Brittany's Master - Part 2


He went to the cabinet and took something out, hiding it from her sight. Brittany's eyes lowered. Clark joined her on the bed, sitting on its border.

"You need to get spanked. Bend over my knees, slave." Clark motioned to Brittany. As ordered, she got up from the side of the bed and faced Clark for a second. Obediently, she draped her hands over his lap. Her bare bottom faced upwards towards him and her tits and legs hung down on either side. Brittany's ass was well rounded. Seeing her rear and knowing what he was about to do to it, stimulated Clark's energized pole further.

Brittany experienced first hand what he had kept from her. Called the Ultimate Sting Slapper, its name derived from the sting the black leather laces causes upon impact, he began spanking her using it. The first paddling was on the gentle side and he thought Brittany giggled slightly. That spurred him on to hit her harder. She let out a yelp as he whipped her behind the second time.

"Not finding it so funny this time, are you slave?" Clark laughed.

"No Master, please stop," Brittany begged.

"I'm just getting started," Clark insisted, realizing he was having a great time. Here was this naked defenseless girl and he was her Master. Clark couldn't quite believe it. He smiled mischievously and swatted her bottom once again, with even more force. He continued spanking her buttocks until both ass cheeks were beet red.

"Sit up," he told Brittany. She listened. Lifting herself off from his lap, she positioned herself upright next to him. Clark got up from the bed. He looked down at her sweet and innocent face and eyed her beautiful set of clamped breasts. She cringed from the twinge of pain she felt, seated on her abused backside. He suddenly had the urge to have his cock in her mouth. He thought about it for a second and decided against it. He thought that might be going beyond the boundaries of this arrangement. Brittany too was thinking about his dick and she saw his hesitation.

"Don't make me suck your cock, Master," Brittany pleaded while she looked up at him. Her tone made it clear that's exactly what she wanted him to do.

"You'll do whatever I tell you to do, slave. You'll do it well or there will be consequences." Clark removed both his pants and cotton briefs and threw both to the floor. His prick stood at attention and he placed it right by Brittany's red painted lips.

"Open wide, slut," Clark instructed. Brittany parted her lips for his cock's insertion. With a swift shove, he rammed his erect manhood into his slave's mouth. He pulled it out briefly and pushed it back in again, almost choking her with his powerful plunge. He fucked her orally until his balls were heavy with sperm waiting to be ejected. He shot streams of his hot cum down her throat.

"Swallow it, whore," he insisted. "I don't want to see a drop left." She happily obliged and opened her mouth so he would see that she followed what he demanded. He was satisfied and told her to wait a moment. There was a puddle on the floor, from Brittany's efflux of pussy juice. He took his handkerchief and cleaned up all the ceramic tiles that had Brittany's outpouring on them.

Clark walked over to the door, unlocked it and peered out with only his face in full view, checking to see if anyone had signed up for the room since they came. He wanted to make sure Pam wouldn't notice his absence either. He saw her in the distance busy talking to someone and there still wasn't anyone around waiting. Great, he thought to himself. He closed it shut and walked back over to Brittany. He got a large sheet protector out of the drawer and placed it strategically on the mattress, to ensure there wouldn't be any evidence left. He stripped off the vest and his shoes. He was totally naked.

"Lie down flat on the bed," he instructed her. She did as he ordered and he saw that beneath her pussy was the pad. He removed her high heels and put the cuffs firmly on her ankles and wrists, closing them tightly. Brittany was his prisoner, to do with as he desired. His limp prick got stiffer with that realization.

She laid spread eagle to give Clark access to what once was her private part but now belonged to him. Seeing her bound up and ready for him, whatever way he chose to take her, was a thrill unlike any other he had ever experienced. It didn't take much stroking to get his manhood firm and ready to spring into action.

Lying near her moist entrance, he rubbed the heel of her left shoe against her pussy lips and dropped the right one on the ground. The more he massaged it, the more soaked it became. Steadily he inched the pointed tip into her inviting twat. She softly moaned. Shoving it in deeper, he fucked her with it until he wanted her footwear out and his prick in. He withdrew it from her womanhood and her slit juices flowed from its peak, covering the length of the heel. Brittany was told to lick her nectar off of it. Clark held it to her face and she willingly lapped it up with her eager tongue. When she was done, he dropped the shoe to the ground. He stuck his stirring cock into her slushy hole and he pumped her energetically. He was on top of her, with the full weight of his body pressed against hers.

"Fuck, your pussy feels great, slave." He groaned and continued driving his prick in deep.

"OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh Keep pounding your whore," she begged. He didn't need convincing. He penetrated her sharply and relentlessly until he squirted his sperm deeply into her hot cunt. Her body shook and her muscles contracted shortly thereafter, her cum soaking his dick.

"You like it, don't you slave? You like to be used by your Master." Clark said, after removing his flaccid rod from its haven and resting a moment.

"Yes I do, Master." Brittany smiled, spent and content.

"Get dressed," he dictated, after removing the clamps from her tits and releasing her from her attachments. They both got up from the bed. He quickly changed back into the clothes he was originally wearing. Brittany did the same. He threw out the wet sheet protector in the ensuite's bathroom and speedily sterilized the nipple clamper and slapper and cuffs, with a sex toy cleaner that was in easy reach.

"That was great, Master," Brittany was appreciative. "Thank you so much."

"You're very welcome," Clark said, feeling somewhat guilty at having sex where both he and Pam worked. He had cheated on her many times before but not right under her nose.

"I'd like to buy what you used on me," Brittany said. She handed over the supplementary credit card her dad gave her on his account. This little princess always gets what she wants.

"I'll get you new ones and meet you at the counter so I could ring it in," Clark replied.

He unlocked the door and both Brittany and Clark left the room. After he had the new items in hand, he charged them to her father's card and gave her the package. She handed him a small note with her phone number on it. He considered getting rid of it but something kept him from doing so. He instead stuck it in his pocket.

Pam hadn't noticed he was gone so long. She was up to her ears in customers. Every now and then, Clark could hear Janet's or Sam's moans during their demonstrations. Several times during the day, Clark had to escape to the men's room to take care of his uprising prick. Instead of getting less busy after the opening wore off, business boomed. Word of mouth of their toy presentations brought in a ton of customers daily. They could barely keep enough inventory on hand. Clark fought off the urge to call Brittany but a week later, she was back in the store.

"Hi Master," she winked as she walked up to him.

To be continued...
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