Can't believe my luck
It was our last office party, the company had folded and emotion ran high. It was an end of a era, maybe I was not thinking straight but this was my last chance to try and seduce Liz. We had worked in the same office for 2 years and it had taken a long time to get to know her, I could never think of what to say to her, when Liz spoke to me my mind would go blank and words come out my mouth that made little sense. But just lately my confidence had been better and we had been talking more - even flirting but was it all too late.

The office had been transformed into a dance floor, with a buffet, DJ, it was good and yet a bit sad. Liz walked over to me, wow she was coming to me I smiled but tried to remain cool.
I stepped to her, she looked at me with a raised eye brow, what does that mean?
I said ''hi'' she said ''excuse me your blocking the toilets''
I let her pass but least I knew she becoming back out.
When she come out, there I was in the way again - not thinking I spoke ''do you feel better now?'' Liz looked at me and smiled a smile that told me I was odd.
''I should not drink so much I can not handle my drink'' she replied.
''great'' I replied ''let me get you more drink?''

To my suprise we carried on chatting and Liz was fully aware I was trying to get her drunk so she would sleep with me but she must of also known she could handle her drink better than me.

It was getting late and the party was drawing to a close, lots of people hugging and getting emotional. I was hammered, drunk with loads of confidence. I hugged Liz, held her tight so tight she felt my cock against her, I turned her against the wall and held her bum, her dress was short so I got my hand up to feel her cheeks exposing her panties. Liz pulled my hand down and pulled me saying ''not here follow me'' she led me to a now empty stationary room, it was small and the light was off.

There she pulled down my pants and shorts, completely removed them, she took my cock to her mouth licked me and kissed me then sucked me, wow I could not believe it she was so gorgeous and sucking my cock. Liz came up to kiss my lips, I returned my hands to her bum, she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, I was naked, she took of her panties and gave them to me. My cock touched her pussy, I tried to lift off her dress but Liz put my hands back down. My cock was nuzzling its way into her pussy, Liz stopped me ''safety first, wait here I'll get a condom'' with that she left the room.

The minutes felt like hours as I tried to keep my cock hard, I decided to go find her but my clothes were gone! Ol knnnnoooow I had been done! All I had was her panties.

I poked my head out the room - there was a crowd waiting with camera phones.

Eventually I was given my clothes back, well it was not all bad, Liz had sucked me and I had touched her pussy so I did not do too bad.
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