Brother and sister with benefits 10 of 13
Then it looked like we were both gonna crack faster than a giant rock hitting glass.

"Holy shit, you two are fucking each other, aren't you?" Nicole asked.

Then we both took very deep breaths. She busted us, what could we do really? She picked up on that and we cracked, so really we didn't have any other options.

"Well, what is it lust? You just wanted to cross 'Have incestuous sex' off your bucket list?" Nicole asked.

"No mom, we're brother and sister with benefits actually," Don replied.

Then she just had the biggest stunned look on her face, as if she saw 10 ghosts on a murdering rampage.

"That's good. You can have sex, but no one will ever suspect you. I mean how many brothers and sisters fuck each other?" Nicole asked.

"No one, so you are not mad?" I asked.

"Fuck yes I'm mad, why didn't you at least tell me about this? What if I waled in on you two doing it?" Nicole asked.

"Well, when you called we had to speed things up," Don replied.

Then she quickly put that together too.

"So you two were having sex when I called you?" Nicole asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Wow, I completely did not see that coming either. So you two just have sex and what exactly?" Nicole asked.

"Well, we've gone on dates too, and she is on birth control if you are wondering," Don replied.

"No shit? What about Julie though? This will probably break her heart," Nicole said.

"She kind of already knows about us," I replied slowly.

Then she had a very stunned look on her face.

"She fucking knows already?" Nicole asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"She knew before I knew? Before your own mother?" Nicole asked.

"We're sorry, this wasn't planned too much, he just offered this after I had some really shit luck with dates. She found out the hard way," I replied.

"Oh, how did that go though?" Nicole asked.

"Could have been worse," Don replied just before he kissed me once.

"Wow, that's a little out there. Cool I guess," Nicole said.

"Well we're just comfortable I guess. You know we thought we'd thought you'd be pissed off or something obviously. So that's why we kept it a secret," I replied.

"OK but Don, why didn't you tell me you were dating Julie again?" Nicole asked.

"Yeah I got nothing," Don replied.

So she seemed to be OK with it as well. Why, I wasn't sure. Maybe she just knew we were so close something had to be happening with us. So she just let it go and didn't really ask a shitload of questions.

"Well, so are you gonna put a stop to it if you get Julie pregnant?" Nicole asked.

"Yes, but we're just gonna cross that bridge when we get to it we guess. Julie was OK with our arrangement and we haven't talked about kids, but we're having a good time right now, so we'll see where it goes when the time comes," Don replied.

"OK then. Well this was quite a surprise, I thought you two be shooting porn before I thought you two be doing each other," Nicole said.

"Well let's be clear, we just do it eery now and then, we don't do it everyday, just every other day maybe We're probably doing it a little more now than when we started, but still it's not like we're planning a wedding," I replied.

"Well if you do then you are gonna have to tell your dad, but I'm guessing you wanna keep it on the down low for now right?" Nicole asked.

"It be nice," Don replied.

"I can keep a secret, even with facebook and twitter," Nicole said.

"Thank you," I replied.

"Well, I'm not gonna blackmail you two into coming over, but it would be nice if you came over every now and again," Nicole said as she got up.

"OK mom, how about tonight for dinner then?" I asked.

"Perfect, I can give you ride, save a little gas money," Nicole replied.

"Sure," I said.

Then we all headed outside and went over to our mom and dad's house for dinner. We had no idea what they had planned, but it had been awhile since we went over there, so it's not like we could say we were busy. So we went over there and found dad cooking some chicken.

"I thought we got rid of you two?" Chuck our dad asked.

"You are still funny dad," Don replied.

"Damn right I'm, and I'm here all week," Chuck said.

He was flipping some chicken and Nicole was setting the table.

"I see your mom suckered you into eating with us," Chuck said.

"Yeah, you could say that," Don replied.

"Well I'd just say with the chicken, your mom started a rumor that there is something wrong with it," Chuck said.

"But you are the one cooking," I replied.

"I know and I believe her," Chuck said.

Then we went in the living with our mom and sat down.

"So has this been going on long?" Nicole whispered.

"Can we talk about this later mom, dad is right there," I replied.

"Sure that's fine," Nicole said.

I think she wanted to know more, but was afraid of asking us everything eight away, so she delayed it, but that didn't last long. About 15 minutes later dad had the dinner ready, and we sat down to eat.

