CA Dreaming part 3
CA dreaming part 3

When we awoke it was just breaking daylight. Lisa rolled over and said she was going for her morning run. I got up as well and did some light exercise and stretching while waiting for Lisa to return.

When Lisa returned, I met her at the door and held her hot sweaty body close, inhaling her scent and feeling her hot moist shorts. I proceeded to kiss her neck and then slowly removed her shirt. She helped me to pull her sports bra off and I kissed her hard sweaty nipples.

I continued down her stomach and found that her pussy was wet with both sweat and arousal juices. I laid her on the living room floor and began to taste her sweat wet pussy lips. She almost immediately came and I gladly sucked wet pussy dry.

I marveled at fast she came and she told me she always got sexually aroused when running. She then showered while I cooked omelets and made coffee. I was still in my robe and Lisa came in from her shower in her robe as well. We sat down to eat and savor our recovery from our first night of sex together.

We were sitting in her living room enjoying a slow cup of coffee over small talk when the doorbell rang. She went to the door and I heard a females voice.

I heard Lisa talking and trying to politely persuade the visitor to leave. But as the talking proceeded I heard Lisa say Sharon and realized it was her best friend.

Let me tell you about Sharon. She is a former gymnast and per Lisa's description has a perfect ass. Lisa has been lusting after her for quite some time but has never had the nerve to try and seduce her.

She fears Sharon might get upset and she does not want to risk loosing her as a friend. Well I decided to help her make the move and proceeded to wander to the front door in my robe and introduce myself as Lisa's friend Joe from the Southeast.

Sharon was shocked but very friendly and as we shook hands I held her hand a little long and looked into her eyes. She had that I know what is going on look and smiled at Lisa.

Lisa blushed and started to try and explain but Sharon just hugged her and said she was happy for her. To Lisa's horror I suggested Sharon join us for coffee. She said she would love to.

We headed back to the living room and I told Lisa to sit with Sharon and I would get the coffee. I took my time and when I returned Sharon and Lisa were both talking very quietly.

I said my ears were burning and they must be talking about me. They both laughed and I gave Sharon her coffee and sat down between them. I said it was to keep them from whispering about me.

Sharon said they had been talking about Lisa's fantasy and how I was helping her fulfill it. I mentioned that I could help with one but needed help to fulfill her greatest fantasy. Sharon looked at Lisa and asked if she had been hiding something from her?

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