Brother Darling
Brother Darling

I heard a knock at the bathroom door and instantly rolled my eyes. It figures the minute I sneak into the bathroom to take a nice hot bath, my brother will inevitably have to pee. "What?" I hollered sarcastically. "What do you want?"

"I have to pee," cried my younger brother who always treated me like a younger sister, though I was a year older than he. He was just 16 and already all the girls at school were after him, though he was modest about it. Even I couldn't help but notice he was quite a hunk but he was my brother and I was NOT hot for him. I told myself that nearly every day.

"Well," I questioned. "Come in and pee. Just don't be trying to look."

He chuckled slightly and then mumbled. "What ev." He said, blowing air quickly through his nose creating a seemingly silent snort. I laid my neck against the cold porcelain of the tub and closed my eyes. I was startled slightly by the sound of his stream hitting the water in the bowl of the toilet. It was a very powerful stream compared to my little trickle but he was a boy and I was a girl and as far as I knew, that was the way things were now as we were both becoming adults.

"You should sit down!" I shouted. "You're gonna get piss all over the seat and you know Mom hates that!" I did, too but it was easier to look like I was trying to save him from the angry sounds that will inevitably pummel his ears several hours from now. He laughed and I noticed the change in flow of his stream with every chuckle. I softly through a hand over my mouth in the event I couldn't help myself from busting out in laughter.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" He asked, quickly changing the subject. Water swished around in the tub as I frantically tried to catch the soap falling into the warm, silky water that encased my relaxed body. "Huh?" He said, letting me know I couldn't answer him fast enough.

"They went out to breakfast and then shopping or movie or something." I said while brushing my fingers over my nipples and getting them erect. "I dunno, They're like out all day or something. We're on our own for food. Do you want me to make you breakfast?" I asked sweetly like mother would do.

"No, that's cool." He said. "Thank you, though. That's really nice of you to think of me but I'm going back to bed." He said slowly scooting toward the door and then I heard the bathroom door open. "Tired..." The door closed slowly and then clicked shut. I stared at my breasts momentarily and then my eyes ran all the way down my body to my toes and a thought came across my mind. "Fat." I truly don't know what I was thinking then as I was a mere 110 lbs and 5 foot 4 inches. I wish I had known how attractive I was then but no one could have told me any different.

I could feel the pruning begin in my fingers and toes so I decided I had more than enough of my bath time. I stood up and let the water drip from me, leaned down to flip the lever of the drain and drew back the shower curtain. I grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped it around my breasts, opened the bathroom door and headed to my brother's room. He glanced at me as I quickly waltzed past his bed and stuck my head into his closet.

"What are you doing?" He asked sincerely.

"I'm looking for a sweat shirt." I said frankly. I found a long grey sweat shirt and stretched my arms through it. Pulling it over my head with a flick of my wrists, I smiled at him and batted my eyes. "Thank you!" I said and stuck my butt out and headed towards his door.

"So you're the one who has all my sweat shirts!" He said sitting up slightly. I watched the covers slide down his stomach and droop over his hips. I am pretty sure I could make out the outline of his cock through the covers and it looked like quite an erection he had going on there. I reached under the sweatshirt and yanked off the towel, pulling it out from under the shirt. I watched the cover jump slightly but didn't think about what I was seeing until moments later.

"Relax." I said. "I'll wash them all tomorrow so you will have them for school." I noticed he was getting a little embarrassed or uncomfortable for a brief moment as he adjusted the covers over his mid section. If he hadn't wanted me to see then that was the wrong thing to do. When he pulled up the covers his cock just rolled around inside and made the shape of him more prevalent. I was getting turned on and then realized that I was looking at my brother. His tool seemed to be huge, though and I couldn't help but try to get a better look. "You got any socks?" I said turning around towards his dresser and pulling open his sock drawers which happen to be the very bottom drawer. I grabbed a pair of thick, warm socks, shut the drawer and turned around to answer to his mumbling. His eyes were wide and I watched him take a good hard swallow, then realized I must have flashed him my whole ass. "Damn," I thought to myself. "How embarrassing." I noticed he was having a really hard time getting comfortable and for a brief moment I felt really attractive. If I could get my brother hot and bothered, I must be somewhat attractive.

