Brother and sister with benefits 4 of 13
I guess once again I was really sleepy, I didn't wake up until 10:30, but on the other hand I thought Don might wake me up, I guess not. So I got up and up on my bra and underwear from yesterday. I slowly went out to the hallway and it was empty and so was his bedroom. I wondered what was going on. So I slowly made my way to the kitchen and living room area and they were on the couch eating breakfast. I was a little disappointed to see she was still there, but although it was just 10:30 I guess, it's not like she had to be out by a certain time. So I slowly went back to my bedroom.

"When the fuck is she gonna leave?" I asked myself.

I was clueless, and minutes seemed like hours. So I decided to masturbate again. I put my my hand back into my underwear once again and rubbed my pussy slowly. And of course I thought about having sex with Don. Him pounding me like there no tomorrow. I'd be moaning really loudly and he'd eventually cum everywhere just like me. I spread out my pussy lips a bit and stuck my fingers up into my pussy a little deep.

"Yes Don, yes," I said softly.

My hand was already drenched, and I kept going. I kept rubbing my pussy until I had a big orgasm. I began breathing in and out a little slowly and put my other hand in my underwear as well. So after that it didn't take too long for me to cum.

"Oh yes Don, fuck yes," I said as I came.

Then I couldn't resist licking all the cum off my fingers.

"That was hot," Julie said.

"Whoa, what the hell?" I asked.

"Sorry just passing by and couldn't resist," Julie replied.

Then I just gave her a look and she left.

"Seriously what the fuck?" I asked.

So I just laid there for a few minutes. Then I got out some clean clothes and a birth control pill, then I went to the bathroom with a towel. I took the pill with some sink water, but I noticed they were still on the couch, but they must have been done eating by then. Then I got shut the door and got in the shower. For about 5 minutes I just stood there and let the water get me wet with my hands against the wall. I thought about Don and Julie the whole time, wondering what they were doing at that moment and how things went. Obviously good considering they were having breakfast., and of course Julie having the hots for me. That completely came out of left field, but on the other hand, Don's offer did too. So as I was about to start washing myself, the bathroom door opened.

"Whose there, I'm in the shower," I said.

Then someone came up the curtain and moved it back.

"Do you mind if I share a shower with you?" Don asked.

"Where's Julie?" I asked.

"She just left, do you mind my dear?" Don asked with an accent.

"Sure my brother," I replied with the same accent.

Then he stripped in about 10 seconds and got in with me. Of course he gave me a kiss as soon as he got in as well, and I couldn't help but hug him too.

"I missed you," I said.

"I missed you too sis, you have no idea how much," Don replied just before he kissed me again.

We made out for about a minute and I broke the kiss.

"Are we gonna have sex in the shower?" I asked.

"I'm not against it," Don replied.

Then we kissed again and he put his hands on my butt. He gave my butt cheeks a good squeeze and held me really close to him. By then he was drenched too, I put my arms around him and my hands met on his lower back.

"You wanna have sex in the shower sis?" Don asked.

"Fuck yes I do," I replied as I got down on my knees.

I grabbed onto his wet cock and stroked it a bit for a minute. Of course sense his cock was wet, it was a little slippery. So that made for a better hand job. He let out a couple soft moans.

"Holy shit sis, you are some kind of great sister," Don said.

He looked down at me and I looked up at him. We both mouthed 'I love you' to each other. Then I leaned in and took his long and hard cock into my mouth. I sucked on it a little passionately and made sure we both loved every second of it. Then I started going back and forth a little. It went in and out smoothly with it being wet. To tell the truth I was out on a mission of my own. I wanted him to know that I was better, whether or not he thought I was better, I wanted to prove it.

"Holy shit Tiffany, yes show no mercy. Make me cum 10 rivers for you," Don said as he moaned.

I intended to. Then he put his hands on my head and made me start to deep throat him. I didn't love to deep throat him, but he liked it, so I did it for him.

"Yes, take the whole thing in your mouth sis, make me love it more and more," Don said.

