No, you will not believe "what happened on the way to the forum." Chip and Dale meets Jack and Jill on the way to thrill hill at the forum. Two gorgeous hunks known as butt fucking cocksuckers meet two of the most beautiful muff diving dykes on the face of the earth while "sailing along on moonlight bay" tee hee. There were these two gay blades no shirts dripping sweat off their gorgeous pecs because they were paying attention to all the big nut sacks with backpacks full of used con-do-doms around to goggle at as usual. Then their eyes changed focus as their big baby blues became glued to the swollen camel toe lips and titty toys of the two gay gals lying on their backs with their legs spread as if to say "come fuck us" big boys. But Mother Nature was being cruel to Chip & Dale and Jack & Jill on this day in the analogs of sexual history. We will refer to Jack as Jackie, it's cuter. The two fags' eye holes reversed their whoring-moans from male lust to the female genes for once. The pains between their legs were as if they were true males with a bad case of blue balls that were begging for their endorphins to kick in and relieve their nut throbbing pain, poor babies, those big silly savages. The cause of this rare pain was the two dykes in daisy duke diapers per se. The suits were not really diapers more like two string bikinis that barely covered their slit gashes and their bald pussy lips plus the hard firm nips of their luscious tits. Those CFM uni's were teasing the hell out of the fags but on this day their lesbian lust went awry as did the faggots' testosterone. The poor little Sluts of Satan had a bad case of "bitches in heat." They did not have a lust for pussy pudding they wanted the big Cock of the Walk in their brood nest. Well the big cocks were in front of them and their nubile nests were ready to be spread and bred by those big Cocks of the Walk.

The plot of this mini novelette is with these twenty five year old hard bodies that have never engaged in sexual acts with the opposite sex. They are true daisy duke dykes and gay blades of the sexual occult. The only intercourse the big "Brucezz" have had is fudge packing with the so called turd tumblers. Amazing how they can suck so many cocks in their life time and never get a fill of male sperm spunk. Then those sweet little edible bi bitches that only muff the muffin and dildo the gash for cash with their cunt de hoers for dessert think the only thing a cock is made for is for peeing. Squat and pee is the only spreading these bitches know and do. Did you ever realize in the porn flicks you never see a faggot skull fucking his male partner just sweet little cock sucking scenes and tender BF scenes? But if a male is into S&M he really goes to town pounding his partner's ass and face. Most women love the scene when it's their time to shine by tying up a man in a knee to elbow position while lying on his back just like a woman gets in when a man has her knees pushed back to her head and rams home the hammer. Then our lady straps on her dildo and shoves it up his ass with very little lube. I love to see the tough lady pound her message home through his asshole. I noticed those boys listen real well in that position. Don't kid your self the lesbo's love the men. Why do we know? Tell me why those dykes with dildos do worst things to innocent little bitches than men do when they fuck their feminine sluts' brains out. The hot scenes are the bull dykes butt fucking, cunt cramming, face fucking and forcing those young ladies to suck those monster dildos. One thing most connoisseurs of the cunt and cock world say is they enjoy seeing the lesbos go at it more than watching the fudge packers go at it.
Let's get to the meat of this "gay pride" story, ha ha, my ass, wrong!

Conformity is a bitch, huh, or may be we should say a sociopathic gay rejection of ever wanting a cunt or cock in the standard form of sexual interaction. Jackie asked Jill if she saw the two effeminate guys staring at them. Yes did you see them trying to hide their hard ons? Jill said how could I not miss seeing those monsters in those tiny little nut sacks they are wearing? Sweetie why is my cute little pussy all wet and I have not been looking at your gorgeous body or thinking of us doing a beautiful muff dive. Only thing that's been brothering me is seeing those two hot ass gay hunks in front of us. What is wrong with me Jill? Same thing as me Mother Nature has us by the short hairs or should I say by our bald pussies telling us those two belong between our legs one way or another, tongue in twat or cock in cunt it makes no difference. Me either the way I feel between the legs right now. Jill, are your nips throbbing like mine plus mine are hard as hell right now. Mine are too and yes they have been swollen for some time. I swear they are about to explode.

