By Request...Virgin Territory
She has the most innocent wide-eyed stare you'll ever come to know. Her body posture reveals a wanting nervous restlessness that begs for release with a Mt. Vesuvius kind of explosive force that trembles for days, weeks, months, the after shocks of her orgasmic cunvulsions reaching a 9.9...My tongue gets hard just dreaming of licking every inch of her five star body...she knows I watch her every move, every day and she knows, I know what she wants...we've teased each other playfully for over two years...

Monica is my daughter's babysitter and each day after Suzie goes to school she loves to bask in the sun by the pool and watch TV waiting for her to come home late in the afternoon. Her slinky way of walking is such a sensually stimulating turn on that keeps getting me hard every time I visualize her appraoching the front door, pressing the doorbell always with her middle finger stretched out, her other fingers lightly bent back...reminds me of someone giving the finger sideways...but with a relaxed hand and whispy wrist movement that makes my mouth water like just before sitting down to a finger licking turkey she presses inward she rotates her finger with deliberate movement accented by her hips gyrating in rhythmn with her finger pushing the door bell button and ending with a double stroke forward thrust initiated by her pussy seemingly reaching for her hand...the final jesture being a slight rise up on her toes and a slitheringly slow descent ending with a sighing smile of adulation..."I know he's watching my ev-er-y move...he,he,he,ha,ha..." Over her left shoulder is slung a small pack which though never seeing the contents is a constant mystery. Today is her eighteenth birthday...

"How come you never ask what's in my back pack." Her voice rose and fell like a songbird's early morning call. "Guess I figure that's your private affair."
"You're not the least bit curious?"
"Well...curious, yes, but I love intrigue."
"Wanna' know what today is?"
"I already have an idea...Happy Birthday."

Monica is totally taken by surprize. Her already wide turquoise-grey eyes got even wider as her mouth opened and her jaw dropped, her hands reached to cover her mouth as her inward breath became an audible jolting moan of excited exhuberance only witnessed in first time dreamy fantasy fulfillment. I delicately handed her the unmistakable rectangular style box that is seen customarily holding a necklace or bracelet. She had fallen in love at first sight with my wifes bracelet I had made several years ago.

She fanned herself, alternating hands and blowing air out of her lips that puckered into a Marilyn Monroe portrait...she seemed to be putting out a fire...a fire of desire...she raised up on her toes, her stretched out body becoming tense with excruciating tears of joy, her forearms became rigid, bent at the elbows and her hands made a jesture like clapping but they never came together...

"You have more than earned this with all you've done for our family...just a token of appreciation...wear it in good health and happiness..."

She was all thumbs tearing into the anticipated gift, checking her wrist, almost seeing the bracelet before she knew even what the box held. Sure enough, it was a matching bracelet to the one my wife wore day and night. Tri-colored gold and platinum links woven into a florentine design, the bracelet sparkled as she reached her wrist out begging me to place it around then fasten the clasp. My fingers touched her wrist and sparks flew. We both jumped..."Wow, sealed with a lightning rod." She reached out, longing for a hug that I had been longing to give her from the day we met. As we embraced, her body melted into my shoulders, chest, stomach,...she crouched down sliding along my legs and embraced my thighs pulling my groin into her face as her hands took the cheeks of my butt and pulled me deep into her face, neck and chest. I felt her firm breasts make contact with my knees, then slide down my shins...she was almost writhing on the floor as I pulled her up gently by her upper arms, then my hands slid comfortably under her arm pits where they made full contact with the sides of her breasts and ribs. She stood the rest of the way up pressing her already hard nipples strait into my chest, raising her head seeking a long awaited kiss. As our lips pressed ever so gently I knew instantly she hadn't learned about moist wet lipped smootches let alone open mouthed tongue tantilizing, saliva trading burning desire kisses that last ten minutes and travel down the neckline to the upper bulge of her breasts and finally to the heart of the matter...nipples that rose like the sun begging the suckulent stimulation felt throughout every nerve and fiber of her body...

"I've never French kissed before...teach me..."
"That's what boyfriends are for."
"I don't have a boyfriend...all I ever wanted was you...from the first time I saw you change into your swim suit...I know you've watched and wanted me guys have an open marriage, I know that too, and all I ever wanted was to be one of your partners."
Monica's begging almost pleading voice startled me speachless...yes, I wanted her but it was only a fantasy...two years went by quickly and this sweet sixteen year old is now legal, tender, desireable beyond belief and pleading to be taken for the taking...

