I love being outdoors. I especially love being outdoors completely nude. It is such a feeling of freedom. I do it as often as I can but unfortunately there are not many safe opportunities in town where I live. I have walked around my neighborhood at night completely nude but it is risky and I have come close to being caught a few times. So I have decided to take a few days of vacation and go camping by myself.

I love to backpack and I have all the equipment I need. I have driven a couple of hours out of town to a Nature preserve that is open to hikers and backpackers but no vehicles. I park my car at the entrance to the trail head I check my pack to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. I put it on and start hiking up the trail. I had noticed a couple of other vehicles where I parked mine. I may or may not run into other hiker or campers. The area has lots of trails and is hilly with a few meadows and lakes.

I hike about 5 miles heading to an area that is a favorite of mine. It's not an easy hike but I like that because it means I should be by myself. I hike through the woods until the trail opens up into a lush flat green meadow surrounded by trees. This is the place. I take off my pack and set up my little campsite. I have a small tent that I set up. I take out my backpacking stove and cooking pot for later use. I also have a little stool to sit on and a tarp to lay on as well. I look around satisfied with my set up. I sit down and take my hiking boots and socks off. I then stand up and pull my sweaty tshirt off. My shorts come off next. I have a sports bra on and I peel that off over my head. Finally I push my panties down and step out of them. I am now completely nude.

I close my eyes and inhale the fresh air. I feel the breeze on my naked skin and I get goosebumps and my big nipples get hard. My hands go to my large 36E breasts and squeeze them. They are heavy but don't sag yet. My stomach is flat and my legs are toned from hiking and running. My ass is muscular but ample. I have let the hair on my pussy grow out some. I usually keep it shaved but being in nature I wanted to be more natural. Besides I didn't want to deal with stubble not having access to shaving.

I feel the urge to pee. I walk back towards the tree line which is about 30 yds away. I squat down and just relax and let it flow out of me. When finished I stand up. Nothing to wipe with of course. The breeze will dry me. I feel one with nature and decide to take a little hike down the trail into the woods. I am not planning on going far because it is getting late and will be dark soon. Walking down the trail I feel the weight of my tits. They swing back and forth easily because I have no bra on. The sights and smells of nature surround me. I have never been down this particular trail before, but love it. I am a good distance away from the safety of my camp. The feeling of being naked and vulnerable doesn't scare me but it does excite me. My nipples are hard and I can tell my pussy is swollen and wet.

I haven't really been paying attention to the time and I stop walking. I am covered in a sheen of sweat. I look around and notice that the sun is going down. I have gone too far from my camp to get back before dark. I turn around and start back the way I came. It's getting dark fast. It is difficult to see the trail now. I am a little worried but then I remember that it is a clear night with a full moon. Once it is up I should be able to see fine in the moonlight. I slow down and take my time. I am not in a hurry and I stop now and then and listen to the sounds in the woods. After about an hour I look up and see the moon has risen and is shining brightly in the clear night sky. My eyes have adjusted and I can now plainly see the trail ahead of me that will lead me back to my camp.

It is taking me a long time to make it back. I didn't realize how far I went. I have no idea what time it is. Probably close to midnite. Finally I am clear of the trees. I look around and see that I am in my meadow. My tent is on the other side. The moon is high in the sky and the meadow is bathed in moonlight. I start to walk to my tent get something to drink and eat and then get some sleep. I make it to about the middle of the meadow when I hear something. I turn and look back to the woods and I hear something again. The meadow is bathed in moonlight but the woods are dark. Something is there. I get a feeling that something is watching me. I tell myself it is probably a raccoon or a possum. Maybe even a deer because I have seen those out here. I hear the movement again and from the sound I can tell it's on the large size. I don't move a muscle but I feel my heart beating fast as I look back toward the sound. I see a shape. It slowly moves to the very edge of the woods. It's really big. It takes a step out from it's cover. It looks like a really big dog. It takes another step and I realize that this is no dog. It is a huge male wolf.

I look it right in the eyes and I hear a low growl come from it. I was frozen in place. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It growled again this time it bared it's teeth as well. It was huge and muscular. Well over 200lbs. I knew if I turned to run it would attack and kill me. It was now fully out of the woods and it started to circle around me. It was keeping it's head low and still growling at me. I knew wolves usually hunted in packs so I was looking for others. This one must have been a lone wolf because nothing else came out of the woods. He had now circled all the way around me. I suddenly thought he might attack. An idea popped into my head that maybe if I acted submissive and showed him I meant him no harm he would leave. I slowly lowered myself to the ground on my hands and knees with my head down.

I held that position trying not to move but I knew I was shaking. He started to move in closer to me. He was right next to me now. He started to smell me. I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I had never felt more naked and vulnerable. I felt his hot wet tongue lick my skin and then his low rumble of a growl. Slowly he moved around me. I wasn't paying attention to where he was until I felt his tongue lick my ass. He did it again. I felt his hot breath right between my legs. I held really still as I felt his long tongue lick my hairy pussy.

I knew my lips were wet and swollen from my hike. I wondered if he had been following me on the trail attracted by my scent. He continued to lick my pussy and explore my entrance with his tongue. My body responded and I couldn't help it. I knew this huge animal could kill me instantly but right now I didn't want him to stop what he was doing. Soon he stopped though and walked around to the front of me. He was standing right in front of me and I dared to pick my head up a little. He was looking right at me and he gave a low growl again. It was like a warning growl. Somehow I knew he was wanting me to stay still no matter what happened next.