What would it be like to play with a real cock, Jill? I don't know only real cock I ever saw up close was my cousin's when I was fourteen. And what a cock it was too. He was 17 at the time and had just come home from a date with his girl friend and I could tell she was not putting out for him, yet. We had a continental bathroom separating our bedrooms and of all things he did not bother to close my door all the way so I watched him peeing before he went to bed. He was naked as a jaybird as they say. See a man trying to pee in a toilet with a hard on became a comedy act for him. It was a riot. What got me was he set me up for a "peeping tom" trick so I would get caught but he never said a word to me. He didn't close his door to the bathroom completely. Then he did something I did not expect he left his night stand light on pulled out his stag mag and began to play with him self lying on top of his sheets. Hearing his moans coming from his bedroom got my attention really quick. I had to see what was going on in his room. I crept into the bathroom so I could sneak a peek into his room. I had a perfect view of him through his partially open door and his night stand light being on. With no lights on in the bathroom or my bedroom he could not see me in the dark. I was getting so horny and wet of course being a newly finger fucked lesbo by another newbee lesbo. I hadn't had a muffy yet but I was coming close. Anyway he took out some hand cream from the nightstand poured it on his cock and began to jack off right in front of my eyes. I could not help myself I slipped my hand inside my panties and began to finger fuck my now dripping cunt. I bit my lip when my cousin blew his load straight up in the air at least three feet. At that moment in history I reached my first of three orgasms that night not because of seeing my hero jack off but thinking about my new lesbo lady girl friend. I even used hand cream when I masturbated just like my cousin did and as you know it's wonderful. And being the first time I had ever done it with hand cream I was hooked on the stuff forever. Where did you think I got the idea to finger fuck you with hand cream? But all in all I would guess my cousin's cock was a little larger than the average cock because I heard his girl friend talking one day when she was in his room giving him a hand job. She told him his cock was as big a Polish sausage log she saw in the grocery store. I saw one the next time my mom and I went shopping at the market and you know she was right. I told myself back then I did not want a thing that big in my cunt or ass.

Jackie, what if for once we try out a cock and see what it's like? May be we can convert those two fags into being straight gays and we could learn to suck and fuck cock. Jackie, there is no such thing as a straight gay. You have to admit they are rather hot for guys. How do you suggest we seduce them? With our bodies you silly girl and of course we need sun tan lotion put on our backs. I'll ask them for some assistance to help us with out lotion. Be sure and undo your string in back and accidently drop it just before they are done doing our backs. Titties do amazing things to men's libidos, their minds too, Jackie. You got me there Sweetie, we do have nice tits. Male or female sucking my tits will be acceptable in my eyes. Mine too, Angel. It'll be a first for us, huh. I wonder what it will take for them to learn how to eat pussy. We'll face the same dilemma when it comes to giving them a blow job or just say sucking their cocks. I think cocks are cute but sucking one I don't know about. I like the way our dildos feel in my cunt but sucking one I'll have to work on doing that. It does make you open your mouth wide. Jackie did you try to put one of our dildos down your throat like straight women try to do. I did and I will admit it wasn't too bad. I am betting feeling the real flesh on a man's cock will make a difference.

How the hell do we become soft females of the weaker sex? I did kiss a guy in high school that wasn't too bad of an experience but when I kissed one in college he tried to feel me up and believe me his jaw got a rude awakening. I made a bad mistake slapping him. He kicked my ass out of his car and I ended up walking 4 miles to the nearest gas station where I called a friend to come get me. My best male buddy was going to kick the guy's ass until he heard I led the guy on then pulled the "cold fish" trick on him. My friend was right I was nothing but a cock teasing lesbo licking cunt but I didn't care I love the taste of pussy.
What do you think of our invites for Chip & Dale? On the outside of the envelope I will write "Répondez s'il vous plait." If they do not know what that is we do not need them for partners. I agree Jill.

Mr. Chipper Jones & Mr. Dale Murphy (Braves fans but no relation)

Your company is requested as guest of Jacquelyn Suzanne and Jill St James for evening steaks by the pool on the 21st of June 7:00 PM at (I gave them our address and directions.) We are partners from the other half of alternative life style and would like to get acquainted with you as friends and inquisitive gays. If this is uncomfortable for you please respond even though you do not wish to join us. Enclosed are a few questions we are willing to discuss with you two gentlemen if you do not mind. Yours truly, JACK & JILL. I listed our phone numbers, cell phones only.
Anyway we mailed the invites and I must admit the mail service was like a speeding bullet. We received an RSVP immediately in writing accepting our invite. So as Jackie said "wet panty night in Slutsville." You know what? I think I will enjoy having a male excite me for once instead of a lesbian leopard leaping on me when the bitch is in heat. It's been since high school I had a guy make my panties wet. That was about the time I had my last pair of wet sticky panties caused by a male, too. This gave us exactly one week to prepare everything including douching the beast from hell. Jackie spoiled my little girl with our stainless steel douche dildo we have attached to the other head in out large shower. Soap up the "Duke" as we call the douche dildo gets my cunt so hot when Jackie is in the shower with me.

Jacquelyn enjoys my juicy junk when I am in heat and vice versa. We talked to Chip and Dale a couple of times before the "get together" wanting to know what they could bring. We knew they would bring wine which of course they did. The time arrived and talk about being nervous I could not believe it I never get nervous around guys only women.
Talk about "up front fags" they broke the ice of gay tention when they walked in the room. Chip and Dale were so charismatic and also gentlemen. As soon as they got inside the door they kissed us on the cheeks and thanked us for inviting them. They had prepared a little welcoming ditty that got our panties wet as hell and the only thing they did was kiss our cheeks which really did not excite us. We went out to the pool in our backyard where Chip and Dale did their little prepared skit of song and dance. What the fuck had we got ourselves into?

They began to do a soft shoe shuffle and tap dance beside the pool and it was really cute. They even wrote a cute little song for us. Jackie said these boys can really dance and sing. In the sheets I whispered to Jackie. They better be good at singing and dancing, too!!!

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