Bus Trip Home
Bus Trip Home
By Miss Anonna

It was another Easter and that meant going home for Sunday dinner with the family. Mom and Dad were excited that I was coming back to Tennessee to see them once again and I was just happy to get out of New York for the weekend and of course see the rents again and the great family farm. As much as I loved the drive, I was a bit pressed for time so I had figured that if I took the bus I would have a better chance at getting there on time. It seems that every time I drive to Tennessee, I find myself in a dirty book store or adult theater getting my kicks teasing and playing adult games with strangers, truckers, perverts and anyone else I can control with my slim, toned little body. A bus, however would keep me from getting into trouble so I packed up my little weekend travel bag and headed to the bus Depot.

I purchased my ticket and waited around a bit until the schedule was announced and the bus was boarding. In line I found myself chatting it up with a cute young man from Puerto Rico although I he think we was a mix of Rican and Russian but he had a great sense of humor and an incessant need to take care of me I can't imagine he was attracted to me as I was dressed in nothing but a pair of sweats, though they did hug the curves of my ass and thighs quite nicely and a knit sweater with no bra. We weren't able to talk about anything of much depth due to our language barrier but he was very polite as he tried to get me to go in front of him as the line moved but I was happy to stay behind and watch his hot little ass in front of me. As we boarded the bus he insisted that I go in front of him and actually put his hand on the back of my neck to push me ahead of him. He then grabbed my hand to help me up into the bus which almost pissed me off but I realized he was treating me like a princess and I warmed up to the idea fairly quickly. As I stepped onto the first step of the bus his hand slapped against my ass cheek and he pushed my ass up the stair.

"Hello?" I said as I turned around and glared at him. "Don't be gropin' me yet, son!" I said and then let my exclamation roll around through my mind. Why did I have to add the word yet into the sentence? He merely smiled at me and his pretty brown eyes widened as if he knew of his violation but he didn't care.

"I am only to help you, Ma'am." He said in broken english, glaring deep into my soul. I became momentarily mesmerized by those light brown glass globes with which he was using to attempt some social connection. I was not falling for it, I had told myself but it was too late. I had already felt a twinge in my panties that I was desperately trying to rid as I took the last step up to the floor of the bus and tried desperately not to bump anyone as those ahead of me slowly caught an empty seat and stashed away their belongings in the compartment above. The lane began to clear and I started to quickly move to the back but the old man in front of me stopped short and I did as well. I quickly put my hand behind me knowing full well the young Rican behind me would not stop until he bumped into me and I was not going to give him the chance to mesh his crotch into my ass and I had certainly called that one as he nearly knocked me over when he made contact. "I so sorry, so sorry." He consistently repeated as he grabbed my shoulders and held me as if to keep me from falling but kept his crotch tight against me. What he didn't know is that his crotch was against my hand and not my ass. I turned around and smiled at him.

"It's ok." I said as I smiled and chuckled slightly. "It's a little crowded on this bus." I got a quick whiff of his cologne which had quite an affect on my demeanor considering he would not back himself off of me. I could feel his half hardened cock in the palm of my hand and wondered if he got that from checking out my thong protruding from the top of my sweats or maybe it was the Celtic tramp stamp he could see peeking out from under my sweater. I wasn't sure but it seemed to be getting harder the more I thought about it so I gave him a push to let him know that I was aware of his close proximity. He backed up and I turned around and smiled as he turned loose of my shoulders.

I saw the very back seat was not taken and I was determined to score it with my rican in tow and he was very willing to follow. I stashed my bag up top and ducked into the window seat but my new friend took the seat in front of me and nestled into the seat. I stood slightly and hung my breasts over the seat next to him. He instantly looked over at me. "Do you want to sit back here?" I asked him fearing someone else would try to sit next to me. There were still people getting onto the bus and this huge woman appeared at the front. I could see her eyeballing the back, too. I looked at him in a panic.

"I like to take window." He said smiling back at me and then turning to peer out into the depot. I looked at my seat next to the window and pointed to it.

"You can have the seat next to the window." I said to him as if he were a child. "It's ok." I said and nodded. He looked at my seat and smiled.

"Eees OK?" He said waiting for a confirmation. I looked up into the aisle and the large woman was charging closer and closer like a determined rhinoceros. He started to get up and I moved out of my seating area and into the aisle then reached around his back and pushed him into my seating area and into the back seat while he thanked me over and over. I was just happy to have him next to me instead the beast that was charging forward. He sat, got comfortable and like a child smiled and glared out of the window. Consistently he would point out the window and I found myself pronouncing things for him as he pointed them out while the bus began to pull out of the depot and down the street. We watched the sun set just as the bus was hauling itself down the highway and into the rural countryside.

