Brittany's Master - Part 7

Something about the lights and the men and her cunt open wide and on display, made her climax. At least it did that first time. She stopped cumming on stage but the fans she accumulated still called her that moniker.

When she finished her first set, Bob congratulated her on a job well done. Adam took her into a nearby room and had her take care of his cock.

"Suck my lollipop, Candy." He thought he was hysterical. Brittany hated him with a passion. She sucked his prick until he shot a huge load in her mouth.

"Swallow it, whore." She drank it down. Adam was satisfied and left.

Candy performed well and the audiences kept coming nightly to see her. She was raking in the money, which went directly into Adam's greedy hands. He demanded every cent she received. Adam and Brittany announced their engagement at Adam's insistence. Her dad was surprised because he didn't think Brittany even liked him. He asked if she was happy and Brittany lied to her father. He wanted his little girl's wedding to be her dream one so he arranged for a wedding planner to handle everything. He saw that Brittany seemed stressed. She passed it off as pre-wedding jitters.

One day the following week, Bob let her know that after work she was to come to his office. She was introduced to a guy named Rick. He was seated on a chair and Bob let her know that she was to entertain him. She winced at the thought of doing anything with this ugly man. Besides his unattractive features, he was old enough to be her father, grossly overweight and short. He paid Bob $500 and she was led out the backdoor with Rick.

Rick led her to his Ferrari and she sat on the plush seats. He closed her door and went into the driver's side and off they went to his place. After they went to his penthouse suite, he locked the door behind them and grabbed himself a whiskey and sat on the dark sofa. She didn't know whether to stand or sit, when the decision was taken out of her hands.

"Dance for me. I want a private show," he informed Brittany.

Brittany slowly and teasingly removed her sheer black blouse and silky red skirt. She was braless and had no panties on underneath. Rick unzipped his pants and pulled out a dick that matched his outer appearance. It was short and fat.

"Keep dancing," Rick ordered.

Brittany moved her hips from side to side and her tits bounced. Rick stroked his manhood. She was totally disgusted watching him masturbate. The more she swayed, the quicker he rubbed his energized rod. The only thing left on her was her thigh highs and high-heeled shoes.

"Get down on your knees and suck my prick," Rick said.

She walked over to where he sat. Brittany lowered herself to her knees and forced herself to open her mouth to take in his piece of meat. She wanted to throw up at the sight of him and his dick but didn't dare.

"Look straight up at me. I want to watch you." Brittany gazed at Rick's eyes as she stuffed her mouth with his pulsating cock. He groaned loudly watching this young, beautiful girl tend to his prick. She had no problem deep throating his stub. She didn't gag. She fully enclosed it down to its small balls. His buildup of hot cum poured down Brittany's throat. She wanted to spit it out.

"Swallow it, slut," he bellowed as he shot his load. She drank every drop of his sperm.
Rick seemed content. Brittany felt sick to her stomach.

"You're bought and paid for, so relax a bit and then we'll continue," Rick said and promptly snoozed off on the couch. Brittany waited for him to wake up, praying he'd sleep through the night. No such luck. He woke up an hour later and he was raring to go. He paid for an evening with a whore and he wasn't about to sleep it away.

He wanted her to get him hard again and to ride his dick. He led her to the master bedroom. He got naked and she shuddered at the sight of this nude man whose dick would soon be inside her. He sat on the bed and she massaged his flaccid pole until it was upright. She removed her stilettos. It wasn't easy to mount him.

He lay under her and her legs had to be far apart to get around his wide body. She lowered her body until her cunt lips reached his cock. She used her fingers to guide it in her reluctant hole and slid down its negligible length. She tried to be enthusiastic as she moved up and down above him. He grabbed her tits and fondled them. He sucked on each nipple, one at a time. He grunted like an animal as this cowgirl put on the act of her life. He emptied his seed inside her deep hole. It had a far distance to flow to reach the depth of her pussy. A part of him would always remain inside her and that thought repulsed her. Brittany didn't cum. She barely felt his dick as she fucked him.

Rick needed a break once again and he was soon out like a light. Brittany fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, only to be awakened by Rick in the middle of the night wanting another bang for his buck. He woke Brittany up, not caring about her whatsoever. He lifted her and leaned her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his huge waist. He penetrated her slightly dry entrance with powerful plunges, moaning noisily from the pleasure of feeling young bought cunt. Brittany was amazed that for an old guy, he still had more cum to fill her slit. She wished the well ran dry but it didn't seem to. Again, his spunk drained into her twat.

