Brother and sister with benefits 6 of 13
Then he just had a very stunned look on his face.

"What?" Don asked.

"Well make of this what you will, but I just ask you to leave it alone for now, OK?" I asked.

"OK," Don replied.

"She watched mew masturbate, and I of course didn't know she was watching until I opened my eyes. Se didn't give any real reason why though. Then she knocks on my door the night you two were having sex, I rushed to the door naked," I said.

"You rushed because you thought it was me?" Don asked.

"Nail on the head. Anyway, she saw me completely naked and wanted to let me know she thought I was sexy," I replied.

"OK, that's weird," Don said.

"I'm not done yet. We're out here just now and she commented on how close we were when you dated before, and how close we are now. I guess she just wanted to know WTF and told me if this becomes something that I should let you go," I replied.

"Well she always was the jealous type," Don said.

"Yeah, and she doesn't even know about us, so how long can we plan this?" I asked.

"I don't know, let's juts enjoy our time now, and I'm sure you said something about this being our day," Don replied.

"No actually and I'm still not done," I said.

"What happened sis?" Don asked.

"I wanted to know what she wanted, but she told why she told me I was sexy, she thought she owed me. So I asked her not to hurt you and I'd be none too pleased if she did. That turned her on, so she kissed me," I replied.

Then I thought his jaw was about to drop.

"What?" Don asked.

"I didn't stutter. She kissed me," I replied.

"You mean on the lips, like the way we kiss each other?" Don asked.

"Well we didn't make out. It was short, but completely unexpected though. She must have at least been into me when you last dated. I mean, otherwise it was attraction at first sight. So I don't know what to tell you," I replied.

Then he kissed me for a few seconds.

"Something like that," I said.

"OK then, well that's odd," Don replied.

"Well I just ask you to leave it alone for now, let me see if anything else happens. I don;t know if she'd do anything else now. She knows how close we are, so I would think she would know I would say something about that. I kept my mouth shut for awhile, but that I just had to tell you," I said.

"OK then, still I didn't see that coming," Don replied.

"I know you are gonna see this coming," I said just before I kissed him.

We kissed for about 40 seconds.

"Yeah your lips do taste a little familiar now," Don said.

"You smart ass," I replied.

"OK it has become clear that I'm a huge smart ass now, do you get off a little every time you tell me that?" Don asked.

"Yeah, I get a little wet every time," I replied.

"And now you are the smart ass now sis," Don said.

"Well you know you love me," I replied.

"And it's always gonna come down to that," Don said.

Then hugged each other tightly for a minute.

"Are you still gonna love me like that even though I'm having sex with Julie?" Don asked.

"Well, this is just me, but if it lasted longer, I'd be more open to it. She just came over, was here for like 30 minutes and came out here. So was that just 'Hey what's up, oh the ceiling.'? I mean, I don't know," I replied.

"OK then sis, I'll see if we can do it over there at her place more, but I still gotta warn you she'll be over here, it's like something just awoke and now the sex is just better than ever," Don said.

Then I gave him a look and he cracked.

"But I love the sex with you more sis," Don said.

"I know, but I'll still love you, even if you do wanna stop," I replied.

Then we gave each other another really big hug and went back inside. Over the next few weeks Julie came over time and time again. They had sex in his room, but of course so did we. There were a few times we almost got caught, like in the shower, but nothing happened. Although she did pick up on how close Don and I were once again. A couple times she called him and we were out on a date. So she wasn't too happy about that, but she still had no idea that after dinner, we also fucked each others brains out. So having sex with each other at least a few times a week just made us closer and made us love each other more as well. It was another Saturday night and we were chilling on the couch just watching TV and holding hands. Our parents still had no idea about us either.

"Can we watch what I want now? We've been watching movies like Die Hard and A guy thing all week now," I said.

"And we should watch The notebook or P.S. I love you?" Don asked.

"Yes we should, you see a benefit that I have is this, I can get you to do anything for me," I replied.

Then he paused the TV with our DVR and looked at me with a skeptical look.

"What do you mean you can get me to do anything for you?" Don asked.

"Don;t give me that look. We've gone out to places that I wanted to go, we mainly have sex when I wanna have sex, so really yes I can get you to do anything for me," I replied.

He knew that was true, maybe he didn't like the way I just put it out there, but he knew it. I was sexy sister with benefits. I would never ask him to, but if I asked him to really things off with Julie, he would.

"Are you saying I'm pussy whipped sis?" Don asked.

"No, you have gotten into my panties which has my pussy in them many times, and you have gotten into Julie's panties too, so I wouldn't say you are pussy whipped to her anyway," I replied.

Then he started tickling me again. I ran my mouth off and there no escape from him tickling me like mad.

"Stop Don, stop," I said.

"You know the rule sis, you should have thought of that a minute ago," Don replied.

"OK fine, I'm sorry bro, you aren't pussy whipped," I said.

"Don't you love it when you listen?" Don asked.

"No, but you know what I do love, your dick inside me," I replied.

Then he sat down next to me and pressed pause on the remote. I think I knew why though, he would have sex with me when he wanted to. So I kissed him on the cheek real quick and wanted to see if he would crack, I had no luck there. So I began giving him multiple kisses all over his face, including his lips. I still had no luck, he just kept watching his movie. So I grabbed onto his cock through his pants. I knew he couldn't resist to that. But still I got nothing out of him. So I gave up for a minute. I had another idea in mind, but that was just completely not fair. So I sat there and thought about what else to do other than that or asking him like I implied I didn't really have to. But I got a little annoyed honestly, so I just decided to unbutton his pants. I pulled his cock out and caressed it gently for a minute with my fingers. I could see I was getting somewhere, but he was fighting it.

