Brittany's Master - Part 9
"OMG," was all Brittany could manage. Roger sat down quietly on a nearby chair. He didn't want to interrupt such an important father-daughter conversation.

Mr. White continued, "Roger told me about your ordeal. Forgive him for not coming clean earlier but he had to get to the bottom of why you were selling yourself. I didn't want to hire a private eye, for fear things could leak out depending on what was found out. I preferred someone I could trust. I knew Roger from dealings I've had over the years and that's why I hired him to work for me at work and to help me out with you. I wanted someone you wouldn't know. On the day he started checking on you, he called and informed me that you were soliciting sex on the street. I told him to do what was necessary. I wanted you to be able to get comfortable enough to confide in him. Despite my obvious disliking of how he would find out, there was no other way. We both knew that if you wouldn't tell me, he had to gain your confidence in order for you to tell him." Roger looked apologetic.

"I'm so sorry, Brittany," Roger started.

"Roger, please leave me alone with my daughter. Thank you for everything." Roger left them alone to talk.

"You should have told me what Adam did. I would have stopped him," Mr. White said to his only child.

"I was afraid to dad. I didn't know how you'd react. I didn't want to hurt you and
I knew Linda would have me kicked out of the house and your life if she could," Brittany explained.

"Honey, don't you know that nothing you could ever do, would make me stop loving you? I'm so sorry that my actions have made you doubt that. By the way sweetheart, that's the second thing I wanted to talk to you about. Linda and I are getting a divorce. Things haven't been good for quite awhile." He looked relieved not upset as he told her.

"Based on what Roger said, I assume you'd have no issue with coming to work for me and quitting your other jobs. Am I correct, Brittany?" Brittany was thrilled that her dad was finally letting her into the family business but even more so that her hooking days were over. She liked stripping but she could easily give that up.

"Of course, dad." She grinned from ear-to-ear and gave him a kiss on his left cheek.

"You've grown up plenty in the past little while. It's time I give you some responsibilities in the company you're going to inherit after I'm gone. We do have one thing outstanding. What would you like me to do about Adam? Any suggestions?" he asked Brittany. They had a long discussion about that.

Adam got to his office the next morning at 9am sharp. There was a note on his desk to come to Mr. White's office. Adam was surprised that the head honcho was summoning him. Despite him being Brittany's fiance, they rarely talked. There were rumors that changes were happening and he hoped it meant that Roger would be fired and he would finally get that promotion he had waited for, for years.

"Sit down, Adam. How long have you worked for me?" Mr. White asked him.

" A long time, Sir." Adam answered.

"Don't you think it's time you got what you deserved?"

"Definitely Mr. White. Absolutely." Adam excitedly responded.

"Glad we agree. I'm moving you to a new position. It will take some training but
I'm sure you'll do just fine. Report to Roger and he'll take you to the new area you'll be working in. Of course, your pay will be adjusted to reflect your new duties."

"Of course, Sir." Adam went straight to Roger's desk, triumphant that all his hard work would finally pay off. He felt that his new job must be higher than Roger's, hopefully VP, since Roger wasn't fired. Roger led Adam into the elevator and together they went down to the basement. Adam had never gone down there before. He had no reason to.

"Someone new is starting today with you, Adam. I'll take you to her office," Roger said.

Roger knocked on the door. The sign on it said Janitorial Services. Roger walked in. Adam followed looking confused. Sitting at the desk with her business suit on was Brittany.

"This is your new boss, Adam. From now on, you'll be a janitor for the company. You will receive minimum wage," Roger informed his ex assistant.

Adam nearly fainted but then he remembered the recording Harry held for him.

"You won't get away with this. I'll ruin you and your father. I'll show the recording of you getting gangbanged on YouTube." He stared at Brittany victoriously. Brittany took something out of her drawer.

"You mean this one?" she retorted.

She opened the video camera and switched it to playback mode and clicked play. It began showing all the men that were present that fateful evening that changed her life. She was on it too, with the mask on. When it got to the part that would have revealed Brittany's face, Harry's son's birthday party played instead. Harry had purposely taped over the incriminating parts involving Brittany.

"Clark helped me when I told him what you did. He told Harry and they both cooperated fully. You were so sure that you'd never need it so you got careless. You should have gotten it from Harry when you had the chance," Brittany relished telling Adam.

"Clark and Harry were only too glad to assist me when they heard how despicable you were to me. If you dare do anything to cause us any more trouble or even do a lousy job or quit, we will bring you up on blackmailing charges so quickly it will make your head spin. Harry and Clark already agreed to testify, should we need them to. Now get to work. I want to see all the floors scrubbed on your hands and knees and don't forget the toilets." Brittany laughed. "By the way, our engagement is off and I quit my other jobs. Ordering you around is the only position I want. When I'm not available, Sheila next door will be watching you and reporting back to me."

Adam looked beaten and was given his new ugly uniform to wear. Brittany had him start with the toilets on the first floor. She left him cleaning one of the many toilet bowls in the large washroom after alerting Sheila to supervise. She went to talk to Roger, feeling good for the first time in months.

Brittany and Roger had a long conversation. He told her that everything they shared was real. He had to get to the bottom of things so her dad could understand why she was doing something like that and help her. Brittany understood and forgave him. He really had been cheated on and all the intimate details he told her about himself were accurate. They started dating and it wasn't long before Mr. White proudly and happily announced the engagement of his daughter Brittany to Roger, his new VP Marketing.