"Make sure you wash all the socks you've stolen, too." He said. "I'm almost out completely." I watched him pull the covers up again and it was so obvious that his boner was not going anywhere and it begged my curiosity.

"Oh!" I cried as I jumped onto his bed right beside him and sat Indian style. "How did your date go last night?" I asked in a sarcastically curious tone. "Was she the girl of your dreams?" He jumped slightly as I landed on the bed but relaxed when he realized I wasn't going to tickle him. He rolled slightly to his side and laid his head in his hand.

"She left me hangin." He said with a chuckle. "What a tease."

"What????" I hollered. "What kind of A-hole thing is that to say?" I reached over to slap him and he backed off, flailing his hands in front of him and laughing. "You better say your prayers, Boy!" I stated and began to lightly slap him but he kept batting my hands away. "That's it, Buddy!" I cried.

"No!" He yelled as he squirmed to get away from me. He managed to squeak out one word between his laughs. "Stop!" I jumped on top of him and started tickling him but soon realized his squirming was running his hard cock between my lips and I was starting to enjoy it very much. I dug my heels under his thighs and pulled him into me harder and found that depending on where I tickled him I could almost control where his thick head went and I strived to get his cock to slide under my clitoris. In the sexual frenzy of my mind I had forgotten that I was on top of my little brother but the feel of his warm, wet tool fleeting across my love button and the complete sense of control over his movements drove me to up the ante. I leaned towards his chest and dug a finger into his rib cage sending his hips way up in the air and I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco but I was severely caught off guard when the full length of his cock plunged deep into dripping vagina. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped wide open as we slowly descended to the bed. I stopped instantly but I don't think he knew what had just happened as he tried to tickle me back but noticed I was in some kind of shock. "Oh" I said slowly. "My.......God." He stopped and I grabbed his hands. "Don't ........ move!"

"What?" He asked frantically. "Whats wron...." He stopped suddenly as if the realization had settled in and then I felt a pulsation within me and just as my brother tried to move, I shoved his hands up into my shirt and placed them over my supple breasts and held them there. My head went back and my body began to shake. I was having an orgasm and I had thought that only I could do that. I took a deep breath and let it out, shaking my head. My brother grabbed me by the hips and pushed me over to the side and slowly removed his thick cock from while biting his lower lip. "I am so sorry" he said as the head of his cock flipped up and out of my love nest, spraying me with my own juices. I grabbed his hard tool as he was backing away on his knees apologetically.

"Don't you go anywhere." I said in an evil tone, pulling his cock over my stomach. "You're mine right now, Son!." I grabbed the back of his thigh with my other hand and pulled myself up toward the head of his cock which started getting harder and harder. I slide his hardening cock through my hand like I meant it and pointed at my breast while getting myself into position.

"What are you doing?" He said half heartedly as if he knew, didn't want to know, didn't want to think about it but knew it felt good. I watched his face as he covered his eyes while I shook the head of his cock across my hardening nipple. I rubbed the slick liquid around my areola with the head of his penis and slid my fingers just under his pulsating head. "Fuck!" He yelled and started to breath heavy and jerked his cock out of my hand. I saw him thrust forward as I was trying to catch his cock and it swung like a bat right in front of me shooting a very thick stream of pearly goodness across my cheek, across the bridge of my nose and right under my eye. I was able to get a hold of his bucking bronco and I held my lips up the underneath while my hand was across the top of his head and I squeezed him between my mouth and hand while he thrust through it. A warm stream slid down my cheek and dripped off my chin and he thrust himself again and coated my arm. He shook momentarily and I slowly laid him back and petted his throbbing monster. Another little drop came to the tip and pushed my thumb over it, stuck my thumb in my mouth and sat up. He let out a deep breath.

"We should do that more often, Bro!" I said with a chuckle and skipped out of his room. "You want pancakes?" I yelled from the kitchen.

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