Business trip to Dallas
I had to go to Dallas for some business training. It was a weeklong class that wasn't too stressful but one I needed. I was looking forward to catching up with some old friends while I was there and it looked like I'd have plenty of time in the evenings to do that. Bob and Cindy lived only a few miles away from the place where I was training. I'd emailed them already to make sure they would be in town and Cindy emailed back to see if my wife Kathy would be able to come along with me. Kathy had other commitments and couldn't come, but Cindy told me to make plans to have dinner with them at least once.

Bob and Cindy had been our neighbors in Denver years ago but he'd taken a job in Dallas and they moved. We had been good friends but hadn't kept in close touch, just a Christmas card and an occasional phone call or email. I was looking forward to visiting with them and catching up.

The first day of class was good. It was going to be interesting but the days wouldn't be that long. I called Bob and Cindy's house and Cindy answered the phone. She said they'd expect me at 6, but if I wanted to come earlier, I could. Bob would be home around 5. Class was over at 4 pm, which gave me time to get back to the hotel, shower and change into jeans and a loose white shirt. On the way over to their house I stopped to buy a bottle of Cabernet and some flowers. Armed with directions on my phone, I made it to their house in 20 minutes.

I rang the bell and Cindy answered the door. She gave me a big hug and I handed her the flowers. Cindy was about 5'7", blonde and I thought very attractive She'd put on a little weight since I'd seen her last but that was 5 years ago. She carried it very well and her blue eyes still sparkled with mischief like they used to. She was barefoot, wearing khaki shorts and a peach colored sleeveless blouse. I noticed her black bra strap on her shoulder. She led me back into the kitchen where she was getting steaks ready for Bob to grill and making a salad and some potatoes.

"I hope you don't mind" Cindy said, "but we've invited our neighbor over to join us." "Her husband is a contractor working overseas and we thought she might like to join us for dinner" " They go to our church and we kind of look after her when we can." "No, I sure don't mind I'm just glad to visit with you two and don't mind sharing!" I replied. "Good! She'll be over any time. She's a really nice lady and I think you'll like her." I could make out the lines of Cindy's thong panties under shorts and even though she was wearing a bra, her breasts had just the right amount of jiggle to them as she worked on dinner. I had always enjoyed looking at Cindy when we were neighbors but that's about as far as it went. She and Kathy were good friends.

I heard a car door shut and then I heard Bob say "I'm home!" He walked into the kitchen and we said our hellos and shook hands. Bob hadn't changed much either, but his hair was grayer and there was a balding spot on top. We talked a little of people they'd known in Denver and our jobs. I told him all about the class I was taking and my new job. The doorbell rang and Cindy wiped her hands off on a towel saying "That's Wendy. Bob, go change clothes and start the steaks. Steve, would you open the wine? Glasses are in the cabinet and the corkscrew is in that drawer" and pointed. Bob laughed. "yes ma'am!" I got out four glasses and opened the wine while Bob went upstairs to change. In a moment, Cindy walked into the kitchen and said "Steve, this is Wendy. Wendy this is Steve, our friend from Denver that I told you about." I took Wendy's hand and said "Hi! Nice to meet you" Wendy smiled and said "You too! Cindy's talked a lot about you and Denver." We talked about things we'd done in Colorado together and then they talked a little about some of the things they were into here in Dallas. Bob came back down and gave Wendy and hug then asked if I'd help him with the steaks. We went outside and started the grill.

Bob told me that Wendy's husband was working overseas for six months at a time. They'd become friends and that he and Cindy thought that Wendy needed to get out of the house a little more. I looked in and saw the two girls working on the salad together. Wendy was wearing white shorts and sandals and a navy blue polo shirt. She was shorter than Cindy, but was busty and had nice hips. While we waited for the grill to get warm I went back into the house and recharged our wine glasses using up the last of the wine. Cindy asked if I would like for them to make some margaritas. "It will be a few minutes before the steaks are ready, so sure, that would be great". I replied. "The blender is in the lower cabinet Wendy". she said, and Wendy bent over to get it. In the light of the kitchen I noticed that Wendy was wearing white bikinis under her shorts.

I grabbed the wine glasses to go back outside and caught Cindy giving me a look I couldn't quite fathom, kind of a grin and kind of a glare. I thought to myself "Oh great... busted looking at Wendy's ass". I went back outside to help with the steaks. A few minutes later, Wendy came out with a couple of margaritas. We sipped on them as the steaks sizzled on the grill. When they were done, Bob took them inside and I carried the drinks. Wendy led the way and I watched her bottom sway as she walked back inside. "Does it just come naturally or do women walk that way on purpose?" I whispered to Bob. "Not on all women but some girls just know how to walk". He laughed saying "Some are better than others".