I awoke as the bus was bumping through the night and found myself laying against his tummy. I quickly sat up and noticed everyone in front of us either asleep or listening to headphones and nodding off. I looked at my boy next to me and he was leaning his head in the nook between the seat and the bus wall. He winked at me and smiled. "Eees ok. I sleep too." He patted his tummy as if to say it were ok to lay back down but I couldn't. I got out of my seat, stood up and opened the compartment that contained my bag. I pulled out a little camp pillow and sat back down. I handed the pillow to my rican friend next to me but he protested.

"No, no, you take. It's good. I good. Eees OK." He said, all the while flashing his golden tooth at me with every smile. I grabbed his neck and pulled him forward, propped a knee up on the seat and pulled his head into my breasts. I put the pillow against the wall and pushed his head back into it. He laughed slightly. "OK, ok. Gracias. Tank you." He said as he nodded. I put my hand on his thigh and laid my head back on his tummy. I could tell he was smiling. I felt his hand rest upon my hip and didn't think anything of it until his fingers started to fall towards my belly and with every bounce of the bus I could tell he was using it to his advantage. Honestly, though, I felt quite comfortable and safe and that was all that mattered to me. I just started to doze off when the bus took a heavy dive down and then back up, practically bouncing us all out of our seats. My boy's hand was now against my bare belly and his had made its way inside my sweats, in fact I could tell it was right my airstrip. I was feeling his treasure trail against my cheek and when I looked forward I could see down into his loose jeans and the tip of his cock was sticking out from the top his shorts. I don't think he had an erection but he wasn't soft either and it was so close to my mouth that if it grew any more than an inch, it would be right at my lips.

I rolled with the rhythm of the bouncing bus and tried to time my movement just right and when that moment came I quickly shifted my ass and his hand fell deeper into my sweats. His fingers traveled right across my clitoris and onto my lips. He didn't seem to move but I figured it wouldn't be long before he felt the heat and moisture. His finger began to twitch and very slowly sunk between my moist lips. Movement began to take place in the darkness of his jeans and I could see the head of his cock began to swell nearly twice the size and it started inching forward towards me. I felt my nipples harden and soon they would be poking through my little knitted sweater. My boys fingers began to move and spread me open and the waterfall of love began to flow, allowing his fingers to sweetly glide across my clitoris. The head of his cock was now at the edge of his jeans and so close to my mouth that I opened up and pushed out a slow breath down into his pants. A glistening drop began to form at the very tip of my man's hardening staff as he was working his finger into my hole.

I took a deep breath and reached my tongue out to the very tip and let the silky liquid step onto it. The bus started to bounce and the head of his cock entered my mouth and then fell out. Another bounce of the bus and his cock again darted in and out of my mouth and then settled right at the tip of my bottom lip. He was able to get two fingers deep into me during the ordeal and it didn't look as if he were going to remove them. I felt the power in his fingers and sat there momentarily enjoying the inner massage then I began to flicker my tongue across the tip of his head.

Apparently his erection hadn't finished its growth process because his tool began to throb and grow with each thrust of blood pouring into his shaft. It pushed its way into my mouth, further and further with each pulse until my mouth was at capacity and I could feel the tip against the back of my tongue. He slowly pushed it in and out of my mouth as I lay still, flickering my tongue against the tip, sides and back of his massive cannon. I nonchalantly grabbed his thigh and pulled my mouth into the top of his loose jeans until I could fit no more of his cock into my mouth and then I grabbed his cock and balls outside of his jeans and attempted to push further as a surge of cream screamed past my upper lip and I felt the blast against the back of my tongue. His hips came up and I buried my mouth as deep as I could into his jeans once again. Semen began to squirt from the corner of my mouth but I was swallowing as fast as I could. Finally I pulled my mouth off completely and lay my head back on his tummy while he was pushing his hips up trying not be noticed. A blast of semen hit my lip and entered the side of my mouth and I watched the last remaining bit of cream ooze out onto his treasure trail while my tongue frantically attempted to clean it up. His thumb hit my clitoris and it sent me into an amazing rush of heat and shivers. I clenched my legs together, grabbed his hand on the outside of my sweats and held him still. I took a slow deep breath and pulled his hand back to my tummy and then pushed his cock back into his shorts and fell asleep.
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