Call the Plumber
Can a true story be a fantasy? I think it can since I can relive it again and again as I fantasy about it. Here is one told not by me, but as my partner would tell it.

Call the Plumber!

It was my 63rd birthday yesterday. I wanted to take the day off, but I am too conscientious to do it just to celebrate a birthday. The guys in the office, all of them at least 20 years my junior, made me feel almost like a kid again. Well, maybe about 37 and not 63. Of course I look closer to 37 than 63 because of incredible genes, exercise, and the right balance of hormone therapy.

I am a secretary for a small construction company. There are five people in the office, but often I am left alone or with only one or two of them since they always have to go out to some jobsite or meeting. The guys took me out to lunch yesterday and we all had a little too much to drink and were feeling pretty relaxed that afternoon. They all drifted off one by one until only Pat Hardy was left. He's quite a hunk, but only about 25 and way too young for me to think about like I do.

I had to pee very badly about 3:30 and headed for the bathroom, with such a small office there was only one, and when I hurriedly opened the door there was Pat standing in front of the wash basin with his pants around his ankles just beating away on the sweetest looking cock I'd seen in a long time. It looked like he had just started to cum when he realized he hadn't locked the door and I came barging in. He jumped and turned toward me as he tried to grab his pants and sprayed me with a big load off pure white cream. I had to go so badly I just pushed him aside; it was a very small bathroom, pulled my skirt up and my panties down, sat on the potty and let it loose.

Pat looked mortified and was stuffing everything back in his pants and stammering something like an apology. I just looked up at him and said, "Poor baby, you got jizz dripping all over the place, let me wipe it up."

I grabbed some paper towels and wiped it off his pants and worked his half hard cock back out and wiped it off saying, "That looked like a waste of a good hardon, I could have sure used it."

He tried to get it back in his tight underwear but it was getting hard again and I was trying to dry it off. "Just relax Pat, I'm not going to bite you," I said thinking I just might take a little nibble on it.

I was still sitting on the potty and finally got him dried and fully erect. I thought to myself, "What the Hell, and took his eight inch beautiful piece of meat into my mouth and gently nibbled on it and ran my tongue around its head poking his little slit of a pee hole. He mumbles something about how he thought the door was locked and tried to pull away. I sucked him back to me and took it all in. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tighter onto his lovely dick.

My head moved back and forth about seven inches as I went from deep throat to the very tip of his sweet cock. My hands had worked his shorts and pants all the way down and I helped him step out of them never letting him out of my mouth. I held his balls, gently squeezing them as I kept licking and sucking. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me until I couldn't breathe.

By now my old pussy had air dried and then rewetted with my passion juices. Pat had settled into a steady rhythmic pumping and I matched it with my bobbing head. I wanted him to unload those creamy juices in my mouth but I also wanted to feel that hard cock in my pussy. I pushed him back and stood up stepping out of my panties and skirt and thrust my pelvis out toward him, he bent his knees and worked his meat into my ready hole and lifted me up so I could ride him like the stallion he was. I felt his thrusting rod as he rammed it all the way into me and then pulled it almost all the way out. His hands were holding my ass and he squeezed it in rhythm with his thrusts.

He sat me on the edge of the wall mounted wash basin and I raised my legs up as high as I could and he banged away with such energy it took my breath away. I could feel that wonderful feeling start warming my entire body as I started to have my first orgasm in months. I wanted it to last and I wanted it to engulf me right now, I didn't know what I wanted.

"I want you Pat, I want you to fuck me now and fuck me every day." I cried out as the full impact of the big O hit.

"I want you Millie, I want you like this; I've had you like this in my mind many times in here." He moaned as he released his second load of the day, this time into my hot, pink, soft pussy and not the cold, white, hard sink.

We were recovering from the joy of our melting into each other and his weight rested on me as I sat there on the edge of the sink. As I started to untangle my legs from around him I heard an ominous crack and then the sink broke loose from the wall and we all crashed to the floor amid a shower of cold water from a broken pipe.

I guess even the sink had an orgasm.
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