Once the warning was given he moved around behind me again. I closed my eyes knowing it was bad but I wanted him to keep licking me. He had something else in mind. Suddenly he jumped up on my back. I struggled to hold his weight but I knew I had to from the warning. He growled again and since his hairy chest was pressed against my naked back I felt it all through my body. My body knew what was about to happen but my mind wasn't prepared for it. He squeezed my waist with his front legs and thrust his powerful hips forward. Things seemed to go into slow motion but I knew it only took a second. I felt the hot tip of his cock touch the entrance to my pussy and push into it. He entered me and as more of him went inside, he got bigger and bigger. My pussy was stretching but finally said no more when he was about half in. The wolf flexed his powerful hips again and pushed his huge cock farther into me. My pussy was on fire from being stretched like that. Nothing that big had ever been in me.

He growled again and just kept thrusting. My large breasts were swinging back and forth from the force. He hit bottom in me and I felt the tip of his cock poke into my cervix. It hurt a little but I figured he would just thrust awhile then get off me. He pushed deeper into me and I felt a mass at the entrance of my pussy. He growled again and I realized he was trying to push that into me as well. There was no way to stop it. He was going to get deeper in me or kill me. I tried to open my hips more to give him better access. I even tried to relax my opening hoping I didn't tear. It burned so bad but I actually felt it start to move into me. I thought I might pass out when suddenly it was inside me. The wolf stopped thrusting and I was able to catch my breath. As he held still for a moment I felt the mass start to swell even bigger inside me. I had never been so stretched and full. It was such a tight fit that I easily felt it when the wolf's cock pulsed inside me. It did it again and I knew what that was. He was cumming in me. A wolf was fucking me and shooting his sperm deep inside me. It was amazing.

As he kept shooting in me he started to howl. It was really loud and I guess he was telling anything within earshot that he had claimed his mate. I could feel his hot cum shooting so deep inside me. It was going way up into my uterus. There was so much of it. It went on and on and he was panting on me. He finally stopped cumming and I felt him relax a little. I felt his weight slide off my back to one side. He turned around bringing one rear leg over me until we were butt to butt. His cock was still firmly imbedded in me and I knew we would probably be that way for awhile.

I knew it had to come out eventually but then I thought that I didn't know what a female wolf's pussy was like and if it was different than mine. Maybe mine wasn't designed to do this and we were going to be really stuck. There was no calling for help. I was in the middle of nowhere, naked, having sex with a large wolf and his cock would not come out of my pussy. He started to get impatient. He tugged on his cock trying to get his knot out of me. It hurt and he actually drug me a few feet. It seemed like we had been tied together forever. He kept pulling and growling at me. I hoped he would get mad and bite me. I grabbed my ass with my hands and tried to open myself up more. He pulled once really hard and I cried out. He pulled again harder and I passed out.

When I woke up it was dawn. The moon had gone down and the sun was just coming up. I opened my eyes and blinked. I was laying naked in the meadow. I remembered having this crazy dream about a wolf. I felt my body and everything seemed fine until I touched my pussy. The hair was all covered in thick cum and I was still leaking it. I heard a movement next to me. I rolled over to look and there laying in the meadow next to me was a naked man. I raised up on one elbow and looked at him. He was actually quite good looking. He had a muscular body and as I looked down I noticed his cock. It was thick and long and laying on his thigh. I reached over and touched his shoulder and told him to wake up.

He stirred then blinked his eyes and when he looked over at me they opened wide with shock. I smiled at him and said hello. He looked scared for a moment then asked me what had happened. I said I had just woken up to find both of us laying next to each other naked in this meadow. He blinked and asked me what happened last night. My head was a little fuzzy still but I said I remembered going on a hike and then coming back to camp and running into a large wolf. With a look of concern on his face he asked me if the wolf had bitten me. I still thought it might have been a dream but I said no. I was about to ask him how he got here when I felt a big glob of cum fall out of my pussy. I shook my head and said it was crazy because last night when the wolf was here it mated with me. I shook my head and said but that was all a dream right? He looked at me with a frown on his face and asked if the wolf had ejaculated inside me. I opened my legs and showed him.

He swallowed hard and told me that was no dream. I said what the hell. He said he comes to this area about once a month. Always on the full moon. He hikes deep into the woods where no people are. Once it gets dark and the full moon rises he takes all his clothes off. He stopped for a minute and then said he does that because the change comes over him. I just looked at him, afraid of what he would say next. He said that during every full moon his body changes. It changes into a wolf. I shook my head and said that you mean that wolf I was with last night was you? He said he changed last night but when he becomes a wolf it's difficult to remember what happens. Sometimes in a dream the memories come back to him. He looked at me and said that wolves are not native to this area. I said that's why there was only one and that was you. He nodded. This was a lot for me to take in but I smiled and put my hand out to shake his and told him he was my first werewolf and by the way the sex was great..

He took my hand and held it looking at me. He had this look of concern on him. I asked him what was wrong. He said that we had sex last night when he was a wolf. I smiled and said yes. He said that as a werewolf he had shot his sperm into a human female. I looked down at my sore pussy and said yes he did and there sure was a lot of it. He said that sperm carried his DNA. His werewolf DNA and that since his sperm was up inside me, my body had absorbed a lot of it. My head was spinning some and I asked him what that meant. He said he was so sorry over and over. Louder I asked what that meant. He said that on the next full moon that my body would change. That I would turn into a werewolf just like him.

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