She took me by the hand leading me over to the couch, sat me down and grabbed her back pack. The mystery of the contents was revealed as she pulled out fifteen to twenty DVD's on everything from sex education to full blown porn..."I've been studying all the moves but I have no idea how to make them work. I want you to be the first to touch me in all those erotic zones and teach me how to be a sexual deva. I watched you and Angie once and long to be her twin sister..." With that said, I felt the Eifel Tower rising in my swim suit and reached for a shirt..."It's O.K. I love watching your cock grow big and stiff." She took the shirt out of my hand, reached over with her other hand and felt the bulge under my suit growing increasingly larger. Then she ran a hand over my chest while squeezing and releasing my cock. I got so hard she pulled my erection out the top of my suit and was following one of her video lessons. "I got this from a video." She massaged my cock with both hands, the loose skin tightening as I continually rose skyward. Her tight body erupted out of an elastic wrap around stretched across her thighs like a rubber band. As she knelt I pulled at her tank top, she lifted her arms, her naked breasts made a slight bounce then held firm...not an ounce of fat on this miracle body. Then she started sucking the head of my cock taking long swiping strokes, her tongue coming out of her mouth and stretching half way round clockwise, half way round counter clocke wise. I was thinking, "This is going to fast, we're not ready for..."

"First, you've been watching too many videos, second, there are certain considerations necessary and know how we've been flirting with each the past two years...just keep that going for a litle while longer."
"You mean like this..." The next thing she did made me wonder just how much did she see...
As we stood there completely naked facing each other I got the full perspective of her bodies outline...the spitting image of Angie right down to the arch in her back that made her sexy belly protrude, her groin pulled back and her butt slightly raised. I knew if I reached back to feel her pussy it would be completely exposed between her slightly parted thighs. Monica was definitely Angie's twin sister. Her ultra thin waist line was asymetrical, almost eliptical...what a perfect match.

"Let's massage each other anywhere our arms can reach but no massaging an auric ghost." Like balet dancers, our hands began moving slowly over every inch of each others body. Every so often a slight touch brought added excitement. "Hold it...easy now...go with each movement." We both were getting so excited, juices flowed so wantingly. I couldn't keep from becoming erect, her tits became erect and those gorgeious nipples were so hard they turned upward. I got so close to her my cock was touching her flower garden. She pulled in closer, "not yet..." "But I don't think I can stand it any longer...I'm about to cum just standing here." Monica was lifting up on her toes then letting down, my cock was involuntarily throbbing to her rhythmn...
"Alright, in the shower."
"In the shower." We held hands like high school sweethearts on the way to the shower.
"Preparation is the key to satisfying sex." We slowly adjusted to the comfortably hot water flowing down on our excited skin. After soaping each down with thick lathered vanila cream soap we each prepared ourselves adequately in anticipation of a sex filled afternoon. We both enjoyed air drying and taken the water droplets and massaging them lightly until dry. We literally covered every inch of each others bodies taking special care and attention to those exotic erotic zones. We held a light hugging embrace, our hands resting on each others hips. We ever so delicately balanced our nipples into each others. My cock gently slid between her legs coming in contact with her pussy. She was getting wet all over again and I was releasing a clear pre cum liquid. I reached down and massaged her liquid all along the edge of her lips while she rubbed the pre cum over the head of my cock. When she slid her finger tip into the crevasse around the top of the head, I slid my finger dead center between her lips up to her clit. Back and forth we kept massaging ever getting wetter and more turned on. Uncontrolled twitches were becoming common as we excited in the thrill of being on the verge of cuming together with very little effort. The excitement came to a crescendo as we simultaeously felt each other tense into an eruptive orgasmic fireball. She grabbed my cock stroking the shaft with both hands as I took two fingers and circled just inside her lips. Each time I slid passed her clit I touched it on the move and each time I touched it her pelvis reached up for more. When we hit that high note of pleasure I came up and circled my fingers around her clit reaching my thumb in and lightly pulling and rolling. Her clit swelled into a hardened shaft protruding ecstatically beyond her lips. Her body went into cunvulsive spasms as I uncontrollably threw my pelvis into her strokes. Cum shot all the way up onto her tits as she poured her cum into my hand. We didn't stop twitching for ten minutes or so continually working each other into a non-stop frenzy. We pressed our chests together smearing the cum all over until it became dry and we stuck to each other. We were taking delight in pressing in, sticking to each other then slowly pulling away and watching our skin stretch as we unstuck from each other. I kept reaching down for more of her cum, licking it off my fingers and kissing her begging lips, our tongues rolling together...give me more, more, more... Off to the bedroom where we licked each others chest clean then spent the next half hour practicing French kisses that turned into a wallowing of lip and tongue, tasters choice specials. Then the next half hour or so we rotated until she could suck my cock and I could eat her pussy. I was licking her lips and sucking them into my mouth one at a time. When I sucked her clit completely in my mouth she had a spasm of joy. "MMmmm..." She sucked my cock harder, trying to swallow it deeper down her throat. She dry gaged a couple of times but never let up sucking and rolling her tongue around the head. We were having multiple orgasms starting to build up steadily.
"Let's relax...enjoy the moment...whooooohhh"