Clark was shocked to hear about Adam and what he had done to Brittany. He felt responsible in part but Brittany assured him that it wasn't his fault. Clark and Adam were no longer friends. Clark wanted nothing more to do with him. Clark loved dominating Brittany and it was time to find a new submissive. Whenever a new woman showed interest in the BDSM room at Sex Toys "R" Us, Clark took notice of her to see if she had potential. Unfortunately Brittany was the only one that asked him to participate in a demonstration so he had to find some other place to seek out a new sub. Besides, it was too close to home with Pam around. He didn't want to tempt fate twice.

Clark instead joined some BDSM adult sites online and advertised that he was looking for a woman to dominate. The response was overwhelming; there was an abundance of females wanting to be submissive to such a handsome man. Clark screened those who wrote him, one by one, and narrowed the field down to 5 women he liked best. He decided to speak to each of them on the phone, to see if their Master/sub chemistry would work.

First there was Annette. She sounded sweet, too sweet. When she heard that Clark likes to put nipple clamps on tits and ties up woman using ankle and wrist cuffs, she bailed out. She thought BDSM was strictly being called names. Next he spoke to Gina. Gina was hard to understand. She had a strong accent and unless he kept her gagged all the time, it wouldn't work out. Her voice would drive him crazy. He made up an excuse so he wouldn't hurt her feelings. Debra wanted to dominate him in return and that wasn't going to happen. He was a Dom not a switch. That left Fiona and Jacqueline.

They both sounded perfect. Fiona was young yet a successful businesswoman used to being in charge at work. In her off hours, she enjoyed being controlled instead. The timing was perfect since her Master had recently relocated. Jacqueline on the other hand, was married to a guy that she wanted to dominate her, at least in bed. He just didn't have the balls to do it. She was looking for a guy on the side to meet those needs. This would be her first such experience and she was looking forward to it.

Clark couldn't choose between Fiona and Jacqueline so he did what any man in his situation would do. He decided to have 2 subs. He felt it best to not tell each about the other. He thought they would feel more special if they thought they were his only sub. They did know he was married though. He felt that would be too difficult to hide and neither one minded he had a wife.

Fitting them both in, not to mention his spouse, would be a struggle but he would work it out. Part of his strategy was to fuck Pam during working hours whenever possible. They booked themselves into one of the vacant rooms when not in use and when someone was there to serve customers. Fiona and Jacqueline committed to different weeknights and each had an alternate Sunday, unless they had something scheduled they couldn't get out of. Saturdays were reserved for Pam. Clark came up with cover stories to explain his nights and Sundays out, thanks to his pals and Pam was too busy or too sexually satisfied from their almost daily screw to care. He had it down to a science.

Clark made agreements with both, as to their boundaries and safe words. When that word would be said, whatever Clark would be doing, he would stop and they would talk to see what limit was crossed. Clark decided not to have gangbangs with either woman. He found from his last experience that he preferred being the sole Master.

Clark loved going over to Fiona's right after she finished work, on her assigned evenings. She was a buxom blonde with curves in all the right places and legs that wouldn't quit. There was something especially enjoyable about making "the boss" his personal slave. He would force her down on the floor while she wore the perfect professional outfit. Clark lifted her skirt so that it clung to her waist, moved her cotton panties down her gorgeous legs and then spanked her behind while she cried out. He used a paddle, flogger or anything he could find to whip her.

"Thank me for spanking your ass, slave," Clark ordered.

"Master, thank you so much for spanking me. I deserved it," Fiona complied. When her rear was raw, he would stop and work on making other parts of her sore.

Fiona's apartment was nicely decorated and she had a spare room devoted to her sexual hobby. That was where their rendezvous took place. Having her arms and legs strapped to a bench while her pussy got thrust by a fucking machine, excited both of them. It had a huge 12" black dildo attachment that pumped into her moistened cunt. Sometimes she'd be totally nude but other times, only her lower half would be exposed. He would unzip his pants and masturbate while watching her adventures but he made sure not to explode. He wanted to save that for afterwards. Clark liked her wet slit getting pounded at its maximum speed of close to 300 thrusts per minute until she couldn't take any more. Her efflux of cum covered the rubber prick and her red pussy became so tender that it hurt for days.

Her asshole being fucked was an even bigger turn-on for them. He didn't use lubrication to ease the instrument inside her. That would have spoiled the effect. He did change the attachment to a 7" size since it would have been impossible for the foot long one to get inserted into her rear opening.

"Master, I can't take it. It's killing me," she yelled out something to that effect, at the beginning of each anal session.

"That's too bad, slave. I want to watch your ass get screwed and that's all that counts," Clark retorted in not so many words.

As the machine continued its insertions into her tight butt hole, her body learned to tolerate the pain. She hungered for agony turning into vivid pleasure, part and parcel of all her submissive undertakings. Ultimately her body convulsed as her intense orgasms took hold.

When she was tired and spent, that was Clark's cue to untie her from her restrictions on the bench. He'd take her to the bed and fuck her sensitive skin. At times it bled slightly from all the abuse it took. His sperm shot inside her soaked slit. He would look at her almost passed out on the bed, his semen dripping out of her twat and he'd leave. She liked feeling like a whore, having her Master exit that way.

Jacqueline was a different ball game.

To be continued...
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