Dinner was wonderful. The steaks were perfect. Wendy said that it was so nice to talk to other adults for a change that her teenage kids were driving her crazy. Not bad, but just so little in common. We talked about the perils of parenthood and somehow the topic turned to computers the Internet, Facebook, and chatting. Wendy said that she used Skype to keep in touch with her husband and I said that I did the same when I was travelling. I didn't have a Facebook page but they all did. We all agreed that there were things on the Internet that were not good for teens. I said that I had caught my son looking at porn. I said it wasn't just porn pictures and videos to worry about, but there were sites with stories and chat rooms.

"Oh how do you know this?" Cindy asked laughing. "Well.... I uhhhh read about it". We all laughed again when Cindy and Bob both said "Suuuure!" I noticed Wendy's cheeks and neck turn a little red. "Oh come on Y'all! You've never explored the net before? " I asked. "Oh ok... since its truth time, yes I have". Bob replied. Then looking at Wendy, he added "Don't tell anyone at church!" She softly said "I won't". Bob went on to say that he'd been on a site that had stories and had chatted with some others on the site as well. He'd told Cindy and they had both read and chatted after that. It wasn't a regular thing but had been fun at the time. Wendy blushed even redder when I asked if she had ever chatted with someone she didn't know online and nodded, saying "Yes, I've talked to some people that way." I said "I think there are a lot of people who have. Probably a lot of people you wouldn't think of have at least tried it. I bet there's a lot even at church who have. It's anonymous and fairly safe."

Wendy asked if my wife knew about it, "Yes. I told her about it. She said it better not get to be a habit!" Bob asked if I talked to other women when I travelled. I smiled and said "Sometimes." We laughed and Cindy asked if I ever tried "Sexting" with anyone and I told her that I had sent some sexy texts to Kathy when I was on the road, but not to anyone else. She said that she and Bob did it too during the day and it led to some fun in the evenings after work. She asked Wendy if she and her husband ever tried it and she shook her head "no". "He should". I said. "Oh he's not into that kind of thing and he's kind of a prude". I was feeling the margaritas and said "Well... if you ever need a sexy text let me know". We all laughed then.

Cindy had that mischievous look in her eyes and said "We should send each other an anonymous message. Well not really anonymous, but we can text each other, just here and just tonight". Bob said "text anything?" Cindy replied "Sure... OK Steve? Wendy?" I said "uhhh Kathy probably shouldn't know about this. I only have your home phone number so why don't we write our numbers down on a piece of paper and anonymously draw. Then we can rotate. Wendy said "ok but everything gets deleted ok? Promise?" We all agreed and Cindy brought some paper and a pen. We wrote our names and numbers on paper and put them in a bowl. We drew and I got Bob. I texted "Your wife and friend are hot!" and sent it. I got one that said "How do you like our friend?" We put our names back in the bowl and drew again. This time I got Cindy. I texted "Is your thong the same color as your bra?" She laughed and responded with "I'll never tell". The next draw I got a message that said "you have a nice smile". I looked over at Wendy and she was looking at me. I'd drawn Bob again and asked. "How far should we take this?" Then I responded to the one from Wendy with "Thanks. So do you! I also love white bikinis like yours. Are you a natural redhead?". Wendy was blushing when I looked back over at her but she texted back "yes".

I got a text from Bob saying that he wanted to see how far it would go as well and I guess he sensed my hesitation and texted that it was ok to say anything I wanted to Cindy. I asked if he was sure. And he said yes. Wendy texted me and asked if I was a boxer or brief guy. I answered "boxer briefs". Then I wrote to Cindy asking how sexy I should get with the sexting. We were all chuckling at how silly the game was but there was an increasing sexual tension among us. I also noticed Wendy's nipples hardening under her polo shirt. I asked her if she shaved more than her legs. She wrote back "No" I sent the same question to Cindy to which she replied "not totally".
I asked Cindy what her favorite position was and got the same question from Wendy. Cindy replied "on top" and I told Wendy that mine was Doggy style in front of a mirror" "OK, time out folks. I said "Why is it that we can chat or text about these things with someone, even a complete stranger, but we can't just talk about it out loud?" Bob said "It's probably the feeling of anonymity. Maybe even a sense that it isn't real." I said "Why don't we just play something like truth or dare or spin the bottle but where we can say anything to anyone, just like we were doing on the phone. We'll take turns. Cindy, you go first"

Cindy smiled and took a drink of her margarita and said "Steve, When was the last time you had sex, who was it with and what position?" I laughed and said "You sure don't make this easy do you? Lets see, it was last Tuesday night, with Kathy and she was on top." Next it was Bob's turn. He asked Wendy if she had ever had an affair or thought about it. She blushed and said that she hadn't but had been tempted. Wendy asked Bob and Cindy how often they had sex. They looked at each other and Bob said "3-4 times a week". When it was my turn, I turned to Bob, "Is Cindy a natural blonde?" I asked. He laughed and said "no". Cindy blushed and slapped his arm.