"So what have you two been up to?" Chuck asked.

"Nothing just chilling with my sis and Julie, you remember her?" Don asked.

"Yes the blonde from a few years ago?" Chuck asked.

"Yes her, and we started dating a few weeks ago," Don replied.

"No kidding. Well cool, I knew one of you would have to find someone to date sooner or later. You live with someone that you grew up with, you had to go nuts eventually," Chuck said.

"Well I wouldn't say that, I mean she is my sweet sis, so maybe a little," Don replied.

We all laughed, but I pinched his leg under the table. Then he turned to me and ave me a brief dirty look.

"Hey, don;t give your sister a dirty look, be nice to her," Chuck said.

"I'll do my best," Don replied.

We chattered a bit more over dinner and finished up. Once we were done my mom was doing dishes and I was there helping while Chuck and Don were watching a sports game on TV.

"So, are you happy?" Nicole asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I just mean are you happy, do you wanna be with him?" Nicole asked.

Then I turned to her and hugged her.

"Fuck I gotta tell someone. Yes, I love him. I wanna be with him, but he is with her. I mean she is so damn nice and they are great together, don't get me wrong, but I wanna be with him," I replied.

She hugged me for about 30 seconds and I sparked a couple tears.

"Why don;t you tell him then, just break it to him, he'll understand," Nicole said.

"But I told him like a hundred times we were just brother and sister with benefits, and I don't wanna make him unhappy," I replied.

She had no idea what to say, what could she say? She just found out about us, but that didn't change how I felt about Don though.

"Well I don't know what to say, even if I didn't know about you two, I'd still tell you I had no idea what to say. If you are in love with him and he loves you, well just hold your breath at least for a little while. Things change," Nicole said.

"OK mom, I love you," I replied.

"I know you do, I love you too. At least talk to him about it OK? It's wroth a shot," Nicole said.

"OK mom," I replied.

We finished up the dishes and went into the living room. I sat with Don and Nicole sat with our dad. We watched the remainder of the game and we were ready to go.

"Well just remember, don't be strangers," Chuck said.

"We won't dad," I replied.

"OK, we'll see you later, maybe if you'd invite your parents over every now and then too," Chuck said.

"OK maybe next week," Don replied.

"See, he listens, but her, she is stubborn and never listens," Chuck said.

"Funny daddy," I replied as I hugged him.

Eventually we left and went home. We both crashed onto the couch and cuddled while we watched Seinfeld for a little while.

"Was something wrong in the kitchen sis, it sounded like someone was crying," Don said.

"Oh that was nothing, don;t worry about it," I replied.

"Sis you couldn't be a convincing lair years ago and you still suck, no offense. What's wrong, you can tell me? I think that was a benefit even before we hooked up," Don said.

Then I cracked a little smile.

"Made you smile, I guess Jerry couldn't though," Don said.

"I just love you Don, I mean, I just really really love you like literally more than anything or anyone else on the planet, and I just wanna be with you," I replied.

"You are with me sis. I mean we have sex and go out on dates already, we sleep together after sex a lot, I just happened to be dating Julie too really," Don said.

"But I'm thinking having you as a part time boyfriend just isn't enough honestly," I replied.

Then I leaned up and put my head down. I shed a couple tears and he put his arm over me.

"Well, you have that date tomorrow sis, maybe that will help things," Don said.

"I don't know if it will, but I know this, I've probably loved you in these past few weeks then probably the the 10 years before that," I replied.

"I don't know to be happy to hear that or be offended by it," Don said.

"Smart ass," I replied just I kissed him.

"We both know we'll love each other no matter what. If you get pregnant with another guy's baby and I get like Julie pregnant. We're still gonna very much be apart of each others lives. Maybe by then we won't be having sex, but still. We'll remember this time better than any time honestly," Don said.

Then I gave him a big kiss.

"So we have the whole night alone now?" I asked.

"Yes we do," Don replied.

"Well if you are done be my sappy love brother, can we make love now please?" I asked.

Then we both laughed for a few seconds and he got on top of me as we were both still clothed. We both had our eyes closed and made out passionately for about 10 minutes straight. We both wrapped our arms around each other and stayed close. But we rolled back and forth a few times, and eventually as I was on my my back I broke the kiss.