"You probably know that I'm still..."
"Yes I know."
"I want to remember this birthday forever by you setting my world on fire and setting me free forever..."
"Are you absolutely sure this is..."
"I've never had a doubt in my mind. I want to be your girl and I want you to be my man."

We were laying on our backs lightly allowing our hands to free wonder over each others relaxed bodies. Monica's right leg was over my left. She took my cock and placed it on her leg and started petting it like a kitten. I started concentrating my left hand around her pubus, lightly brushing my fingers over the top of her bush and ever so gently sliding my middle finger right between her lips. As she stroked up my shaft to the head of my cock I slid my hand likewise on her pussy. We were getting aroused in synchronous rhythmn. She reached over and motioned me to straddle on top of her. "I want to feel your cock doing what your hand was doing." I positioned myself to slide my cock right along her lips barely touching them. She was wet and getting wetter with each stroke. I was going from semi hard to hard. I stroked up and down in what was once called dry fucking, only because there was no penetration and it used to be done through clothes, usually underwear but also possibly jeans or trousers and skirt. There was nothing dry about these strokes.

"I've been taking the..."
"I know..."
Monica had made sure I saw her taking birth control pills for the past six months. She purposely came within eyesight to take them.
"Just wanted you to be free to annihilate my pussy so I can't walk straight for a week."
"Woooh, where did you get that notion."
"Angie told me how you two fuck for hours and that she doesn't feel satisfied until you make her numb."
"I'm going to have to have a talk with that girl..."
"Do me like you do her...please..."
"For one thing, it took us a long time to reach the point where we could last forever. She taught me what it would take to satisfy her..."
"...and that's what I want you to teach me..."
I got rock hard and started pressing a little harder. I felt her lips widen as she drew her legs up and spread them as wide as she could. Her pussy opened up like a flower as her eyes closed and every stroke was matched with her pelvis rising, then lowering, rising, lowering...
Her clit was swollen and exposed as my cock made contact and slid up forcing her clit to follow. Monica became flush red from the cheeks of her face down to her belly button. Her breathing became deep as her head rocked from side to side. "Yes, yes, I'm going to cum again."
She pushed my cock hard onto her clit as I kept stroking faster and faster. With each stroke she pushed harder until..."Oh my god..."
Her head and chest tensed completely off the bed as she began rocking as if doing sit ups. Her pussy began twitching as she pulled her knees in, keeping time with her sit ups..."Oh, OH, Oh, Oh,..."... every stroke was accompanied with a moan. I had pre cum oozing out but Angie had taught me well "...control that cock so we can cum together." Many months of effort went into learning how to sustain and endure the sexy pleasures we enjoyed. And now it's all about to unfold in a most exhilerating experience...breaking into virgin territory. Monica kept having multiple orgasms for close to a half hour. Lying back each time and then building back up to another crescendo. She finally layed back comfortably relaxed. "Will you let me ride you so I can break myself in right at the moment I cum again?"
"This is your just ask and you shall receive."

Time out......

A quick dip in the pool...into the shower, liquid apricot soap down...I stood behind Monica working my hands from inside her thighs to her hips and followed her slender waist into the belly button, back out to the sides and up along the ribcage then massaging her tits from underneath inward pushing up then outward stroking down. I had put my cock between her legs, she reached down and pulled it up massaging her pussy. I went from limp to semi hard. She separated her vaginal lips and partially stuck the head in and began working her pelvis back and forth. That was the first time I fully realized how long an opening her pussy had. I felt her pull me in just far enough to press against her hymen. The head of my cock slid in easy but I wanted Monica to go as slow as she pleased...I was already in heaven. As she pulled me in and out I could feel myself come up against her hymen and it felt looser than other girls. It felt as if it had been partially opened, maybe by sports activity and strenuous exercise, or...