"You know you like that Don, you know how much you want it," I said.

Then I put my entire palm on it. He immediately started breathing in and out a little quicker, he knew it was inevitable, it was gonna happen sooner or later, but he was more than determined to make me wait as long as he could. So I just tipped the scale even more as I began stroking his cock. It was already hard, then it was really hard. It was working almost too well, but he was keeping it up.

"Last chance Don, are you sure you don't wanna give in? I'll do my worst on you," I said.

He maintained his face and said nothing, so was giving me no choice, but to start blowing him. I got on my stomach and took his cock into my mouth. Obviously I couldn't see his face, but I know he was enjoying it. I started going up and down slowly and I made him feel really good. Then just as expected, I felt his hands on my head. That's when I started going up and down quicker.

"Shit Tiffany you suck," Don said.

"I know, I'm doing it right now," I replied.

Then we both laughed for a minute and I took his cock back into my mouth once again. I had really become to like giving him head, he liked it a lot, so I kept doing it for him. But they did get at least a little old as time went on. Then he reached over and put his left hand on my butt. He spanked me a couple times. It didn't hurt too much sense I was still wearing my pants, but I liked it more than he could imagine.

"Spank me harder Don, show your sister that you have a kinky side," I said.

"Is that a challenge sis?" Don asked.

"Maybe," I replied.

So he began spanking me rather hard. It did hurt then, but it was still pleasurable and kinky too. So I got up and stood in front of him. Then we just eyeballed each other for a minute.

"So if I understand you correctly, you make me want it, and I still have to undress you myself?" Don asked.

"That sounds like the gist of it," I replied.

"You are gutsy sis, I'll give you that," I said.

Then he began undoing my pants and he pulled them down exposing my sexy legs and my panties as well that he loved so much.

"Would you be offended if that alone would my dick hard?" Don asked.

"No, I'd be offended if it didn't get hard actually," I replied.

Then he pulled down my panties as well. After that he lifted up my shirt, and kissed my stomach numerous times. I slowly took off my shirt just leaving me in my bra. Then he leaned back on the couch and took a good hard look at me.

"Wow Tiffany, I mean wow," Don said.

"You like seeing me naked Don? You incestuous horn dog?" I asked.

"Maybe," Don replied as he got up and his pants and boxers fell to the floor.

He kissed me once and put his hands on my back. He slowly took off my bra and then I took off his shirt as well. Then we were both completely naked, we both checked each other out for about a minute. We had sex many times, but still we were just really in the moment you could say.

"Seriously Tiffany, you are just beautiful," Don said.

Then I came towards him and gave him a big kiss. I put my arms around him and he out his arms around me as well. We made out for about a minute and I broke the kiss.

"Well the fact that you love me so damn much doesn't hurt, I'm just saying," I said.

Then he laughed and picked me up. Then he brought us both to his room.

"Wait, can we do it in my room for once? I mean just a change of scenery would be nice," I said.

"You are a big pain in the ass. You remembered to take your birth control pill right?" Don asked.

"Yes, I knew we'd be having sex today," I replied.

"You are so lucky I love you sis," Don said.

Then he set me on the bed and got on top of me. He slowly positioned his cock in front of my pussy, but didn't stick it in just yet.

"Is this when I'm supposed to say 'I love you'?" I asked.

"Yes as matter of fact sis. I'm wondering what's taking so long," Don replied.

"Oh, now whose a little lippy?" I asked.

"I';m still waiting," Don replied.

"I love you Don," I said.

"I love you too Tiffany," Don replied.

Then he very slowly inserted his cock into me. I swear every time me made me wait for even a few more seconds, it was just torture, but always worth the wait once it happened.

"Oh motherfucker, yes Don, shove that cock inside me deep. I wanna feel every single inch of that cock I love so much inside me. I want it now Don," I said.

He wasn't not about to not give his sexy sister what she wanted, so he began thrusting his cock in and out of me quickly, he didn't even build up to that. He just started ramming me like mad.

"Oh yeah Don, why you tease me, I will never know. Now ram me as hard as you can already, let me know how much you love fucking me, while you fucking love me," I said.

Then he laughed a little and gave me a kiss. After that, he put a little space between us and rammed me as hard as he could. I moaned really loudly and I felt my pussy getting really sore. It hurt quite a bit, but I knew it was the best pain I'd ever want honestly. Having my loving brother plow me like that, was just amazing. I really wish we started months if not years before that honestly.

"I love you sis, don't ever think I don't," Don said.

"Wouldn't dream of it honestly," I replied.

Then he closed the gap between us and we began making out passionately for a few minutes. I felt my boobs pressing up against him really tightly. I think he loved it even more than I did truth be told. He stopped thrusting his cock and just had it in as deep as he could get it. We were both breathing in and out rather rapidly and just couldn't hold it forever. That time was coming soon, but before that, we both just looked at each other and into each others eyes as if we never had before.

"You complete me Don," I said.

"You complete me too Tiffany, I have no idea what the hell I'd do without you," Don replied.

Then we kissed once again before he began thrusting his cock in and out of me once again. I let out some moans of great pleasure. I still couldn't believe how good the sex was honestly. I mean he was my brother, who has sex so good with their brother, me I guess.

"You look like you just saw a ghost," Don said.

"Something that is that special, only it's really there Don," I replied.

Then 2 things happened. One great and the other not so great. We both moaned really loudly and we both had huge orgasms, but the other thing that happened, right after that, I opened my eyes and saw Julie standing there.

"At the back of my mind, somehow I knew it, you two were just way the fuck too close," Julie said.
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