We were out of margaritas, so we stopped playing the game and the girls made some more while Bob and I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. Once we had the kitchen cleaned up we all took our drinks into the living room. Bob and Cindy sat on a love seat while Wendy and I sat on each end of the couch. Bob got up, walked over and took an antique coke bottle down off a shelf. He asked me to move the coffee table out of the way and then we all sat on the floor. "Whoever it points to gets to ask the question" Cindy said. Wendy spun the first time and it landed on Bob. "Wendy." He asked "Does Glenn or do you usually initiate sex between you two?" Wendy bit her lip in concentration and answered "Both. But mostly I think its me". Next it was my turn I spun the bottle and it landed on Cindy. She asked if we could ask about spouses that weren't here and we all agreed that it would be ok.

"Steve, Does Kathy ever do oral sex?" I answered "Yes, but not all the time." The next question was Bob again. "Wendy, Have you ever seen or walked in on another couple having sex?" "Yes". She replied. "In college but not since. At a party I went to once, I walked into a room and there was a couple there." I asked her if it was a turn on and she laughed and said "Yes, it was". The next spin came to me. I asked Cindy if she and Bob ever did it outside of the house, not counting a hotel room. She answered "Yes sometimes in the hot tub, sometimes outside while hiking or camping". Wendy got the next question and with a mischievous grin "Steve, where do you chat online and what is your screen name?"

"Why?" I asked. "Oh We may want to chat sometime!" Wendy said laughed. I told them and then it was my turn. "OK, Ladies. Would you ever give your husband a hall pass?" Cindy said she might and Wendy asked what it meant. I explained that it meant permission to have sex with another woman. She said she might if it was just a one-time thing. They both said it would depend on the other woman. I said What if it was Kathy or Wendy? Wendy blushed and Cindy said "Maybe!" Then Wendy asked Bob and me if we'd do the same for our wives. I replied. "I agree with you ladies it would depend on the guy, but it's definitely a thought." Bob said "Yeah, I'd go along with that" I was definitely getting hard by this time and I noticed that Wendy's nipples were still rigid under her polo shirt. "Would you want to be there like in a threesome or with another couple?" I asked, forgetting to spin the coke bottle. Wendy said. "I don't think so. Watching Glenn might be a bit too weird for me. I wouldn't want him there if it was me either". Bob and Cindy look at each other "I don't know, it might be a big turn on to watch each other." Bob asked me if I would want to watch Kathy with another man. "She really gets into sex sometimes. It might be fun to watch".

The margaritas were wearing off but the tension in the room was building. "What about just watching another couple?" I asked. "Wendy, you did it once. Did you stay and watch?" She blushed. "Well, the guy I was with wanted to stay. So we did". I asked. "Did you join them?" She giggled and said. "No, there was another bed in the room". Cindy had moved over closer to Bob and was playing with the hair on the back of his head. The bottle was forgotten and we just continued talking. I got up off the floor and sat back down on the couch. Wendy did the same and tucked one leg up under her. Bob was caressing Cindy's leg and I winked at him. He slid his hand up her tanned thigh and under her shorts. I looked over at Wendy who was biting her lower lip.

Cindy gasped as his hand went farther. She slapped at it playfully but gave up and kissed him. Bob unbuttoned Cindy's shorts and then unzipped them. Answering my earlier question about whether or not her panties and bra matched. Wendy looked at me and mouthed "Oh my God!" as Bob slid Cindy's shorts down. Cindy lifted herself up a little to make it easier. As they slid off over her feet, Bob tossed them over his shoulder. Wendy squirmed on the couch. I heard Bob whisper. "Are you ok with this?" Cindy hissed "YESSSSSSSSS". He unbuttoned her blouse a little at a time as their kiss became more heated. I slid over to Wendy. I took her chin in my fingers and leaned forward to kiss her gently. Her soft lips parted and our tongues met, tentatively at first, but then Wendy wrapped her arms around my neck and our kiss became deep and wet.

