Bull Run
I had just finished a yoga class, was clean showered and shaved. Was walking towards the car when I got a text reading Bull #4 Show up at this address in 1 hour. I got in the car and grabbed a quick bite to eat and checked in the trunk to make sure my kit was in it. As I pulled up to the address I got another text saying enter through back door and be sure to wear your hood and cock rings.

I put on my leather mask and placed a steel ring around my shaft and balls and then one right around the base. I then threw back on my yoga shorts and went around the back of the house. As I entered, it took a few moments to adjust to the dim lights and the smell of coconut oil and leather. I walked quietly as I knew being #4 from the text that there was no need to rush. In the room there was a massage type table with a girl that looked vaguely familiar about 5' 5" dark hair with some nice tattoos on her tight sinewy body.

She was spread eagle on the table secured with Kinbaku knots expertly placed so her knees were up and back flat so her delicacy was fully exposed and right at the edge of the table. Her arms were also tied and secured leaving just enough slack so she could perhaps touch if allowed. Her eyes were blindfolded. There was a slight man with a small penis that was very curved entering her. She shuddered but took his 6 inches easily and I could tell he was Asian. She shuddered with each thrust, though I sensed she was more adjusting to being violated than to his size as it was not commanding enough to do anything other than arouse her to a level that might calm her to this new situation that she clearly had never been in before.

He went faster than stopped as Bull # 2 walked over and inserted himself as she was now drenched from being teased and fucked by Bull #1. Bull # 2 was about 8 inches and had a very nice fat head on him, he was stocky built and was really adept at arching and bringing his feet up to lift at the final slam of his pelvic bone into this greedy little woman who was feeling empowered by the fact that underneath her protests and trepidation was an emerging sense of pleasure overtaking her.

Bull #2 felt familiar to her in size as she hardly shuddered at all and after a few moments I could sense she was even trying to reach to meet his member especially at the final lift, it was as if she was saying I will not go down so easily and although I am tied and have no idea who is fucking me I will not allow myself to surrender. Bull #2 was grunting and getting mad both looking over his shoulder at myself and Bull # 3 who were clearly called in to finish what he knew he could not, he signaled for Bull #1 to put his cock in her mouth to at least offer her something more and to remind her that she was utterly out of control. She reveled in Bull #1's cock as it being now in her mouth and having her own juices on it she was able to reenact every inch of it from the recall of fully controlling it moments earlier in her pussy.

Bull #1 pulled away quickly realizing that this greedy lil girl was enjoying it too much and lacking the size to gag her with it he simply shot a load down her throat which clearly upset her! She spit it out in defiance and Bull # 2 decided he would leave his spunk in her and that is when Bull # 3 tapped me on the shoulder and said lets handle this lil kitty. He was a good 10 inches and his thickness similar to mine impressed me though not as long. He too was clad in rings and the two of us were now set on destroying this lil thing with our tools as that was why we were here. He slid in fairly easily as she was lubed with a full wad of jizz from Bull #2 and he went nearly to the hilt before she moaned as clearly he was entering new territory, I walked over to her hand and grabbed it making her stroke my cock in sync with Bull #3's thrusts.

She loved it, her breathing quickened and she started moaning louder and louder and I realized it was time to do question and response. I said you like being fucked by big cock don't you? she whimpered "yes" I said yes what...? she said "yes daddy" and laughed! I pinched her nipple and said no its yes Master and motioned for Bull # 3 to pull out. As he did her breathing quickened as I knew she was pretending she was close to release and I was not going let this proud kitty try and fake her way through this but to get this proud cat to purr and beg.....

We let her stew for a while and I said do you want his big cock? She said "yes please!" I said you love big cock don't you? "yes master" she was a quick study and I started to wonder if it was she who had texted or the usual source. Bull # 3 without following the chain of command of order reinserted himself into her as he was really enjoying how tight her twat was and I had to admit she was awfully fit for a woman who looked in her early 40's. She seemed to engage him this time again lifting her hips to try and conquer him but clearly she was new to having 10 inches and she was starting to wear out as she had not yet cum and was so overstimulated and out of her head with pleasure that she was somewhere else entirely.

Just then I knew why I had been texted and I signaled Bull #3 to put his cock in her ass. She screamed!! I laughed hard and said so you thought you could just play with the big boys and not get what you know you need! "yes master I do need it" clever girl, I then allowed her to grab my balls as I pinched her nipples to offset the pain of his thick cock drilling and tearing her ass open. She was so tense and I could feel every ounce of her pride well up into the pleasure she had been blocked off from. Just then Bull #3 pulled out and spewed warm jets of his cum all over her mound and belly, soaking her.

I let her calm and I said do you want more? She said "I am so lost, I am so unsure I am so sore" I stopped her and said it was a yes or now question! Do you think you can handle more!! "yes master" such a proud lil creature. I then kissed her neck and allowed her to hold in the limited slack of the ties my fully elongated cock she seemed to spend extra time with the rings as if fascinated and something that she had not had before, but being a quick study she tried to tease me with it and impress me with her skills. Not impressed I pulled her hand off my gorged flesh and put the tip into her mouth, having witnessed her avoidance of cum and not appreciating it. I said, do you want to swallow some cum?

No answer... I said do you want to swallow more cum? again no answer!! I forced more of my stick into her mouth and she desperately tried to suck on it like it was something she could handle but I felt her jaw tighten and clearly she was not going to take more than the tip of me and it was then I appreciated her will to please and her pride, it was my job to get her past this barrier to have her truly submit and it was only going to be by getting her to feel love. I walked away knowing she was not ready to have my sex in her as she was only going to take it her way and until she was ready for something deeper in her heart there was no pleasure in it for her or I under the veil of lust.

I walked out and as I did I saw on my phone a text saying Job well done, I am sure our stray cat will have something to figure out! I wearily drove home and only after I showered an hour later did my erection go down as I truly felt drawn to this woman, shame she was blindfolded....
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