not even in you and you came...this is gonna' be a wild ride!" He said to no one as Brigitte composed herself. She looked behind her at Devon and smiled, slightly embarrassed by coming so soon. Devon did not notice her or her smile, his eyes and cock were focused 100% on her asshole, which he was now pushing against with his nice sized cock.

"Nice and easy baby, nice and easy..." Bryant said as he held a still, but anxious Brigitte closer to him while Devon inserted his cock in her ass. He started slow, building a rhythm that matched Bryant's as Brigitte moaned and bit her lower lip. Her eyes were closed and her hands were behind Bryant's' head as she tried to kiss him but could not really concentrate on doing so. How was she going to suck Alex off had not even begun to form in her mind as she rocked her hips in-sync with the two cocks already in her.

Tristan was now pumping away at his cock as he watched his wife squirm between the two hung guys. He looked at Alex and asked him if he was going to join in soon, Alex nodded and walked up to the entangled bodies on the floor.

Tristan sat down with the camera still filming and sploshed all over his belly and chest, his cock was raging hard as it twitched uncontrollably in his hand as he watched his wife open her pretty mouth for Alex's huge member. He shuddered as the last drops were squeezed out. Brigitte, with Alex's cock now in her mouth, was looking at him sideways and smiling. He just stared back through the lens, spent and happy.

Brigitte was trying to deep-throat Alex but knew that would not happen as it was taking enough for her to keep up with Bryant and Devon plunging both of her holes. She settled for having him in her mouth an sucking and biting whenever Devon and Bryant's cocked touched between the thin walls inside of her, hitting her g-spot.

Bryant came first, exploding a stream of hot of cum in her that she could feel splashing into her, she moaned and pulled his nape tighter as Devon started to wobble a bit before shooting his load deep into her. His cum ran out of her and down her leg, intermingling with Bryant's cum that was still oozing out of her tight pussy.

She started to suck Alex harder as she fingered her clit, covered in the sweet mixed juices that Devon and Bryant had so adoringly deposited in her. She would bring these cum soaked fingers to her mouth and suck on them alternately as she sucked Devon's engorged cock. She was curious to see how all three of their cocks love juices would taste together and she started to work Alex's balls with her free hand. Feeling them tightening up, she braced herself for what she was sure was going to be a huge load from a huge cock.

Brigitte did not have to wait very long. Alex grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth furiously while he pursed his lips and breathed through flared nostrils. He shot his load into her eager, hungry mouth as she fingered herself quickly, trying to not waste any drops of his delicious cum.

She had them stand in front of her, three huge spent cocks, still dribbling cum. She called Tristan over and asked him to milk them for her into a glass. Tristan hesitated at first but figured why not and did so. When he was done, he handed the glass to her and she sipped it, before downing a couple shots worth of the mixed cum. She then swirled a bit in her mouth and open kissed a shocked Tristan.

"Thank you Baby..."

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