This time Rick needed more time to recuperate and Brittany was grateful that he slept for 5 hours. She hoped when he would get up, it would be the end of the nightmare but she was wrong. He made a phone call. Right after, he informed Brittany that he had arranged with Bob to pay extra to have her stay the weekend. She was mortified when he passed her the receiver so that Bob could confirm the deal. It was settled; Rick had paid for her until Sunday night. That left the rest of that day and the next. Brittany excused herself to go to the ladies room and wept that this vile man would be able to use her for 2 more days. Use her he did. For 2 long days, Rick fucked all her holes many times over. He took her doggie style and bent her over the sofa to fuck her ass, to name just a couple of the ways he abused her body. Every part of her was sore because he used large dildos besides his little pecker.

Adding to the ordeal, Rick was very oral. Brittany had to let him tongue her with his disgusting tongue. The thought of it slivering inside her private entrance repelled her all the more. He went to town, diving into her delicious cunt. Despite her repulsion, Brittany reacted to his tongue fucking and orgasmed repeatedly into Rick's exuberant mouth. His face was awash with her pussy juices.

There was something else that sickened Brittany even more than all the rest. Rick loved golden showers. When he had to urinate, Brittany assumed he would do as he had done before, get up and go to the washroom. No such luck. He wanted Brittany to be the recipient of his hot yellow urine. She would be his human urinal.

"Open your mouth. I have something to give you," Rick commanded.

His hose went into her mouth and she had to drink his piss. She was nauseated by having to taste urine, especially his, and worse yet she had to pretend to enjoy it. She smiled on the outside as her mouth filled with his foul outpouring and cried on the inside, humiliated by this revolting act. For variation, sometimes he took her to the shower and sprayed his urine on her beautiful face or tits. Before turning on the tap, he would watch as it streamed down her body. She smelled from its stench. He would then tell her to shower and called her a filthy whore.

When Sunday night finally arrived, Brittany was driven back to the club and let off. She did her shift at work, visibly shaken from her weekend experience. Adam was ecstatic by the amount of money she was raking in for him. He was even happier when he summoned her to service him Monday night. She seemed like she'd aged quite a bit since her slavery began. She appeared helpless with no fight left in her, merely agreeing to anything he demanded and carrying out his wishes. She sucked him, fucked him, had things stuck in her holes, licked, got spanked, and anything else he did she went along with, no questions asked. She was his obedient little servant. It should have been enough for Adam but it wasn't. He wanted her to suffer more.

Brittany's secretarial day job was unaffected by her new position and her father and stepmother were none the wiser. She had always gone out at night to see friends. They assumed she was still doing that when she left for the nightclub. Brittany's friends lost interest since she was never available and she was warned by Adam not to tell anyone about him blackmailing her.

The wedding date was set for a few months later. Brittany could hear the excitement in Adam's voice one night, as he told her to come to his place right after work. Adam realized that he didn't want Brittany to be a high-class hooker except occasionally, to bring him big bucks. What he most wanted was for her to be a common prostitute, used and abused by men off the street looking for a $20 fuck/blowjob. He wanted her to be taken to run-down hotels with dirty linens and treated like a cheap tramp. He was out for blood since her dad hired someone externally to be manager of all the assistants, instead of promoting Adam, his future son-in-law. He couldn't do anything to the father but he could to his daughter and he was going to do just that. Brittany's father told her that he didn't like to mix business with his personal life and felt Adam wasn't right for the promotion. He didn't have the leadership qualities needed for the managerial spot. He hoped Brittany would understand. She told her dad that she was fine with it.

Adam knew the sleazy area of town quite well; picking up women on the streets was how he got laid. He had heard about a pimp around town and it wasn't hard for him to find him. Adam arranged for Brittany to join Dirk's stable, with Adam getting a small percentage for every client she had. He would still get her tips and earnings from her stripping and Bob's clients. This was more about revenge than cash so it was fine with him.

"Know what you are now, slave?" Adam laughed as he told her about her new duties. "You're a hooker. Your pimp will report back to me so don't screw up."

To be continued...
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