After a minute, we looked over and Cindy was in her panties and bra. They were both smiling at us. I grinned and reached down to the button on Wendy's shorts. She left her arm around my shoulder and didn't push my hand away "Shall we join them?" I asked as I tugged and the button and started the zipper down. Wendy smiled and nodded. "I can't believe this. Are you as horny as I am?" she whispered. Cindy had Bob's shirt off and was kissing his chest. Bob was unhooking her bra and smiling at us. Wendy and I both got her shorts off. I looked down to see her dark red hair through her lace bikinis. "Wow, That's beautiful!" I moaned. "You ARE natural!" We both laughed.

Bob groaned as Cindy unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Wendy ran her hand up the inside of my thigh and kissed me again. We looked over as Bob peeled Cindy's bra off. Wendy whispered. "She has nice boobs" I nodded my agreement and said "I want to see yours". Wendy stood up and peeled her polo shirt off. Her breasts were bigger than Cindy's and as she pulled her shirt off over her head, she shook her auburn hair out. Her bra was also white lace. It matched her panties and were just as transparent. "My Oh My! I said smiling up at her. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Wendy bit her lip again as she peeled it off her shoulders and let it fall. "You're gorgeous!" I said. I leaned toward her dark nipple and she pulled my heat toward her breast.

I took Wendy's nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. She moaned softly and said. "Oh god that feels so good!" ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed my way down her side to her hip and spread my hands over her bottom. I looked over at Bob and Cindy. Bob had his fingers on Cindy's bottom and Cindy had Bob's cock in her mouth. "See what you guys started? He said to me laughing. "US? We were just innocent bystanders until you started!" I replied. I slipped my hands beneath Wendy's bikinis and squeeze her cheeks, caressing the soft skin between them with my fingertips. I lean back a little and look up at her. "Do you have to be home by a certain time?" She responded. "No, the kids are staying with friends". When was the last time you had sex?" I asked. She said that it had been months ago. My face was inches away from the front of her panties and I could feel the heat and smell the rich scent of her arousal.

Cindy was now straddling Bob. His hands were gripping her bottom tightly. She was reaching behind her back guiding him into her pussy. Wendy and I watched as he slid inside her. "Damn!" I muttered. As I turned back to Wendy's tummy and put my fingers into the waistband of her panties. Wendy smiled down at me as I slid them down off her hips. Her pussy was covered with neatly trimmed auburn tuft. Her lips were swollen and glistening wet. I leaned forward and kissed her tummy just above the auburn hair. I could hear her gasp and my lips touched her. Wendy lifted her knee and draped her leg over my shoulder.

Cindy's moans became louder. I couldn't see but I could tell that she was riding Bob faster and harder by the noise. I slipped my tongue between Wendy's lips and tasted her tangy wetness. I gripped her bottom and spread her cheeks as I sucked on the soft wet folds around her hard little bud. Her body began to tremble and her fingers gripped my scalp and hair. She moved her hips against my face as I slid my tongue inside her. She gasped loudly and pulled my face against her. She held me there and flooded my face. Wendy pulled her leg down and quickly reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and we pulled them off. She lay back on the couch and said "Hurry!" I knelt between her legs and pulled them up and apart.

Wendy lifted her knees as I slid the head of my cock along her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned "Yessss.... do it... Fuck me!" I slid inside her and started slowly thrusting and drawing out. She felt like she was going to melt she was so hot! Her hips started moving with me and even faster. Her moans drowned out Cindy's. She wrapped her legs around me held me tight. Her breasts were bouncing under me. I propped myself up on my arms and watched her writhe under me. She squeezed my cock hungrily as I thrust harder and faster. Bob and Cindy had both finished and were watching us from where they lay spent. Wendy was going wild. Her nails were digging into my back. I knew I couldn't last much longer. I pushed into her as hard as I could, arched my back and came inside her. She kept going against me and finally screamed and came again....and again.

Wendy wrapped her arms and legs around me as aftershocks rocked her. I collapsed onto her breasts and kissed her neck and ears. I slowly slid out of her as she relaxed. We both sat up on the couch. Both of us were trying to catch our breath. Cindy got up and walked into the kitchen. She brought back some water and handed each of us a glass. She smiled at Wendy and Me and said. " That was hot to watch! I looked over at Wendy and smiled saying "You are incredible!" She smiled back at me, winked and then asked Cindy if they had a big mirror. Cindy replied. "Yes, up in our bedroom, Why?"

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