Brother and sister with benefits 11 of 13
"That's probably my date, I guess I'll see you later," I said.

"See you sweetheart, I love you," Don replied.

"I love you too, and you mom. Even you Julie, be good to him," I said.

"I will, now go have a good time," Julie replied.

Then I went to answer the door. I met him at the door and I saw a 5'8 tall brunette dude and he looked handsome.

"You must be Tiffany?" The guy asked.

"Yes, and Julie never told me your name," I replied.

"Julie is an air head, it's Ted," Ted said.

"She is at times, well you ready to go?" I asked.

"Yes," Ted replied.

Then we left and went out to a restaurant He was romantic, took me out to a candlelight dinner even it was just a casual date. He opened the car and restaurant doors for me like a gentleman, but unfortunately I was just thinking about Don the whole time. We ordered our food and had pleasant conversations over the date as well.

"So you live with your brother?" Ted asked.

"Yes, just him right now, things are getting serious it looks like with his girlfriend, but he's been really good to me ever since we moved in together. He's really sweet," I replied.

"Well that's good. I have a great relationship with my sister, we watch TV and play golf together," Ted said.

So it appeared we both had really good relationships with our siblings, but his sister was married they probably weren't brother and sister with benefits. Eventually we both were done eating and when the check came, he even paid for that. So I had to think, was he planting seeds to have sex, I thought so.

"You wanna go back to my place?" Ted asked as we both got back in his car.

I wanted to say no honestly, but I was gonna give him a chance.

"Sure," I replied.

So we went back to his place and continued our date for a little. He lived in an apartment too. He opened the door there too, so we went inside and sat down on the couch.

"Well, I'm not much of a drinker, but we're on a nice date, so would you like some champagne Tiffany?" Ted asked.

"Sure, I'd love to try it at least once," I replied.

"Done deal," Ted said just before he kissed me on the cheek.

I wasn't sure how to feel about that honestly, it seemed like a somewhat friendly kiss on the cheek. Then he came back with a cup glasses with champagne in them as well. Then he sat with me and handed me a glass. Then we both tapped each others glasses and took a sip.

"Not bad," I said.

"I guess if it's not an everyday thing," Ted replied.

Then I put the glass down and he knew something was up.

"Is something wrong?" Ted asked.

"No, I'm fine Ted," I replied.

"Well if there is nothing wrong, then why do I get the feeling there is something on your mind? Did I do something wrong?" Ted asked.

"No, not at all. I'm fine, I promise," I replied.

"Well would you mind if I did this?" Ted asked just before he kissed me.

I was committed to at least giving a chance, I wasn't just gonna tell him I wanted to go home and have sex with my brother. I threw him a bone.

"Do you mind if I see the bedroom?" I asked.

"Sure, right this way," Ted replied as he got up and put his hand out.

I took his hand and we both went to the bedroom, but on the way I noticed there was 2 bedrooms.

"Wait do you live with someone here?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a female roommate, but she'll be out of the house for awhile though," Ted replied.

"OK," I said as we walked into his bedroom.

We both sat down on the bed and relaxed.

"Well this is a comfortable bed, you must get laid a lot," I said.

"Well sometimes, but with only the women I think there is a connection with," Ted said as he put his hand on my leg and began rubbing it.

Well Julie promised and with that, all the seeds were planted.

"Do you mind if I kiss you again?" Ted asked.

"Sure," I replied.

Then he kissed me again, but this time he put his hand on my boob. Let's just say heart was about in the middle by then, I didn't want it and wanted it at the same time.

"Well you are a good kisser," I said.

"Well that's a first, no one had ever complimented me on my kissing before," Ted replied.

"Do you mean other ladies have complimented you on other skills?" I asked.

"Yes as a matter of fact, you wanna see?" Ted asked.

"Yes, and don't worry I'm on the pill," I replied.

"Good, but I'm still gonna wear a condom though," Ted said.

