Can't Let Him Go Part 2
A distinct sexual excitement is building, an arousal I cannot control that tends to grow with intensity every time I know I am going to be with him. The Club is playing the music preposterously loud. I feel him approach before I hear him as his deep voice adds his order to my own and he slides money over the bar. I swivel on my stool and smile at him.

'Thanks! Kissing him on the cheek, 'Its been a while how have you been.'

He had called to ask if I would be at the birthday celebration. He is in between girlfriends again! I keep telling myself that I am not looking for an attachment with him only sexual gratification so I don't allow myself to entertain relationship emotions. Although I feel them often and more deeply than I knew I was capable. What I don't do is let them rule me, let them interfere because I really like sex with him. I mean, really, really, like it. He is just so good at it.

He leans on the bar oh so casually, and I take the opportunity to look him up and down.

He smiles sets off the slightly lined face and deep blue eyes, 'Hello really are gorgeous, you could only be more gorgeous if you were naked in bed for me.' His dark brown hair thick and lush, something he knows I absolutely love.

'So how are things"

Winking at him, 'Oh, it's good. Getting better by the minute.'

He is staring at my breasts from his stance he can see straight down my top, and he seems to be enjoying the view. He reaches out taking my hand in his, 'dance with me.'

Finishing my drink, I slip into the midst of the gyrating crowd with him. I begin to feel the beat of the music move through me, and I let myself go with it. In moments I am lost in dance and lost in him. I can feel other dancers bumping me, moving around me, and I spin and twirl as my hips sway to the beat. It's hot on the dance floor, tight packed sweating bodies giving off even more heat. He is enjoying the dance as much as me, leaning down kissing my cheek, He turns me and pulls me tight against his body. His knee pushes between my legs so that his thigh presses against my pussy, and his hand curls in my hair, turning my face toward him. We grind together, staring at each other with such intensity I can feel my pussy grow wet in response. It often goes this way with him. The dance, the tease, the urgent kisses and groping that brings me to an orgasm on the dance floor caused by the insistent pressure on my clit grinding on his thigh.

Tonight I'm in a skirt, and having neglected to wear anything beneath it. He shifts his stance, and the pressure on my clit is direct and hard. He muffles my gasps kissing me deeply. My arms go round him, kissing as our bodies move, Just as quickly as he started it, he stops taking my hand once again he leads me away from the dance floor, out the back to the nearby parking lot. My heels click over the ground as he takes me to the far corner where my lone car is parked. Lifting me onto the hood, he moves between my spread thighs and kisses me again, hard and deep.

With a moan I respond, wrapping my legs around his waist. I can feel the bulge of his erection pressing against my pussy, and I press into him rubbing against it greedily. My hands slide under his shirt over his stomach and chest reveling in his warm flesh. My thumbs caress over his erect nipples, and he groans into my mouth as I tug at them with my fingers. He pulls my hips tighter to his letting his hands roam palms cupping my breasts. I arch to him, nipples tightening into hard peaks that demand attention. My pussy is soaked; I feel my juices trickling between my legs. I ache for him to touch me, letting out a satisfied purr when the fingers of one hand slide up inside my skirt and stroke my bare lips. He pushes two long fingers inside, stretching me open as his thumb sweeps up to work my button, my hips jerk with pleasure.

As he fucks me with his fingers, working my pussy slowly and deeply, I undo his trousers, freeing his cock to my touch. I wrap a hand round him, squeezing lightly stroking him from base to tip and back again, matching the rhythm of his fingers inside me. His kisses move to my neck, his tongue licking the hollow where my pulse beats faster and faster with excitement. Clenching down on his fingers, I ache for much more and he seems to feel the same as he pulls me to the very edge of the car hood with his free hand shoving my skirt up around my hips so I am completely exposed to him, and spreading my thighs as wide as he can. Looking me over with hungry eyes, watching as he drives his fingers in and out between my legs. I can hear the wet slapping sounds as his thumb works my clit I can feel my excitement heighten further. I can feel that tight pleasure coiling inside me, I am going to cum soon.

Moaning as he removes his fingers leaving me empty, I suddenly feel his slick fingers coated with my juices being pressed between my lips. He knows I love the taste of myself, and I slowly suck them clean, my tongue playing along his fingertips.

Then he settles one hand on my hip, the other wrapped around his hard cock as he moves closer. I look down my body, watching his cock disappear into my folds as he guides his cock into my soaked lips pressing firming against my entrance. The head stretching me deliciously, and then with one long hard thrust he slams himself inside completely, eliciting a moan from my lips. He holds me firmly in place as he moves in and out, fast and hard. He pants loudly in my ear, his grip on my hips harsh as he holds me to the angle he likes. slipping a hand between our heated bodies, I seek out my clit and tease it with a fingertip, moaning out loud the sensation of it flying high and threatening to spill over into climax.

Grunting, his movements become harder and more erratic his muscles tensing as my nails dig into his back, he's about to cum. I buck and grind even under his firm hold. He goes rigid against me, groaning loudly he starts to shudder, his cock throbbing as he cums. Biting down on his shoulder to muffle my scream of pleasure I feel myself go over the edge my pussy clamps down tight on him, my body shivering violently.

Seconds tick by, the only sound the harshness of our breathing as we recover, and then he disentangles himself from me.

'Should have done that sooner,' he grins at me.

'Mmmm. Imagine all the fun we could have had.'

He walks me to my car, 'Next weekend?'

Shrugging and trying to be non-committal 'I should be there.' I have no idea, really, where I will be or if I will be alone. But anything is possible.

He leans forward and presses a kiss to my lips, his hands running over my body in a last caress.

I smooth down my clothes and he opens my car door and places me safely inside, blowing him a kiss I drive off.

Wasting no time when I arrive home I step into a hot shower, and I stand under the water for a long time, lathering myself and letting my hands wander over my body. Once I've dried off I crawl into bed and flop on my back. Once again I tell myself I will not give in to him again this is the last time as I drift off to sleep.
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