Camping Part 2
I was back home now. That was some crazy camping trip. I still found it hard to believe what that guy told me. I had convinced myself that the mating with the wolf was just a dream. The guy's story about him being a werewolf and since he had cum in me now I would become one was just too wild and unbelievable. I felt fine. No different than always.

A week or so after my trip my period started just like it always does. I wasn't on any birth control and was glad my encounter with that guy hadn't knocked me up. I wasn't seeing anyone so I really didn't want to be on the pill. Besides it made me sick. I fell into my normal routine and forgot about camping.

I am very in-tune with my body and I woke up one morning and knew I was ovulating. I could feel it. My breasts get sensitive and my pussy swells a little and gets wet. It would be like this for a couple of days while my fertile egg was waiting to be penetrated by a lucky sperm. It would just have to keep waiting because I wasn't planning on having sex.

All during the day I just wasn't feeling right. Maybe I was coming down with something. I felt achy and my joints hurt. I went home from work early and laid down on the couch to take a nap. When I woke up it was dark outside. I was burning up like I had a fever. I was sweating. It was hot in the house so I opened my backdoor to let some cool air in. My skin was itching and I had to out of the clothes I was wearing. My teeth hurt. My jaw hurt. Every bone in my body hurt. I walked out into my backyard naked to try to get cooled off. I looked up into the clear night sky and I saw it. It was a full moon.

What was happening to me? I felt like I was on a train that was quickly picking up speed. I was breathing hard and rapidly. My muscles started to cramp. It hurt so bad I fell to my hands and knees. My skin was on fire. It felt like a thousand pins were sticking in me. It felt like my tongue was swelling. I licked my lips and felt sharp teeth. I was passing out and I knew it. I just let go and fell into the abyss as my bones felt like they were breaking.

The wolf opened her eyes. She looked around unsure of her surroundings. She could see very clearly in the moonlight with her wolf night vision. All the scents of the night flooded her brain. It was almost too much but she soon was able to pick out the more interesting smells. She lifted her front paw and licked her blond fur. Her wolfs brain told her she needed to roam tonight. She looked at the 6 ft fence in front of her. Taking a few powerful strides she leaped up and easily cleared the fence landing in the alley behind.

She started moving down the alley. She wasn't afraid. Her wolf's body was seeking something but she didn't know what. A few of the yards had small dogs in them and as she passed they ran up and barked at her. She turned and gave a low warning growl and they stopped barking and back away. At the end of the alley there was one yard the had a large dog in it. He was a male German Shepard. His owners wanted to breed him so he had not been fixed. He approached the fence as she passed by and barked. He caught her scent and stopped barking and cocked his head to the side curious now at her presence. She stopped too, taking interest in him.

They were both close to the fence now. Each giving the other a growl to establish their positions. He was cautious but he wasn't afraid of her. She felt a need inside her and was drawn to this male dog. They were both pacing up and down the fence line now. Something more needed to happen now. There was something about her scent that was driving him. She backed away from the fence and he whined a little. Suddenly the female wolf leaped over the fence joining him in his yard.

They circled each other with caution. Heads down their eyes locked on to each other. They stopped and slowly the male dog came up behind the female wolf. She turned her head and growled low but didn't move away. He could smell her. She was in heat. His male dogs brain told him to take advantage of this. Her wolfs brain told her to let him if he tried. She lifted her tail and peed. Her scent was almost too much for him. He had to get to the source so he moved closer and licked her swollen pussy. She stood still but was growing impatient with him. He stopped licking and instinctively jumped up onto her powerful back. The red tip of his dog cock started poking and seeking her entrance. They were about the same size and weight so it didn't take long for him to hit pay-dirt.

He started to thrust and push more and more of his long thick cock into her. It was a tight fit but he was now determined to breed this bitch. She was letting him do this because something in her brain told her this was meant to be. Her pussy burned from the friction and she was panting. He managed to get his long shaft in her and now it was time for his big knot to squeeze into her. His front legs were squeezing her waist as he pushed into her. She growled telling him to hurry up. Slowly he stretched her opening and his knot slipped in.

He stopped thrusting and his knot swelled bigger sealing him inside her. His cock started to pulse deep inside her shooting his cum. He slide off her back to one side. He bent one of his back legs and slide it over her back so they were now firmly tied and butt to butt. She would let this continue for awhile but would soon be tired of him. Eventually his throbbing spurting cock slowed down and stopped.

He tried to pull out of her but they were still firmly locked together. She growled a warning at him as if to say get it out but be careful. They moved around the yard some trying to separate. Finally his knot shrunk enough and popped out of her well fucked pussy. He went to a distance away and started licking his cock until it shrunk and went back in it's sheath. She licked her pussy a few times as if to make sure everything was in order. She sniffed the air, looked around his yard and leaped back over the fence into the alley. So much for romance.

She started moving in the direction she came from. Something in her head was drawing her. What ever a wolf's sense of home is. She could smell it. She knew exactly which fence to jump over to get back home. She laid down in the grass. She was tired and her pussy was sore. Her wolf's brain just said sleep. That's just what she did outside in the moonlight.

I woke up shivering. I was laying in the grass which was wet from the morning dew. I was naked and in my backyard. I sat up though my body protested. I was sore all over but I felt OK. Kind of like when you workout really hard and get sore but feel good from the effort. The sun was just coming up and I rubbed my head wondering how I got in my backyard. I stood up and slowly and unsteady walked back into my house. My head was a little woozy and I took a shower. I stood under the hot water and closed my eyes. I remembered last night I didn't feel well. I might have had a fever and I went outside. That's the last thing I remembered. I put clean underwear on and got dressed. I was suddenly very hungry.

I fixed some breakfast. I had a craving for bacon or sausage. I never eat breakfast meat but today I wanted it. After breakfast I went to the bathroom. I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. Something felt odd and when I wiped myself I looked at the tissue and saw that it was soaked with a thick gooey mess. I looked at it and then checked myself. It was coming out of my pussy. I looked at the once clean panties I had put on and they were soaked with the stuff too. I knew what it was. My pussy was full of cum and it was leaking out. I checked myself again and noticed my pussy was swollen and sore especially right at the opening as if it had been really stretched too far.

I cleaned up and after changing my panties I put a maxi pad in them. I pretty much leaked the rest of the morning. I hadn't left my house since yesterday. I didn't have anyone over. I would take it easy today and get some rest tonight. Maybe I would remember more in the morning. I sat on my sofa and without thinking about it I placed my hand on my lower belly.
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