So he surprised me again and got out a condom, he wanted to be extra safe.

"But are you sure you wanna do it?" Ted asked.

He gave me another out right there, but still, I had to at least try it.

"Yes," I replied.

Then he began undressing me slowly. He started with my pants, he undid them and pulled them down.

"Pink, the sexist color for a lady to wear," Ted said.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Yes," Ted replied as he pulled off my underwear.

He got on my side and undid his pants. Then pulled out his dick and was getting ready to take out the condom as well, but I stopped him.

"I'm sorry, I can't do this," I said as I leaned up and sat on the edge of the bed.

Then he out his dick away and sat with me.

"You mean because you are already in love?" Ted asked.

I had a very stunned look on my face.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Julie told me, she told me about the relationship you have with your brother and you needed or wanted to get out there again. She said you wanted sex though," Ted replied.

"She told you that I have a brother with benefits?" I asked.

"Yes, we tell each other everything," Ted replied.

"What does that mean, aren't you just a friend of hers?" I asked.

"I like to think we're friends, we're close too," Julie replied.

Then I just had a confused look on my face and he put the pieces together.

"She didn't tell you that I was her brother did she?" Ted asked.

"No, she didn't," I replied.

"Well I get it, I've never done it with Julie, but I'm also a little close to her still. We have drifted a little, but still I think I know at least a little how you feel," Ted said.

"I'm sorry, I know you paid for that meal and were just so sweet to me all night, thank you for that by the way," I replied.

Then he kissed me once again.

"Well what do you wanna do now?" Ted asked.

"Tell you that you that if things don't work out with Julie and Don, you should definitely try it with Julie. It's really great honestly. You already love each other and you have a great connection. It'll probably be the best connection you will ever have with someone honestly. Although I'll warn you about this: do not try and have a relationship outside of you tow when you two ave sex. Right now I love him more than ever. Right now I wanna be with him more than ever. I thought doing this would be a step in the right direction, and the date was nice as we already know, but even when you asked me if I wanted it, I thought I did, but then as you took the condom out, I'm sorry I couldn't do it. I'm in love with my brother, and there seems to be no walking away from it now, I'm in way too deep," I replied.

He didn't know what to say, and just like my mom, what could he say? He had never been in that situation before, so really what could he say?

"Well I'd be more than happy to still say we had sex if it makes you feel better," Ted said.

Then I laughed a little and gave him a hug.

"And how the hell did I not know she had a brother?" I asked.

"Well, you never came over there, and I guess Julie or Don never mentioned it for some reason," Ted replied.

"OK then, still doesn't make a lot of sense, unless she knew I wouldn't do it if I knew you were her brother," I said.

"Maybe," Ted replied.

"Well, you have been very sweet to me, but can you give me a ride home please?" I asked.

"Sure," Ted replied.

Then we both got up and he gave me a ride home. I at least put my hand in his lap and he kissed it once. He was a perfect gentleman about it. Maybe that's why she set me up with him. He walked me to the door and I offered him to come inside. So we both went inside and Julie and Don were there on the couch watching TV.

"What are you two doing here? Where's your date?" Don asked.

"This was my date, she set me up with him and they are brother and sister, but you already knew that. Anyway that's not important, I couldn't do it. We were gonna have sex an when it got there at that moment I couldn't do it," I replied.

Then I came over and sat with them on the couch. I faced him and kissed him.

"Julie, Ted and Don, I'm sorry to do this right here, right now, but I can't fight this for another minute honestly," I said just before I kissed him again.

I shed a few tears and Don turned off the TV.

"Don, I'm head over heels in love with you. I mean I'm really in love with you. I literally don;t ever wanna be with anyone else on the planet than you. It's not the sweetness factor, it's not the package in your pants, it's you. I love you more than ever. I so tried not fall at all, let alone this hard, but I have, just ask Ted here. He was extremely sweet to me and we had a great date. But he;s not you, no offense Ted," I said.

