Can I ask you a question?
We've recently been sharing our fantasies with each other. Actually, I've just been telling you what my wildest fantasies are. I told you that I would like to have sex in public, that I want to watch you masturbate, and I never told you about the third fantasy. I'm really nervous about this one. We've been together for two years now, and though I know you very well, and I know how to fuck you just the way we both like it, I still feel like you might shy away from the prospect of... allowing me to share you and watch you with another woman.

I have no idea who this other woman is. In fact, I really have not even thought of where we might meet someone to invite into bed with us. I can describe what we both would want. Someone very like me in size and figure. You love my petite body, nicely-sized tits and round ass. We want someone with long hair and a pretty face. My age, or a bit older, but no one too young!

We would start out by hugging, you give the best hugs. And kissing, you are the best kisser in the world, slowly parting my lips with your tongue and nibbling my lips with yours, then tongue fucking my's the same way you lick my pussy! All the while we are slowly stripping each other, and I know you would be super careful to let me take the lead with her, because you wouldn't want me to think you are too anxious to fuck another woman. I would gently remove her clothes, and lead her into the bedroom.

Once you are naked, we kiss you some more, taking turns, then both of us get on our knees in front of you. Your gorgeous cock is fully hard and so sexy, (she'll remark how big you are!) She will take the tip of your cock into her mouth, just sucking the head, and I'll help out, licking up and down the shaft. We'll keep it up until you are growling and moaning, and at some point, our lips will meet, and we'll kiss for the first time, right in front of you, with your hard cock bouncing in our faces.

My pussy will be dripping and aching for you, so I get the first turn! I will straddle you, facing you, and we will kiss and touch just like we always do. However, this time we have a helper. She's next to us, and helps me ride you by grabbing my hips and forcing me down onto your cock. She's actually fucking you with my pussy!!! It's so hot for you to watch, and hot for me to feel her silky skin next to mine. And to hear her tell me to fuck that cock hard. So sexy. I will come quickly, like I always do, and now it's her turn. She wants to ride you, too, but reverse cowboy style. Her pussy is dripping wet and you feel new pussy for the first time in two years, and you get to watch her ass and pussy as she fucks you. You want to taste some pussy, so you pull me over to you and I miss a lot of the action. Your mouth makes that totally worthwhile...

Both of us ladies are coming hard, you feel amazing, like the stud you are, and your cock is still raging at all the sex and pussy in the room.

You are totally charged up! You would love to see your lady lick her sweet pussy! This is something I have never done, or even wanted to do, but you just fucked that beautiful woman, and you would love to see if I can please her. After encouraging me with some tender kisses, you lay her on her back in front of me, and gently nudge me toward her on the bed. First I turn, to suck your perfect cock, and as you moan out my name, I take courage and turn toward her...

I dip in for the first lick. Just below her clit, between her slick lips. She tastes tangy and sweet, like my own juice, (I have licked my fingers plenty of times!) And I lap up and down that slit for awhile, stopping and gently sucking her clit. I keep it up for just a bit, she is really enjoying it, and to my surprise, so am I! You are overcome and just have to fuck that pussy that your woman was pleasing! You slide your hard dick into her, and she cries out at how good you feel. We're both wondering why we've never done this before?

She begs me to come to her and straddle her face. I do, and we are facing each other, you fucking her beautiful pussy, and me, sitting on her sexy mouth. She eats pussy like she's done it a million times before! And we kiss, and fuck, and grind for a long, long time.

You are ready to fuck your gorgeous girl's pussy. You pop with a loud smack out of her, and grab me to you and force me down on the bed. Your are in me in a blink, fucking and pounding away, then she tells you to slow down, she wants to try something. With my legs spread wide, you slide your cock in and out super slowly, and she comes close to us on the bed. She guides you in, asks you to slow down, and dips her head in for a lick.

She laps at us both, licking my clit and your dick. This is the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. I have a perfect view of her sucking my clit and lapping my juice off of your cock, but all you can see is her pretty head between us. Somehow, that's enough. We both come in an explosion. I can't believe I have my lover's cock in me and a gorgeous girl licking me, and you can't believe the sensation of fucking and being licked at the same time. It's all amazing.

This is my fondest fantasy.
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