"Sorry I just needed to catch my breath for a second," I said.

"It's OK sis, while you do that, I'm take this pesky pair of pants off you," Don replied.

Then I laughed a little as he got off me. He undid my pants and pulled them off me, along with my panties. He threw them both on the floor as I leaned up and took off my shirt. Then he kissed me as he took off my panties with one hand.

"You are good at that bro, they should make that an Olympic competition," I said.

"You mean taking a sexy lady's panties off?" Don asked.

"Yes, I like the way you do it," I replied.

"How about the way I do this," Don said just before he kissed me passionately.

"I give that out a 10 out of 10," I replied.

Then I laid down and he got on top of me. He slowly positioned his dick right in front of my pussy and hesitated to stick inside me.

"Oh why must you torture me?" I asked.

"It's fun," Don replied just before he inserted his hard dick into my pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, how do you do that?" I asked.

"I juts know how to make my sister happy, it's a gift," Don replied.

"Make sure you hang onto that gift, you are gonna need it," I said.

"Will do sis," Don replied as he began to thrust his dick.

I was already getting sweaty honestly, I couldn't believe it, was it really that good that after having sex for a minute I'm already that sweaty?

"Damn sis, you are one excited lady right now," Don said.

"I know, now pound me hard, I want it bad," I replied.

Then as I commanded him to, he put a little space in between us and began pounding me hard. I began moaning right away softly. It felt like paradise once again, and every time it was more than a couple hours since we had sex, it just felt like it was just too long. We both looked right at each other as he pounded me and I immediately felt my pussy getting a little sore once again.

"Ow that's starting to hurt again, my pussy is a little sore, but keep going Don, I want every inch of your cock inside me now," I said.

Then he closed the gap between us and laid on top of me. Then he slowly moved his cock into me deeper and deeper until every single inch of his cock was inside my pussy. Of course his chest was on top of mine and my boobs were a little squished to say the least.

"What did you cum already?" I asked.

"No, you just said your pussy was sore and you wanted every single inch of my cock inside you, so I'm giving your pussy a break and I have every inch inside your pussy, I just thought we might make out for a minute like that," Don replied.

Then I laughed a bit.

"I love you Don," I said.

"I love you too Tiffany," Don replied.

Then we both began making out passionately for a minute. It had been a few hours since we had sex last, but my pussy was a little sore, I didn't think so sore that we should have taken a break, bur no big loss considering I still had his entire cock inside me and we got to make out too. So we just made out passionately for about 20 minutes straight. We both put our arms around each other and held each other really tight.

"OK are you ready now?" Don asked.

"Never more ready," I replied.

Then he put that little space between us again and he began pounding once again.

"Oh fuck yes! Shit Don, fuck your sister hard like, holy shit!" I screamed.

I feeling really good, I of course immediately felt the pain once again, but the pleasure so defeated the pain. Then we both were very sweaty.

"Shit sis, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum now," Don said.

"I want it on my tits and stomach," I replied.

"Ask and you shall receive," Don said.

Then he pulled out and shot his load onto my tits and stomach. Then as usually, we cuddled right after sex.

"Yeah, Julie should definitely try it with her brother," Don said.

"I know that," I replied.

The we kissed each other and cuddled for a little while. We watched TV, but never got up to get dressed, it was already getting a little late. As I was with him I was thinking about Julie setting me up with someone. I so wanted to back out of it, I supposed I could, but I said I'd do it, and who knows what might happen, we could hit it off. But I'd have to wait and see the next day. The next day was normal of course other than the fact that my mom knew about Don and I. It was also really long as well. Everyone was there when I was getting ready, including my mom and Julie.

"Hey I'm Julie, Don's girlfriend," Julie said to my mom.

"I remember Julie, how have you been?" Nicole asked.

"Good, could be better, but still good," I replied.

I was more than nervous about this, I already had a change of heart on it, and a blind date would not be my ideal choice honestly. Of course everyone saw it.

"What's wrong sis?" Don asked.

"I love you and I'm not sure I wanna do this," I replied.

Then he gave me a hug and kiss right in front of them.

"Go on this date sis, you at least gotta put yourself out there. Try it and if you don't like it, then we'll see where then," Don said.

"OK, promise me you'll be OK if we have sex," I replied.

"I promise sis," Don said.

Then there was a knock on the door.
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