"None taken," Ted replied.

"Do you two need a few minutes?" Julie asked.

"I"m sorry, but no. Julie, you are a very sweet woman, you are so much better than I had given you credit for. I hate to put this on your boyfriend, but I've been fighting this for weeks and I can't just stay back anymore. So if you wanna put a name on it, this is an ultimatum. I'm sorry, it's all or nothing," I replied.

It wasn't fair to them for me to just drop this on them, but as I said I couldn't wait another minutes, I had to say something. It was amazing even when it was crystal clear before that night, then it was even more clear. Julie had never been in that situation either, but yet she felt for me.

"Don, go be with your sister," Julie said.

"But what about us?" Don asked.

"Well I think you being with her is more important than us. I think most of the time we were having sex, you were having sex with her, even before I knew about you two. I think she loves you more than how much we love each other combined. Go be with your sister," Julie replied.

Then Don and I began making out passionately right in front of them. I was so happy for me, but a little sad for them though. I sparked a few more tears as well. But then as we broke the kiss, Julie came up to me and got on her knees.

"Well as you told me, be good to him," Julie said just before she kissed me.

"Are we still girlfriends?" I asked.

"Of course we are, but this is the only boyfriend you are gonna get of mine," Julie replied.

"Well thank you, I just love him so much, I can't even describe it honestly," I said.

"I can see that," Julie replied.

Then she got up and walked over by Ted. We made out passionately once again right in front of them, we couldn't help it. The just stood there and watched us, I could they were at least a little happy for us. I noticed that Ted took Julie's hand. Then I noticed they looked at each other.

"So we gotta know, do you really recommend a incest brother/sister relationship?" Julie asked.

Then we both looked at them and Don noticed that they were holding hands.

"Only if you are done dating, you done trying to find someone else, when you start digging, think of it as hole immediately being like 30 feet deep, then you already can't get out. So if not, then I'd say no. But you will have the best sex of your life hands down," I replied.

"Well sis, can I try something I've been wanting to try for years now?" Ted asked.

"By doing that, are you confessing you feel that way about me?" Julie asked.

"I think so," Ted replied.

Then we saw them kiss each other as brother and sister as well. It was a very big sight to see.

"Is that what we look like when we kiss?" Don whispered to me.

"Yes, I think so," I replied.

They made out for about 2 minutes straight.

"Well, do you mind if I take you home now sis?" Ted asked.

"Well are you gonna use those lips anymore when we get there?" Julie asked.

"If you want me to," Ted replied.

Then they kissed again and took each others hands again.

"Well, if you don;t mind, we're gonna go home now, I'm sure between the 4 of us someone will call someone I would think, so talk to you later," Julie said as they started walking towards the door.

"We want details," I yelled.

Then they left and undid his pants. I took his cock out and stroked it.

"You don't waste any time sis," Don said.

"Well we have forever, but starting now," I replied just before I took his cock in my mouth.

I sucked on it passionately and he immediately let out some moans.

"Oh shit sis, that's the spot," Don said.

I slowly started going up and down and he put his hands on my head.

"I love you so much bro," I said.

"I love you too sis, now make your brother cum," Don replied.

I began to deep throat him and then I had his whole entire cock in my mouth. He was moaning very slowly and trying his best not to cum already. Of course with my lips around his cock, that was far from a simple task.

"Shit sis, that feels so damn good," Don said.

So I had us get up and I got on my knees and blew him as he was standing. He put his hands on my head again and I went back and forth quickly.

"Holy shit are the bets sister in the world, I so fucking love you sis," Don said.

"Me too," I replied.

With all the excitement, both of us just couldn't help it, especially him. He began moaning really loudly.

"Shit sis, I'm sorry but I'm gonna cum already," Don said.

I backed away a bit and he shot his load on the floor. Then I stood up and took his.

"We are far from done big brother, we're to each other how much we love each other," I said.
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