Then I started back and forth once again, and I was gonna make him cum as much as I could. Maybe not 10 rivers, or even one, but a shit load of cum. I looked up at him and he had his head leaning up with his eyes closed. He head his eyes closed when Julie was blowing, but I still think he liked my blow jobs better.

"Oh fuck yes Tiffany, you are doing better than Julie, you know just how to make me feel so damn good," Don said.

Then I took his cock out of my mouth and grabbed onto it with my left hand. I began licking the sides of his cock and his balls as well. That tickled him a little, so he moved around a little bit.

"Shit Tiffany that tickles," Don said.

Then I stood up and gave him a kiss. Then I looked right at him.

"Well I want you to enjoy having sex with me too, I mean I'm your sister, if you just love fucking her and not me, then I'd be sad," I said.

Then he put both of his arms around me and gave me a big hug.

"Do you want me to break it off with her?" Don asked.

"No, we're brother and sister with benefits, I'll get over it. I'll be OK," I replied.

Then stopped hugging me and looked right at me.

"Are you sure?" Don asked.

"Yes, but the sex is amazing. Even when I was like half asleep last night, it was great," I replied.

"Did you take your birth control pill?" Don asked.

"Yes, just in case something might happen," I replied.

"Just in case? I told you we'd have sex today," Don said.

"I know, but I wasn't sure when the hell she was gonna leave though," I replied.

"Well she is gone now and we got all of our Sunday to have sex now, sound good?" Don asked.

"Yes," I replied as I turned around.

Then I bent down and he stuck his cock inside me.

"Still a little tight sis," Don said.

"Well jam it in there Don, shove it in deep and make me scream already," I replied.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly. He couldn't go in and out too quickly, or I might fall and hurt my head, but he still made it feel good.

"Yes Don, show your sister what you'll to her when Julie isn't around," I said.

Then he began spanking me a bit, it hurt a little but it was worth it.

"Come on Don, spank your sister like you mean it," I said.

So he began spanking me rather hard.

"Oh," I said.

Then we both laughed for a minute and I leaned up a bit. We stayed like for about 5 seconds, just long enough for me to kiss him, then he lost his balance and took me with him.

"Whoa shit sis," Don said.

"I'm not sorry," I replied.

He leaned onto the wall and I began bouncing up and down a bit moaning the whole time.

"Damn you have a long cock Don," I said.

"Well mostly thanks to my sister I do," Don replied.

He put his hands on my boobs and squeezed them firmly. He also pinched my nipples a bit as well. He titillated his sister, and a lot better I think than compared to Julie. I think he just like having sex with me a hell of a lot more, call me crazy.

"Yes Tiffany, ride me even better than you did in your fantasy. Let's make it better than ever sis," on said.

Then he took his right hand off my boob and put it on my pussy. He rushed his hand to my mouth sense the water quickly washed it off. I licked his fingers anyway and I still liked it. Then we kissed again.

"I love you little brother," I said.

"You mean big brother right?" Don asked.

Then I laughed a little and gave him another kiss.

"I love you too big sister," Don said.

Then I laid back on him and we just relaxed and felt the water hitting us. We both got up a few minutes later. He was on his feet and and I was on his knees. I began blowing him once again. He clos3d his eyes once again and leaned his back.

"Holy shit sis, I mean holy fucking shit," Don said.

He began moaning a little loudly.

"Shit I'm gonna erupt in about 5 seconds," Don said.

Then I put out my tongue and he shot his load all over my face and tongue. I just stayed on my knees for a minute, then I stood up, but looked down. He put his arms around me and gave me another really big hug.

"I love you Tiffany, more than a sister, we'll see where things go OK?" Don asked.

Then I leaned my head up and kissed him once.

"Just promise me you'll always love me more than a sister," I said.

"Deal," Don replied just before he kissed me.

Then we actually washed ourselves. I washed his hair and he washed mine, but we cleaned the rest of our bodies on our own. As we were done, he got out first and wrapped a towel around himself. Then he put my robe out for me. I just smiled and got out and got into my nice and warm robe. We kissed once and we both went to his room. We both laid down and cuddled under the blanket. We just stayed in silence for a few minutes and enjoyed each others company. Sex wasn't the only benefit we had with our relationship, but I did have a couple sexual questions for him.

