Can't Let Him Go
He's looking quite pleased with himself smiling as he watches me lying across the bed on my stomach as he dresses to leave. Slowly and methodically he extracts his clothing from the pile I thoughtlessly cast on the floor. I wonder as I watch him if he thinks he's the Adonis of lovers, as he leans down to press a cool kiss on my lips. I should have realized when I waited so long into the relationship before actually having sex that it may not be the physical relationship I truly wanted or needed. Looking back I realize I was willing to wait because there was no huge urge to do so, I guess I was. . .comfortable. I feel terrible about the thoughts I am having, thinking about how as his body moved slowly in and out of mine, I was bored. How he focused solely on his movements, only kissed when I sought to kiss him, just panting and staring down at me the whole time. Once again I am restless, unfulfilled, unsatisfied. He is clueless, I think. . does not even realize I did not orgasm. . .or does not even care. . .does not realize this will not be happening again.

I hear the front door close behind him, and a few minutes later his vehicle comes to life before pulling out of the driveway. When the sound of the engine fades into the distance, I lay back and stare at the ceiling. I stretch out, arching my back and curling my fingers, trying to ease the tension in my body, but it doesn't help. I'm thinking what now when suddenly the silence surrounding me is shattered by the ringing of the phone on my bed side table. The message that appears on the screen making me smile. I type out a quick reply then roll out of bed and head to the shower to soap myself up in my favorite body wash. I have just barely dried myself when I hear a car pull into the drive, I throw on a silk robe, tie the sash loosely and open the door just a seconds after the knock comes.

Immediately warm demanding lips are caressing mine and I find myself pressed hard against the door. He turns the lock then slides his hand inside my loose robe and grasps my ass, squeezing as he pulls me against him. I moan out loud, realizing he is already growing hard for me, and the fire is ignited between us.
He pulls me from the door, sinking his teeth into my lower lip before lifting his head. The gleam in his eye triumphant, a wicked smile playing on his lips as he leads me toward my own bedroom where he strips my robe and playfully throws me onto the bed. Discarding his clothes he follows me down, pressing his warm naked body on top of mine, letting me feel his weight. His kisses now are slower, deeper, and longer as his tongue strokes along mine, curls around to taste me and explore my mouth. Fingertips drift over the curve of my breast and he cups me, lifting, squeezing as his thumb strokes over my puckered nipple.

I am drenched. I could take him inside me now and satisfy the deep craving to be filled, to be taken hard, fast and wild, but he will not give me what I want right away, he will make me wait while he takes what he desires. Lucky for me what he desires is to taste me all over. His lips kiss a trail down my neck, over my chest to suck deeply on my nipple. My back arches, and I offer myself up to him, and in response he bites down on my sensitive flesh. My fingers roughly grips his head pulling him to me in a silent demand for more. His hand massages and squeezes my other breast, plucking firmly at the aching tip until I whimper from the mix of pleasure and pain. Only when he gets the response he wants does he administer the same attention upon my other breast, as I let my head fall back on the pillows to bask in the sensations he elicits from my body.

My heart is pounding in my ears as he slides further down my body and presses a gentle kiss to my mound. As he settles and hooks his arms under my thighs, lifting and forcing my legs wider apart, his eyes are on mine. Looking away only as his tongue slides along my soaked pussy lips and flicks over my clit. I can't help it, I let out a gasp. That sharp jolt of pleasure is what I ache for, what I need. I am so thankful that he does not tease, but pushes his tongue inside me, fucking me with it before moving up to suck and bite on my clit, making me writhe wildly on the bed. Electricity rushing through me, pleasure building until I claw at the sheets desperately, moaning loudly again and again. My orgasm hits me hard and fast, a scream rips from my throat and my body bucks violently with it. He holds me down firmly, his fingers digging into my thighs.

I am still shaking when he moves back up my body, kissing me hungrily and sharing the taste of my juices which I accept greedily. "Tell me how you need it", he whispers in my ear, his erection straining, pressing against my pussy. "I want to taste you, suck your cock." I lick my lips, looking up into his eyes, hungry for it, but he shakes his head. "No time, baby." "Tell me what you need." I know better than to argue, so I answer. "Hard. Fast. Deep. Make me feel it. Make me scream."

His hands hold my thighs wide open, he shifts his body until the tip of his cock presses against my opening. His whole body moves as he slams into me, stretching my pussy open for his second thrust which pushes him as deep as he can go inside my quivering pussy. "So fucking wet and tight, baby," he pants as he starts moving, giving me exactly what I asked for. His hips thrust hard and fast, his cock drilling me so that I moan out loud with pleasure and satisfaction. He leans forward over my body and kisses me hard, allowing me to wrap my legs round his waist and rock my hips to meet him. My nails dig into his shoulders, dragging over his skin I feel his back arch in response. I know I'm not supposed to leave marks, but I can't help it. I need this. He pulls my arms from around him pinning them above my head, fingers linking with mine. He holds me down so that he can move faster and harder, angling his hips. He knows he has hit the right spot when my pussy spasms round him, and he pistons his hips, raking over it again and again, I loose control as he does that, the sensation making me lose my mind.

I feel my body tightening, that sweet tension takes over until I can barely move, making my body rigid, aching for release, for the pleasure to move to that unbelievable high. It creeps closer and closer, the anticipation driving me insane, until finally it takes me. The cry that leaves my lips is urgent, uncontrolled, and loud as my hips buck and jerk hard up to his. My pussy clamping down on his cock, my wetness flooding over him. He doesn't stop moving, and through the haze of my pleasure I can tell he has come close to his own orgasm. My body shakes uncontrollably, my pussy clenching around him again and again as we move together. I know he is on the edge as he buries his head in my neck. "I want to feel you cum inside me" I remove my hands from his grasp and wrap my arms around him, holding him tight. He groans loud against my shoulder and I feel the shudder of his body as he cums, his cock pulsing and throbbing as he holds himself deep inside me. We lay like that for several minutes, catching our breaths and trembling in the remnants of our pleasure.

Ultimately I feel him pull away from my arms and leave the bed. Quickly he dresses, and I sit up to pull on my robe and walk him to the door. His kiss goodbye is sweet and caring, it makes me smile when I know he is going home to his girlfriend. I should probably feel guilty, but I don't. We were having sex before either of our significant others were on the scene, and we will be having sex after they are gone. He is the one who sought to keep our arrangement alive even after he entered a relationship. I did not seek an affair; I just didn't turn it away.

"Call me when you need another fix." He smiles as he says it, for he knows it won't be long before I do. What can I say? Good sex is so very very hard to find these days. I lock the door as it closes behind him, and smile to myself. I feel good. The tension is gone, replaced by relaxation, pleasure still humming in my body. As I crawl back into bed and curl my body beneath the blankets, I wondered when I will be lucky enough for our schedules to allow another meeting.

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