Camping Trip
I had waited all week for this rendezvous with John. He had taken some vacation time to go camping in a great little secluded camping spot on his own. I was sneaking away from work so I could surprise him. I drove all night so I was pulling in about dawn.

I finally found the spot just as the sun was rising I quietly got out of my car and snuck into his then watching him sleeping on his cot laying on his back he was making his own huge tent under his blankets. I carefully knelt by the cot putting my head under the blanket slowly putting his beautiful cock in my mouth.

Licking and sucking and nibbling every inch of it him moaning as I keep sucking and bobbing up and down on tasting every inch of him.

Alice only you can suck a mans cock like that... As he patted my head

I just kept at it enjoying this beautiful cock in my mouth the texture tracing the veins with my tung licking and sucking his balls which put him over the edge.

Faster than you could imagine he jumped out of bed picked me up to stand in front of him and took my mouth with deep hungry kisses. Undoing the buttons on my blouse taking each breast in turn removing them from my bra. He moved his lips to my nipples nibbling licking and taking small bites of my breast.

As his mouth devoured my tits he removed my skirt and slipped his fingers under my panties to find my dripping wet pussy. I tossed my head back and moaned out loud lost in the sensations coming from my body.

John tossed me back onto the cot ripped of my panties dropped to his knees and dove onto my pussy like he had not seen one in years. He licked me to within an inch of a screaming orgasum and then stopped ...

So Alice... Nice to see you.... He said in a deep rough voice

I lay on the cot panting barely able to hold a thought .... Hi John...

John got up and parted my legs wider with is knees as he brought his rock hard rod to the entrance of my pussy... He let the tip just touch my clit which drove me insane..

John fuck me... Please fuck me... I was truly begging him to release the orgasum that was ready to explode from deep within me. On cue he drove his cock to the depths of my pussy filling every void with his manhood.

With every stroke I cried out a little more till I exploded on him and started to drip out of my pussy so slick and wet sent him to the edge and we collapsed on the cot together his throbbing cocky still in my pussy.

After a few min we collected ourselves ...

Surprise John I said with an evil grin....

Alice honey you can surprise me like that anytime..

We laughed a little and went to sleep this was going to be one hell of a camping trip..... As long as nobody caught us!
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