We rinsed off and Monica wanted to hug after pulling my cock up against her pussy, between her thighs then she clamped her legs together..."I want to ride you like a train rides the rails." She felt the loosness of the skin on my shaft and started walking backwards a few inches at a time. The skin pulled forward with her back step then slid back when I stepped forward. We maneuvered our way back to the bedroom. I was getting harder and she was getting extremely wet. By the time we reached the edge of the bed my cock was gliding between her thighs and stroking her pussy. Her hands rested on my chest, mine pressed her tits inward stroking her nipples with the palms, pressing inward, releasing and again and again...

As if we had been engaged in sex for years she sat me down on the corner of the bed, my legs close together. She straddled my legs back toward me and started stroking my cock slowly. I reached under her butt and stroked her pussy. She immediately thrust her pelvis back opening her lips and her dripping pussy quivered in my hand. I reached up with my other hand and began massaging her tit, rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger...index middle, middle little...
She felt me getting harder and thicker, then once again inserted the head into he opening taking time to spread her lips, rotate my cock in circles making sure she went back and forth over her clit. We both became excited and felt each others exhuberance..."Here we go..." She sat down in little rocking motions as I felt the slight pressure on that tender membrane. We were getting lubricated from both sources and Monica surprized both of us by pulling my cock with both hands and at the same time sitting down hard. My cock traveled almost a third of the way into her pussy, she sighed..."Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh..." I barely felt any breaking through her hymen. It was as if there was already an opening and I just widened it. There was a slight sensation of tightness beyond the tightness of her remarkably well lubricated pussy. "Ohhhh...that feels so good...lets go deeper." This is not usually the case. I was so tight in her pussy but our juices made everything feel like gliding in a hang glider.

Monica kept moving up and down slow and steady coming down further on my shaft until we got really tight. We were so well lubricated, the sensation was enormously satisfying. I kept checking for any signs of discomfort or pain from Monica's face. She had a smile of eternal ecstacy painted from ear to ear.

"I'm going for it..." Monica again surprized the hell out of me, raised up and slowly but steadily slid right past the tightest spot where my cock flares out. Once past that speed bump and we were home free. I was amazed at her endurance. We both worked out every day and it was worth the effort.

Monica started focusing on where that tight spot was and kept going back and forth forcing her pussy to stretch with each thrust. "Uhh, Uhhh, Uhhhhh,..." She started pumping like pumping iron. Then she picked up the pace. I was now pulling on her hips as her pussy kept swallowing more and more of my cock. She reached between her legs to feel how much more before I was buried to the hilt. "Wooow, there's more...I'm going for it." Ride on...
Sweat was rolling off our bodies, goose bumps were rising, our bodies started a long steady tensing..."I'm gonna' cum...are you with me?"
"All the it, do it, do it..." "Ohhhh...MYYYY...GOOOODDDDD..." I started thrusting with every one of her strokes. Monica started to stand up..."Let's change to the doggy position." She learned well from those videos. Her hands shifted over to the bed as I moved around, standing up. She bent over and thrust her butt begging me to thrust with her. I stayed buried in her pussy. "Deeper, harder...give it to me...bury that cock...fuck me as hard as you can...I don't want to walk for a week...give me more..." Cum was pouring out her pussy and there was a slight trickle of blood smearing on my cock. "Are you OK?...your starting to bleed..."
"OHHHHhhhh, give it to me as hard as you can...I wanna' burn, burn, burn..."She started lifting up off the bed and thrusting her butt into my pelvis. I buried my cock in her pussy and my balls were slamming against her stomach.
My greatest sex thrill is uncontrollable, ball banging, crazy fucking, hard thrusting, fast burning, climb the mountain multiple orgasmic, explosion rockin', boogie thumpin' climaxes that last forever...

We definitley wore each other out. She twisted and rolled on her back lifting her leg, I rotated ending up between her spead out legs still buried in her pussy, her butt was on the corner of the bed, she pulled back on her thights stretching her legs even further..."Finish me...give me that cock...long stroke the hell out of me..." She put her hands under the small of her back allowing me to pound her cunt into oblivion...and that's exactly what I did. I forgot this was her first time...I forgot this wasn't Angie...but it was her twin sister...and we rocked...I had held back so much cum I was ready to dump another load...orgasm after orgasm...I fucked her 'til I couldn't stand up any more...we were completely numb, panting like Alaskan huskies after a long sled run...sweating like a couple of long distant runners in the heat of the totally satisfied...
"I can't wait to recover from this so we can do it again...longer...harder...faster..."
"It hurts so good..."...

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