"So who gives the better blow job?" I asked.

"Just like that? No 'Can I ask you something?' or anything like that? OK fine, you give better head sis," Don replied.

"I'm just wondering, I know you were enjoying the blow jobs I gave you in there just now, but I know you were really liking the one she gave you too," I said.

"Well maybe, and why were watching us sis?" Don asked.

"Well, I wouldn't say I was watching you, I just got a sneak peak, and you just happened to notice me, that's all really," I replied.

"If you say so," Don said.

"Damn right I do," I replied just we kissed.

"So I'm gonna have to ask, is this gonna be something where I'm gonna have to choose sooner or later?" Don asked.

"I don;t know honestly. Every time we have sex I think fall in love with you a little more, and I don;t wanna sacrifice having sex with you though. I just ask that you use all the protection with her you can get, if you wanna get someone pregnant, get me pregnant," I replied.

Then he gave me a weird look.

"You want me to get you pregnant?" Don asked.

"Well, yes and no I guess. I mean, I don't know. I guess I thought of that, and I didn't hate the idea. I mean having an incestuous baby wouldn't be bad in my book. We could always say it was some boyfriend of mine that knocked me up," I replied.

"And I could he the uncle and help you out the whole time when no one knew that was the father?" Don asked.

"I don;t think I thought that far ahead on it, but that sounds good though," I replied.

"Well I'm already having amazing sex with my sister, so crazier shit has happened," Don said.

Then I connected the dots on that.

"Wait, you mean you having sex with me is crazier than you getting me pregnant?" I asked.

"Yes, think about it. Getting you pregnant would be crazier if just had sex once, but we've had sex a few times now and really like it, so it's crazier," Don replied.

I had to admit, he had a point.

"OK maybe, I guess," I said.

"You know I'm right, how many brothers and sisters are out there having this kind of relationship?" Don asked.

"And you are asking me because?" I asked.

"It was more of a rhetorical question Tiffany," Don replied.

"Oh, well aren't you just a world class smart ass?" I asked.

"Yes I'm sis," Don replied.

"Dumb ass, that was a rhetorical question," I said.

Then he lifted up the blanket and undid the robe. He started tickling me and I started laughing.

"Do you think it's so funny now sis? Huh, I can't hear you sis. What was that?" Don asked.

"No, it's not funny Don. It's not funny at all," I replied as I was laughing.

He just continued to tickle me for a minute as I was moving around and laughing nonstop.

"Stop Don, stop I'm gonna have an accident," I said.

"Say you are sorry sis and I'll stop," Don replied.

I was a stubborn lady though, I wasn't about to give in that easily. So he kept tickling me until I gave in., but his fingers had to get tired sooner or later.

"Come on sis, just say you are sorry and I'll stop," Don said.

He was gonna win this one, I couldn't take it anymore.

"OK, OK, you win, I'm sorry," I said.

Then he stopped tickling me and he laid next to me. He got on his side, he was eyeballing me like a hawk, and then I got on my side. I gave him a really big kiss.

"Well you can't argue that we don;t have some great brother/sister chemistry," I said.

"Obviously, I don't think you would have let any of your boyfriends get that far," Don replied.

Then I got closer to him and we made out for a minute.

"Well you are special Don, I know you wanna have sex with me, but you are there for me in my time of need. You are the best guy I've ever been with and I've known you my whole life," I said.

"I know sis, that's why I thought this could work. I could be more there for you, and the sex is amazing, not mediocre at all. Just us here having sex, and we're not even trying all that hard. It's just brother and sister and we can make each other feel very special hands down. You are the best woman I've even been with too," Don replied.

"You really mean that?" I asked.

"Of course I do," Don replied right before we kissed again.

"Before we go back out there, can we have sex again?" I asked.

"Now you are grasping the concept," Don replied.

"Smart ass," I said.
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