Bucket List
The doctor was matter of fact. You could tell that he's said the same thing to many couples in the past.

The tests were correct, they had been redone several times. It was cancer, inoperable, chemo, was not really an option. "Get your affairs in order" he said, "try and enjoy the time you have left", he told the love of my life. I sat there stunned, a punch to the gut. My wife nodded her head, thank you doctor was all she said.

When we found out that her time was limited we decided to fulfill her "bucket list". And one the things that was on it was a threesome. It turned out that she had been "bi-curious" for a long time and had never confessed the desire till a short time before her death. To say that I was surprised was an understatement! What was a bigger shock was that she had already chosen someone!! A co-worker who made it clear that not only was she interested in her but me as well!!

When my wife approached me about the subject I assumed she was joking, she assured me she wasn't. And wanted to explore this, while she still felt capable of doing so. Neither of us knew what chemo therapy would do to her body, or her libido. She had confessed to her co-worker the true nature of her illness and what she wanted to do before she would pass. Her co-worker whose name was Joan agreed, with one minor condition, that hopefully I would join in. Or at least be in the same room and watch. That stopped me in my tracks. Up until that time I had not been with anyone except her. after marriage I neither needed or wanted anyone but her. "Are you sure you both want me there?" I asked. My wife nodded yes, "can I think about it?" I asked. Again she nodded yes. "just don't take too much time" she said. She didn't have to remind me that time was truly an enemy, and she didn't have much of it left.

Within a few days I was sitting across the table with my wife and Joan. Joan was a slender black woman with what I was to discover a very shapely body and rather large breasts. Joan's curves were hidden. My wife's curves and breasts and everything else was on display. All the clothing she wore was always to accent what she had, not hide it. I was used to other men looking at her. So was she, and she admitted she enjoyed the attention. In truth so did I. Look all you want guys she was mine. On the rare times someone went too far, the gentleman in question would be torn an new asshole. He was better off grabbing the wrong end of a chainsaw!

Small talk was made, pleasantries were exchanged. I found out that Joan never married, never had children and had been the third in a polyamorous relationship. She had admitted that she loved the relationship that she had with the last couple, but with the wife becoming pregnant they couldn't continue the relationship. She had also hopped that finding both of us attractive that we might hook up and start a new relationship. Of course discovering my wife's illness put a stop to that. So when my wife proposed the evening, she jumped at the chance.

As I cleared off the table I was greeted with the sight of my wife of several decades kissing or being kissed by Joan. Hands were moving, tongues were obviously in play, and not really being surprised, the tops of both women were open and breasts were exposed and being groped, by both parties. My wife then took Jonas hand and led her to our bedroom. My lady stopped at the door looking at me quizzically... wasn't I coming in? I told her I would be in soon. "pussy" she said as she entered the room smiling. "Don't take too long" she said, as the door closed.

When I finally got the courage to enter the bedroom, I was greeted with the sight of the love of my life on her back, her legs spread very wide, and Joan's head between them. The musk of both of them filled my nostrils. My lady's scent I knew. The other strange one was Joan's. Both were in heat, as I was beginning to feel a tightness in my loins. Both were very naked, both were groping each other. "What the fuck are you waiting for my wife choked out, as Joan continued to manipulate my wife's pussy.

"Joan," my wife said, help him!
As I stood there dumbly, Joan quickly opened my pants and had my member out. Stroking it, she quickly swallowed it, sucking deeply and rhythmically, her fingers caressing my balls and playing with my asshole. I could feel the tightness signaling that I was going to explode. "don't you dare cum! My lady said "that load is mine"! Before I knew it she had exchanged places with Joan and as I exploded my wife sucked and swallowed, most of my load. My lady then turned to Joan and shared with her what was left of my fluid.

As I sat down the two of them continued to explore and pleasure each other.
When I recovered I continued to join in. Joan's ass and pussy were used by both of us that night. And on many other nights.
We continued till my lady was too weak to perform. When she finally passed, Joan moved in with me for a short while. It was my lady's request. I never knew it till months afterward. Joan was there to hold my hand, gave me not only her body, but her shoulders to cry on. One day she told me I no longer needed her. I told her she was welcome to stay. But she had found another couple to be with. I do think of her.
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